Do Dog Breeders Make Good Money? (Solved & Explained!)

Dog breeders can definitely make good money once they’ve built a good reputation. On average, dog breeders in the United States make around 40k yearly, but some of the high-end breeders do quite a bit better – even with relatively small setups.

The thing is, if you offer pups with excellent bloodlines and desirable traits, the right breed might go for $2500 per pup. That means just 4 litters, with an average of 6 pups per litter, is $60,000 before you’ve removed care costs and other considerations.

So, if you select a profitable breed and build up your reputation, you can run a business with only a handful of well-bred dogs that can net you a pretty penny. Just be prepared to work hard, because dog breeding is definitely not easy – it takes hard work, a good eye for desirable traits, and a lot of love for dogs!

For the remainder of this article, we’ve collected questions trending highly this week from aspiring breeders such as yourself. Read on to find out about getting started, what loans might be available, and more – important information that you need is waiting in the sections below!

What is the most profitable dog to breed?

There are actually a number of dogs that are quite profitable to breed. Examples include Siberian Huskies, Rottweilers, French and English Bulldogs, and German Shepherds.

Each are going to have some breed specific considerations and you’ll need to factor in average litter sizes, care costs (including vaccinations), and time for any training that you might do to sweeten the deal before you’ll have a good profit baseline to draw on.

How hard is it to be a dog breeder?

Breeding dogs is hard work and getting started can be expensive. You’ll be putting a lot of time and effort into caring for those pups, and you’ll also have to have a lot of patience when you are trying to isolate particular traits through selective breeding.

That said, if you have the patience for it and you love dogs, it can be both a very rewarding and lucrative career. Just don’t think that it is going to be easy – breeding dogs is hard work and largely a labor of love.

Is breeding dogs a good career?

Dog breeding can be a good career, but you are going to need to work hard at it and in the beginning, and you’re likely going to find yourself simply ‘breaking even’ a lot when you are just starting off. Properly done, breeding takes time. You want to isolate specific traits by breeding selected parents and in the beginning, there is a lot of trial and error.

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If you have the patience, though, you can definitely make a career out of it. Take good care of your dogs and build your reputation and over time, you’ll be able to get top-dollar for wonderfully behaved and beautiful dogs that are coming from your well-managed kennels.

Do dog breeders need a license?

This will actually depend on the state that you are in, but most states are going to require a license if you are producing more than 2 litters per year. Some licenses will also be specifically geared towards different levels of profit, so you’ll want to check with the Animal Care office in your particular state.

Don’t worry – if you are just getting started you may not need one or at the very least, it will be inexpensive, but you’ll need to check locally to ensure that you get the right license before you get started.

How much do dog breeders make a year?

Dog breeding is good business, when it’s done right, and the average breeder in the United States is making around $40,375 per year selling their pups.

Like any business, area does have an effect, with the highest rates being earned in states such as California, so be sure to check and compare puppy costs in your area. This will help you to learn which breeds are most popular in your state and which are the most profitable before you become invested.

How do I become a successful dog breeder?

In order to become a successful dog breeder, there are some basic steps that you will need to follow in order to get established and to start earning your reputation. Here is how to get started:

  • Formulate your business model
  • Purchase or utilize current space to build the needed kennels
  • Obtain licensing
  • Obtain insurance (General liability to covert injury, property damage, medical fees, and legal defense)
  • Open a business bank account
  • Advertise on social media (and Google Business, so that people can post reviews)
  • Network with local vet for vaccinations and treatments
  • Hire additional help if needed (and insure them!)
  • Register with the American Kennel Club to help establish yourself as a reputable breeder

Once you’ve established a baseline operation, the rest is going to be building up your reputation. If you run a clean kennel and have healthy, well-fed pups then over time you’ll get plenty of referrals. It just takes patience, hard work, and lots of love for your dogs.

How many dogs should a breeder have?

While commercial breeders typically have as many as 20 dogs, you will likely have much less space and this is actually a good thing. You want to focus on quality, not quantity after all. Just remember that most litters will average about 6 pups and this will help you decide how many dogs you want to start with.

We recommend that you start off small, for instance with 2 or 3 breeding pairs so that you can get some idea of what you will be in for as far as time and care.

How much money do you need to start a dog breeding business?

It depends on the size of your operation and if you have some DIY skills, this is definitely going to save you a lot of money.

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For a small breeding venture, you could start for as little as $500, but something larger could cost you 10k to 15k in property alterations, kennel building costs, and obtaining breeding stock to get you started.

As such, it can take a year or two to ‘break even’, but if you are in for the long haul then it can certainly be profitable.

Can I get a loan to start a dog breeding business?

Actually, yes, it is possible to get loans to help you to start your breeding business off right. The Small Business Administration is a federal entity that can help you with this, but you’ll need to contact them in order to get a list of what your kennel will need to qualify.

While you’ll have to enact certain standards to get the loan, this can help you to start off strong and to start turning a profit appreciably faster than simply starting the business on your own with savings.

Do breeders microchip puppies themselves?

While some breeder do the microchipping on their own, this is not a good idea, as this is illegal in many states. Instead, most breeders will employ the services of a local vet or even a local pet store for the microchipping.

Pricewise, this can run anywhere from $25 to $75 per dog, so it’s not as expensive as you think, and you can add it in the total for your pup to pass along the cost to your client if you like.