Can You Make A Living As A Dog Groomer? (Solved & Explained!)

Many people make a good living as dog groomers. Dog groomers can make around $16-20 per hour depending on their services and experience. 

Being a dog groomer is not a simple job, it takes time, patience, and skill to acquire a job at a quality kennel or vet, or to set up your own business.

However, dog grooming is a very rewarding job and is a great career choice for animal lovers.

How Do I Become A Dog Groomer?

To become a dog groomer, you need to acquire qualifications that authorize you to do the job correctly and safely. 

1. Attend a course

Search your local area for accredited courses in dog grooming

2. Gain experience

Volunteer with an established dog grooming company or a dog shelter and assist an experienced dog groomer to learn practical skills

3. Get certified

After your course has finished you will receive the relevant paperwork that authorizes you to groom dogs

4. Set up a business or apply for a dog grooming job

Dog groomers either work independently for themselves or work within established companies.

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How Long Does It Take To Become a Dog Groomer?

A state-approved dog grooming courses take around 12 – 18 weeks to complete. 

Alternatively, you can complete an apprenticeship offered by an established company. Apprenticeship positions are more hands-on, and usually only take around 6 – 10 weeks to complete.

Is It Worth Becoming a Dog Groomer?

If you love dogs then yes! It is worth becoming a dog groomer and dedicating your time to the care of dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Becoming a dog groomer is not suited to everyone. Some dogs do not like to be groomed, so you will have to demonstrate patience and great care in handling dogs that may be frightened of the grooming harness or do not like to take baths.

However, you get a chance to develop relationships with regular customers and work with all dog breed across the board.

Being a dog groomer is a challenging but rewarding job.

Is Dog Grooming Hard?

Dog groom is not easy, especially when it comes to larger breeds that won’t sit still for their monthly nail trim, or come across a particularly long-haired mucky pup. 

However, being a dog groomer is fun and interesting. You will learn a lot about different breeds, their temperaments and will begin to understand and know what to expect from different types of dogs.

It can be tiring as it is a physically demanding job that requires you to be on your feet for most of the day. This can be challenging when you need to stay calm and collected for the more difficult dogs.

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Is Grooming Painful For Dogs?

Grooming is not physically painful for dogs, but it can be stressful. Some fur detangling methods can be slightly uncomfortable for dogs if you are not careful and gentle.

Dogs particularly dislike the micro cleaning of their ears, eyes, and teeth. These procedures are not at all painful but they can be startling for dogs that do not understand that you are merely trying to clean them and not hurt them. 

Trimming their fur with scissors is perhaps the most dangerous part of the job that could lead to physical injury if anything goes wrong. That’s why training and experience are essential for a dog groomer – they must have a steady hand and be patient at heart to make sure the dogs are groomed correctly and safely.

What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Dog Groomer?

There is no one way to become a dog groomer. Technically, anyone can become a dog groomer, especially if they set up their own business, but it may be harder to get customers to trust you if you do not have evidence that you have formal training and experience.

Contacting your local dog authority, and speaking to existing dog groomers in your area is the best way to find out what you need to make your dream of becoming a dog groomer happen. 

There are many animal handling and welfare certificates out there, and you can customize the services you offer depending on the courses you have taken.

Do Dog Groomers Make Good Money?

The average yearly wage of a dog groomer in the US is around $29,000 per year. Some dog groomers, especially those who specialize in a particular grooming method, can make more than this.

Other groomers who make less than this are typically new to the job and are just starting out. As an independent dog groomer, you can set your own rates accordingly, but if you get a job as a dog groomer for a vet or a company, expect to receive a middling wage.

Do Dog Groomers Get Tips?

Whether or not dog groomers get tips depends on the customer, but delivering quality services always increases your chances of getting great tips in return.

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When dog groomers do get tips, they average at around 10-15% of the service charged. This is the same across most industries and good dog groomers do get tipped regularly, especially if they establish a good rapport with their customer base.

However, it is never wise to rely solely on tips. Calculate your likely earning based only on services charged, and do not include the tips, that way when the tips do come, they are a bonus.

What Is The Best Thing About Being a Dog Groomer?

Different dog groomers will give you different answers, but the most common reason that dog groomers love their jobs is that they get to connect and make friends with hundreds of different dogs throughout their careers.

Those who truly love dogs are excellent for dog grooming. Dog grooming also encourages pet health, and it’s a great feeling to know that you helped a pet feel happier and more comfortable within their fur.

Dog groomers get to meet a lot of people too! This is a great opportunity to give advice and guidance to pet owners as to how to keep their pets clean and happy until their next grooming appointment.