Do Chihuahuas Get Jealous? (Solved & Explained!)

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Yes, Chihuahuas are very emotional and possessive dogs, and it’s not uncommon for them to get downright jealous when you pay attention to another person or animal. This is to be expected, but you shouldn’t encourage it.

Make sure first that you are dividing your attentions if it’s another animal and if it is a person that they are jealous of, try to get your dog to interact more with this person. Involve playtime, treats, and praise and as your dog’s opinion of this person changes, they’ll become much more accepting of their presence.

For the remainder of this article, we’ll answer some popular questions trending on the web this week about Chihuahuas and their socialization tendencies. Read on to learn important information about how your dog sees social situations and what you can do about it!

Are male Chihuahuas more jealous than females?

Yes, male Chihuahuas tend to be a bit more jealous than the independently-minded females. On the bright side, they also tend to be a little more social, but ultimately their overall personality is going to be less based on gender and more on the specific dog and their experiences.

So, the answer is technically ‘males are more likely to be jealous, but that’s not guaranteed’.

How do you know when your Chihuahua is jealous?

You’ll know when your Chihuahua is jealous. It can be as mild as them suddenly being much closer and demanding of your attention or it can be as outright as your dog barking at your friends, date, or significant other.

These little dogs don’t believe in holding back their opinions, so if your Chi is jealous then trust us… you will know right away.

How do you deal with a jealous Chihuahua?

The best way to deal with a jealous Chi is to pay close attention to the things that make them jealous. Once you’ve identified what makes them insecure, then you can create a strategy.

For instance, if your Chi doesn’t like your boyfriend or girlfriend, then give them a formal introduction and get your mate to start feeding them the occasional treat.

This can endear them more to your Chi and it will help if you take the occasional moment to give them a little ‘reassurance attention’ from time to time so that they see this person as less of a threat.

Do Chihuahuas get jealous of boyfriends or girlfriends?

Yes, Chihuahuas can and often do get jealous of your mates, and don’t be surprised if they get mad enough to bark when you’ve ignored them for what they feel is ‘just a bit too long’.

You can combat this by encouraging your significant other to feed your Chi some treats and to pet them if it’s allowed and over time, they’ll thaw a bit.

While Chis aren’t as pack minded as most dogs, they still have some instinctual leaning towards this, and once they accept this person as ‘their alpha’s mate’ then their behavior will adjust appropriately and they’ll be a little more respectful.

Why does my Chihuahua bite my wife instead of me?

It could be jealousy, as this the most common reason, but that’s not necessarily true or even the only reason. A rescue dog, for instance, might not like men or women, based on previous experience in their former home. Your Chihuahua might also just be biting your wife because she’s softer than you.

Take a note of the context carefully and try to determine what is frightening your dog, because ultimately this is a fear response. Once you have a better idea of the big picture, then you’ll be able to effectively work towards reassuring your dog and teaching them that this is not acceptable.

Are Chihuahuas possessive?

Yes, Chihuahuas are possessive of people, toys, food, and their overall territory. This is a natural instinct for these dogs, but you can train them out of to a moderate or even to a great extent with a little patience.

If you have more than one pet, for instance, make sure that they both have their own bowls and toys. If your dog is overly possessive of your time, introduce them to other people and animals as a way to teach them that they can also get attention elsewhere.

This will help them to be a little less possessive and needy but it will take a little time and a lot of love and patience.

Can Chihuahuas become codependent?

Yes, Chihuahuas can easily become codependent, and it’s not really that abnormal for them to do so when you think about it. These little dogs were bred to be lapdogs and so they are naturally inclined to focus on one person and not to need much else when it comes to socializing.

Expand their social horizons by trips to the dog park and having over and introducing your friends. This will make them less needy, over time, and they’ll be much more independent.

How do you make a Chihuahua less codependent?

Socialization training is the best way to avoid or to deal with codependency. When your dog is codependent, they are completely reliant on you for social interaction, and often to the point that they’ll be rude to anyone else – human or animal.

With patience and proper introductions, they’ll start to see the world with a viewpoint that there might just be more in life than spending all of their time with you. Don’t worry, you’ll always be number one – your dog will just be a lot less demanding on all of your time.

How do I get my Chihuahua to like my friends?

Harness up your Chihuahua, attach a lead to that harness, and bring your dog to each friend for a proper introduction. Tell your dog to ‘sit’ and then make your introduction, giving your dog a treat for sitting through it without being vocal about it.

At the end of this introduction, if your dog will allow it, your friend can hold out a treat at a ‘safe distance’ and if your dog comes and takes it, then they are well on their way to being nicer to your friend.

Do Chihuahuas only like one person?

Yes, for the most part, a Chihuahua gets attached to one person and can sometimes even be downright rude to everyone else. While this feels nice at first, unless you absolutely love it then you should not encourage this behavior.

Give your dog more time around other people by playing with the dog, together with a friend. It’s much better for both you and your dog if they learn to socialize with the people that you invite into your home.

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