How Much Money Do Dog Groomers Make? A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re considering a career as a dog groomer, you’re probably wondering how much money you can expect to make. According to recent data, the average hourly pay for a dog groomer is $14.48, which translates to an annual salary of around $30,000. However, there are many factors that can affect your earning potential, including your location, experience, and the type of employer you work for.

In some areas, dog groomers can earn significantly more than the national average. For example, groomers in metropolitan areas may have higher salaries due to the higher cost of living. Additionally, experienced groomers who have built up a loyal client base may be able to charge higher rates for their services. On the other hand, groomers who work for large pet store chains may earn lower wages than those who work for private grooming salons.

Average Salary of Dog Groomers

As a dog groomer, you can expect to earn a decent salary for your services. The amount you earn will depend on various factors, such as your location, experience, and the type of establishment you work for. Here’s what you need to know about the average salary of dog groomers.

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National Average Salary

According to Indeed, the average salary for a dog groomer in the United States is $23.69 per hour. This figure is based on the salaries of 1,684 dog groomers who work in the US. However, the actual salary you can expect to earn will depend on your location.

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Top 10% of Dog Groomers

If you’re an experienced dog groomer, you can earn a higher salary than the national average. According to Glassdoor, the top 10% of dog groomers in the US earn an average salary of $47,190 per year. This figure is based on the salaries of 2,152 dog groomers who work in the US.

To maximize your earning potential as a dog groomer, you should consider gaining more experience and building a loyal client base. Additionally, working for a reputable establishment such as a pet store or vet clinic can also increase your earning potential.

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Overall, dog grooming can be a lucrative career choice for those who are passionate about working with animals. By providing quality grooming services and building a loyal client base, you can earn a good salary while doing something you love.

Factors Affecting Dog Groomer Salary


As with many professions, experience plays a significant role in determining a dog groomer’s salary. New groomers with little experience can expect to earn less than those with several years of experience. You can increase your earning potential by honing your skills and gaining experience in grooming different breeds of dogs.

Commission vs. Pay

Some dog groomers receive a commission on the services they provide, while others receive a set hourly rate or salary. Commission-based pay can be more lucrative if you are able to attract a steady stream of clients and provide high-quality grooming services. However, hourly pay or salary may be more stable and predictable.


Location is another significant factor in determining a dog groomer’s salary. Groomers in large cities or affluent areas may earn more than those in smaller towns or rural areas. The cost of living in your area may also affect how much you can expect to earn.

Dog Breeds

The breeds of dogs you groom can also affect your earning potential. Certain breeds require more time and effort to groom, which can translate into higher fees and more income. For example, grooming a poodle or a Bichon Frise typically takes longer than grooming a Labrador Retriever.

Self-Employment vs. Business Ownership

Dog groomers can choose to work for themselves or work for an established grooming business. Self-employed groomers have the potential to earn more, but they also have to cover their own expenses and build their own client base. Business owners may earn less initially, but they have the potential to earn more over time as their business grows.


Expenses can eat into a dog groomer’s earnings and affect their overall income. Grooming equipment, supplies, and rent for a grooming facility can all add up. To maximize your earning potential, it’s important to keep your expenses under control and find ways to minimize costs where possible.


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Job Satisfaction and Career Growth

As a dog groomer, your job satisfaction will depend on your love for dogs and your ability to handle them with care. You’ll be working with different breeds, sizes, and temperaments, so it’s important to have patience, empathy, and good communication skills.

If you’re passionate about dogs and enjoy working with them, you can find a rewarding career in dog grooming. With experience and training, you can advance your career and increase your earning potential.

The highest-paying jobs in dog grooming are usually found in upscale salons, mobile grooming services, or in areas with high demand and low competition. To increase your chances of getting hired and earning more, you may want to consider a training program or certification.

Dog grooming requires stamina and physical strength, as you’ll be standing for long periods, lifting heavy dogs, and using grooming tools. It’s important to take care of your health and avoid injuries.

You’ll also need to be aware of dog behaviors and health concerns, such as allergies, skin conditions, and parasites. You may need to communicate with pet owners and veterinarians to ensure the dogs receive proper care.

In terms of revenue, dog grooming can be a profitable business if you have a steady stream of clients and offer quality services. Mobile grooming services can be particularly lucrative, as they offer convenience and personalized attention.

Overall, dog grooming can be a fulfilling and profitable career if you have the right skills, training, and passion for dogs.