Why You Should Foster a Dog or Cat First (3 Reasons)

Fostering is a good idea for 3 reasons. First, it frees up space at the shelter to save another animal. Secondly, you can get to know the animal very well before you commit to keeping them. Finally, it rescues the animal from likely spending most of their time in a cage, so it’s great for everyone involved!

 In this article we’re going to answer the most common questions about pet fostering, such as whether or not it’s a good idea, how long you usually foster an animal, and more. Read on to find out the answers that you need to see if fostering an animal is the right choice for you!

Should I foster before adopting cat?

Fostering a cat is less of a commitment than adopting one and it gives you a chance to see if having a cat will be a good fit for you and your lifestyle. Many fostering locations will also help with supplies and veterinary care, so it’s also less of a commitment cost wise.

Who knows? You might just make a new friend and decide to adopt them!

Is fostering bad for cats?

Cats dislike change. It tends to stress them out quite a bit and so fostering, while necessary, is not always the best experience for a cat. If you foster a cat, you should go into it with the mentality that you will adopt the cat if things work out.

By making a serious commitment to consider the cat, you can minimize the chances that it will go from home to home and suffer stress from this.

Why is it good to foster a dog?

Fostering a dog helps to get them out of a cage and into a happy, healthy home. This also frees up space at a local shelter so that another animal may be saved and it helps you to see if you are ready for the commitment of owning a dog.

As long as you go into it with the serious intent of keeping the dog if things work out, fostering can be a great experience for both you and the dog.

Do you get paid to foster dogs?

Usually, no. While some places will indeed pay you to foster dogs, most shelters simply don’t have the funds to do this.

Many will help with supplies or veterinary costs, however, so this gives you a chance to see if you are ready to own a dog and a chance to bond with a dog that might otherwise spend a lot of time in a cage.

Why should I foster a cat?

Fostering a cat or kitten helps to get them out of an environment where they might spend a lot of time in a cage and time around other animals that may not be in the best of health.

 It also opens up space at the shelter so that more cats may be rescued and gives you a chance to bond with a new friend that you might well decide to keep!

Will my dog miss my foster dog?

While dogs always remember their owners, your dog might not be as sad when the foster dog leaves. If you are sad, they will definitely notice this and act in accordance – dogs tend to reflect a lot of their owner’s emotions, but they probably won’t miss the foster dog as much as you will.

That said, it does sometimes happen, so if the foster dog and your current dog are becoming fast friends, then you should consider adopting the dog and making them a permanent family member.

How long does fostering a cat last?

With cats, a fostering period is generally going to last 1 or 2 months at the most. You can request to foster the cat longer, but at this point you should have a realistic idea of what it takes to keep a cat in your home.

You should consider simply adopting the animal at this time so that the new friendship can grow and to keep the cat from  having to go through the stress of going to a new foster home where they might not be as kind hearted as you are.

Do cats miss their foster parents?

Yes, cats are going to miss their foster parents, but they will quickly adapt if their new home is a good one. Cats are very practical about this, more so than dogs who will remember their owners (even temporary ones) for the rest of their lives. Don’t worry – your foster cat will adapt and cheer up over time.

How long do you foster a dog?

With dogs, you should expect that you will be fostering them for at least 6 months. This period of time helps to ensure that the animal is both healthy and well-adjusted, so that if you decide not to adopt them they will still have a good chance with another foster parent.

While this time may vary based on the shelter, 6 months is about the average.

Why do I want to foster animals?

Fostering is not only fun, but it gives you a chance to learn a dog or cat’s personality beforehand to see if the two of you are going to be good friends.

 It’s less of a commitment and often the shelter will help with vet checkups and supplies and it also frees up a space at the local shelter so that another animal may be saved. If you want a dog or cat but you aren’t sure about it, then you should definitely consider fostering.

Will my cat miss me if I give her away?

Cats are a little different from dogs in that they adapt fairly quickly to new owners. While your cat might miss you, these animals are very practical, and they will move on provided that they are in a good home where their needs are being met.

Your cat may miss you but they are going to be okay!