How Much Money Do Dog Groomers Make? (Year vs Month vs Hour)

According to Zip Recruiter, the average annual income for a dog groomer in the US is $34,280 in 2022. This means they make an average of $16.48 per hour and bring home $2,857 each month. Keep in mind, this is the average rate and groomers can make more or less depending on their experience level.

If you love dogs, you may be interested in a career where you can be around them all day. This could lead you to wonder how much a dog groomer makes. On this page, we’re going to break down the average income of a dog groomer in the US. Keep reading to find out how much money they are making.

How Much Does a Dog Groomer in the US Make Annually?

There are a few factors that will determine how much money you can earn as a dog groomer, but the national US average is $34,280 annually. Keep in mind, if you are new to the industry you will need to work your way up to the national average.

Most new dog groomers are paid on the lower end of the scale. According to The Academy of Pet Careers, they may only earn $17,000 per year when first entering the field.

What Determines How Much Money a Dog Groomer Can Make?

The state you live in will highly contribute to how much money you can earn. Some states will be above the national average, while other states are much below.

Your wages will also be determined by your level of experience and the company you work for. If you are self-employed, the number of clients you have and your reputation as a groomer are key factors in how much you can make.

Do Self-Employed Dog Groomers Make More Money?

According to JKL Grooming, the amount of money a self-employed dog groomer makes can vary. It’s not uncommon for a groomer who is newly self-employed to make under $20,000 in a year.

Yet, self-employed dog groomers also have the potential to make up to $70,000 or more with their business. This is because as they take on more clients and get their name out there, they are able to grow their business.

What is the Average Hourly Rate For a Dog Groomer?

The average hourly rate varies between $16.48 and $17.92. However, as mentioned above, the state you live in plays a huge role in what your hourly rate will be.

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Which States Pay Dog Groomers a Higher Rate?

According to the map on, dog groomers in Arizona and Vermont make 16 % more than the national average. Other states that are known for paying above the average include:

  • New York
  • California
  • New Jersey
  • Kentucky
  • Washington
  • Maryland
  • Maine
  • Massachusets
  • Virginia

Just because a state isn’t mentioned on this list, doesn’t mean dog groomers don’t have the potential to make more. For example, North Carolina’s average rate is 11 % below the national average, but dog groomers in Raleigh, NC are some of the highest-paid in the States.

Where Can Dog Groomers Make $20 or More Per Hour?

If you are a dog groomer who wants to earn a higher income, your best option is to work in a major city. Dog groomers ins Raleigh, NC make an average of $28.85 per hour, while groomers in Chicago, IL are earn $21.77.

According to, some of the highest hourly rates that dog groomers can earn are in Denver, New York City, Nashville, and Austin. It also should be noted that dog groomers in Las Vegas and LA are earning more than $20 per hour as well.

What is the Best Paying Dog Grooming Company in the US?

Loyal Companion is a pet grooming business with several locations around the US. Dog Groomers can make an average of $34.55 per hour. If you don’t have enough experience to take on this position, the company also hires grooming assistants at $14.30 per hour.

Experienced dog groomers have the potential to make a higher income at the right location. Kriser’s Natural Pet pays its dog groomers an average of $32.12 per hour and DogiZone pays an average hourly rate of $29.84.

Do Dog Groomers Make Enough To Live For a Month?

One common disbelief among people who have no experience in dog grooming is that groomers don’t earn enough to cover their monthly expenses. However, according to QC Pet Studies, a certified pet groomer can have a very financially rewarding career.

However, some people feel that it is a struggle when they first enter the business. Keep in mind, with more experience, a groomer will get more clients, which turns into more income.

Is it Expensive to Start a Dog Grooming Business?

Small Business Chronicles suggests that it will cost $50,000 to start a dog grooming business. This factors in the cost of office space, business license, as well as grooming products and supplies.

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Your monthly expenses will include rent, electricity, and inventory. As your business grows, you may have to factor in the expense of hiring staff.

Which States Do Dog Groomers Get Pay the Lowest Salaries?

According to, the states with the lowest average rates for dog groomers are Alabama, New Mexico, and West Virginia. The average rate of a dog groomer in Alabama is 31 % less than the national average, while it’s 29 % less in New Mexico and West Virginia.

Keep in mind, if you live in one of these states, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. There are still companies that will pay a better wage for experienced groomers and self-employed groomers have the potential to grow their business, especially if it’s located in a city.