How Much Do Breeders Charge to Ship a Puppy? (Solved!)

Taking home your brand new puppy is the most exciting part of the adoption process. If you adopt a puppy from a breeder in a different state than where you live, you have probably wondered how much it will cost to ship your puppy home. However, good breeders will rarely offer shipping as an option. When they do, it may be cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 or more.

The rest of this article will detail why reputable breeders will usually not ship puppies, why it is so expensive when they do, and how you can bring your new puppy home if the breeder will not allow shipping.

Will reputable breeders ship puppies?

A reputable breeder will usually not offer shipping as an option when it comes to bringing your puppy home. This is because good and reputable breeders have the wellbeing of the puppies at the forefront of their minds. Shipping, especially by air, is often not safe, and breeders want to ensure that their dogs will not come into harm in the process.

Reputable breeders will also often have a long waiting list for their puppies. If you are not able or willing to pick your new puppy up in person, there is probably someone else who can.

There may be some rare occasions when a reputable breeder will agree to ship a puppy. Keep reading and we will discuss that later.

What is a reputable breeder?

A reputable breeder is a breeder who has the wellbeing of the dogs and the breed as a whole as their first priority, especially over profit.

Breeders who focus on profit over the health and safety of the dogs are known as puppy mills. These businesses are very unsafe and prioritize pumping out as many puppies as possible to sell over making sure that those puppies are happy and healthy.

Why should I support a reputable breeder?

Although it may be tempting to buy from a puppy mill because they are cheaper and often easier to get puppies from, you should never use your hard-earned money to support these breeders. Even if it feels like you are “rescuing” a puppy from the terrible conditions, the truth is that you are paying to support the awful breeding practice.

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By spending your money on a reputable breeder, you are contributing to supporting the wellbeing of the breed. You can also rest assured that your puppy is healthy, well-bred, and had the opportunity to be raised into a loving home.

How do I know if a breeder is reputable?

A reputable breeder does not breed to maximize profit. Because of this, they will usually only have a few litters available per year, and thus will likely have a waiting list. They will also normally be registered with the American Kennel Club or another government organization.

Puppies from reputable breeders are usually much more expensive than puppies from puppy mills. This is because you are paying for the professional breeding experience and the health of your puppy.

Is it unsafe to ship a puppy?

Yes, it is not always safe to ship a puppy, especially by plane. When dogs are shipped alone by air, they travel as cargo in the hold of the plane. This is unsafe, especially during extremely hot, cold, or stormy weather conditions. In fact, many airlines will not even allow dogs under a certain age to fly—so your puppy may not be able to be shipped by air.

For many dogs, flying, especially alone, can be a traumatic experience. To force a young puppy, newly separated from his parents, to go through this experience alone can be formative in a bad way. For this reason, most reputable breeders will not offer shipping as an option.

How do I get my puppy if the breeder won’t ship him?

You can always pick up your new puppy in person. Depending on the distance between you and the breeder, you may choose to travel there by either car or plane.

If you do decide to travel by plane, your puppy can fly with you in the cabin of the plane. This way, you do not have to subject your new best friend to the dangers and potential trauma of riding in cargo.

Will a reputable breeder ever ship a puppy?

In some rare cases, a reputable breeder may allow a puppy to travel to you. Keep in mind that traveling to you and being shipped to you are two different things!

Breeders will most likely require that someone travel with the puppy to make sure that they don’t need to ride as cargo in the plane. They may either drive the puppy to you or fly with them as a passenger in the airplane cabin.

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How much does it cost to ship a puppy?

If you and the breeder agree to have the puppy travel to you, you will most likely be responsible for all the costs of travel for both the puppy and the person who must travel with them.

This will be a pricy experience, as it could include gas, plane tickets, or fees for flying with a pet. It could range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on where you are flying the puppy from.

What if I can’t afford to ship my puppy?

If you cannot afford to pay for someone to travel with your new puppy, your best option is to find a closer breeder.

What if a closer breeder doesn’t have the breed I want?

If a closer breeder does not have the specific breed you want, you have a few options.

First, you can always save up the money to purchase from a further breeder. You may have the time, anyway, due to the wait lists of popular breeders!

Second, you may consider rescuing a puppy from a shelter rather than purchasing from a breeder.

How can I rescue a puppy if I want a specific breed?

Luckily, there are many shelters these days which specialize in one breed of dog! These are called breed-specific rescues. For example, if you would like to rescue a Golden Retriever, try searching “Golden Retriever rescue near me.” You will most likely be able to find a rescue which specializes in Goldens. As a bonus, rescuing a puppy is usually much less expensive than purchasing from a reputable breeder.