Can I Sell Homemade Cat Treats? (Solved & Explained!)

It is perfectly acceptable to sell homemade cat treats and create a small business around it, but depending on where you live, there might be regulations to be aware of. It’s important to research what you need to know to responsibly sell cat treats. 

Making cat treats is not difficult, but it’s good to research how to make healthy cat treats, and it helps if you have some kitties at home for quality assurance.

Can I Sell Homemade Cat Treats In The United States?

The pet food industry is regulated by federal and state law, and you are required to have a license before you attempt to sell pet food or pet treats on the internet.

Once you have this proper documentation, you must ensure that in the production and sale of your cat treats, you are following proper regulations so you are meeting safe food handling standards. 

Can I Sell Homemade Cat Treats In Canada?

There aren’t as many regulations for pet food in Canada as there are in the United States. While this might be scary, it’s not an incentive to avoid food safety protocols.

This just means less work when planning to launch your homemade cat treat business. You are still bound by ethics, tax laws, and potentially general food safety laws.

Do I Need Licenses To Sell Homemade Cat Treats?

Once again, depending on regulations in your particular location, you may not only need a general license to be able to sell cat treats. You might also be required to have food handling certifications or licenses. You might also have to register your business, regardless of how big or small you are when starting out.

What you are required to have in terms of certifications might also depend on where you are planning on producing your homemade cat treats. If you are using your own kitchen, you will probably need less.

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However, once your business begins to scale and you potentially need to change manufacturing venues, you want to know what to expect in terms of any additional certifications.

Is It Worth Having Insurance For My Homemade Cat Treats?

It is definitely worth looking into what’s available for you in terms of liability insurance for your cat treats. In the event that a cat has a bad reaction to your treats, your insurance will protect you.

Can I Sell Homemade Cat Treats On Etsy?

Etsy is a perfect place to consider selling your homemade cat treats. You don’t have to be concerned about learning how to build a website, as even platforms that are meant to be simple for beginners can still be difficult to use.

Etsy also attracts people who are looking to support small businesses making ethical products, so it could be the perfect place to launch your small business. 

How Do I Label Homemade Cat Treats Properly?

It’s absolutely crucial to include transparent labeling on your homemade cat treats. Be sure you know what you are required to put on the label based on where you live and where you are planning on selling your cat treats.

In Canada, for example, labels are required to be printed in both English and French.

Do I Have To Charge Tax On My Homemade Cat Treats?

Knowing the tax implications for selling homemade cat treats is essential when trying to decide whether or not you want to do so. You might have to register your business and start charging your customers tax.

Thus, you’ll end up having to file an additional tax return when you start earning income from your new business venture.

How Can I Make My Homemade Cat Treats Stand Out?

Coming up with a catchy and intriguing name for your cat treats will be the first step. This is what’s going to get you noticed. Having your brand name be prominent on your packaging in a creative way is sure to draw attention.

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Having a website or using an e-commerce platform to sell your items on is your next step. You will also want to create brand awareness on social media, which might take some education if you don’t know much about using social media as a marketing tool.

How Can I Make Selling Homemade Cat Treats Viable?

You have to consider what the unique selling factor of your cat treats will be. Many people own pets, and many pet owners are interested in purchasing their cat treats. Thus, the market will always be hot, but the market is also very saturated.

Unless you offer something somewhat unique compared to other brands, it might be difficult for you to get noticed. This isn’t a big deal if you’re only looking to sell on a small scale.

Some things to consider: are your treats healthy with no unnecessary ingredients? Is there a charitable component to your business? Do you have any qualifications that make you a trusted source for cat treats?

Is Selling Homemade Cat Treats Worth It?

Selling homemade cat treats can allow you a flexible way to earn additional income. If you are someone who loves animals, knows how to handle food properly, and likes being creative in the kitchen, selling homemade cat treats can be worth it.

If you are hoping to make millions in the cat treat world, it can require a much more intense investment and it could be very difficult to get to that point. That said, it’s not impossible.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Selling Homemade Cat Treats?

While cat treats aren’t meant to be the main source of a cat’s nutritional needs, it’s important to be cognizant of what cats need and don’t need nutritionally. It’s also crucial that you know which ingredients are unsafe for cats to consume.

If you have cats at home, or know someone who has cats, you also might want to see how they react to the treats. It’s not worth sinking a lot of money into making homemade treats if cats don’t like them.