How Do You Sell Dog Treats Legally? (Solved & Explained!)

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In order to sell dog treats legally, you will need to have a business license. However, every state will have different requirements when it comes to selling dog treats in-store, online, or at farmer’s markets. According to Mint Notion, the best course of action is to check with your local Chamber of Commerce to get started in the right direction.

Do you have a dog treat recipe that you want to make and sell? Before going into business, it’s important that you know how to sell dog treats legally. On this page, we’re going to talk about how to sell dog treats and answer all of your questions about the subject. Keep reading to learn more. 

Can You Sell Homemade Dog Treats Legally?

If you have a homemade dog treat recipe that brings all the dogs to your yard, you can legally start a business at home to make a profit. You will not be able to legally sell the homemade dog treats as a business owner unless you have a business license or business permit. 

To obtain a business license, you will need to arrange a meeting with your local Chamber of Commerce. They will be able to get you started with how to get a business license.

Should I Sell Homemade Dog Treats For Profit?

There is currently a huge market for homemade pet treats because pet owners want to give their pets the best food possible. Many pet food brands sold in stores contain fillers and ingredients that aren’t good for a dog’s diet.

Since pet owners want to make sure their dogs are well-fed, they don’t mind spending a bit more money if it ensures their dogs are getting a nutritious treat. Since small business owners who make their own dog treats use real nutritious ingredients, pet owners feel better about buying their treats.

Can You Legally Sell Homemade Dog Treats Online?

You are able to create a business selling homemade dog treats online, but there are some restrictions and rules that you will have to follow. Each state will have different requirements for approval, so you will need to be registered in each state individually that you plan to sell to.

For this reason, you may be limited to selling only to certain states when you first get started. Unfortunately, there isn’t an agency that will be able to grant you approval for selling in every state.

Do Homemade Dog Treats Need To Be FDA Approved Before Selling?

Legally, you do not have to make sure your homemade dog treats are FDA approved before selling them. The FDA has no requirements stating that pet food products need to be approved.

However, the FDA has approved many ingredients that are used to make homemade dog treats. Many business owners will strictly stick to using FDA-approved ingredients for all of their recipes. 

Do You Need a Commercial Kitchen to Make and Sell Dog Treats?

Always check with the state you are starting this business from because some states require a commercial kitchen for pet food products while others don’t. Regardless of what kitchen you are required to use, you will need to have a formal inspection of the facilities used before obtaining a business license. 

It’s important that the kitchen you are working in meets the inspection’s guidelines. This will ensure that you are selling a product that is safe and meets food standards. 

What is the Best Way To Package Dog Treats To Sell?

Small Business Chronicle recommend using paper bags to professionally package homemade dog treats for sale. This is because paper bags are inexpensive and environmentally friendly. 

Another advantage to using a paper bag is that it’s easier to brand your product. You can easily place stickers with your company logo on them, or simply jot down your business info with a pen or marker. 

Are Dog Treats a Profitable Business?

Selling dog treats can be a profitable business if you set yourself up to do it properly. One of the key things is to focus on selling treats that customers in your area want to buy.

However, you also need to consider your location because getting the right sport can really help your business out. A location that sees a lot of traffic will generally do much better than a location that is on the outskirts of a town. 

Do You Need a Business License to Sell Dog Treats at a Farmer’s Market?

Certain states will require people to have a business license to sell their homemade dog treats at a farmer’s market. Even though the farmer’s market usually features stands for individual sellers, you are still manufacturing and packaging a treat for sale.

Selling products at a farmer’s market should be treated the same as selling in-store or online. These events are a great way for independent dog treat sellers to build-up their customer list. 

Can I Sell Dog Treats on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to use when you want to reach out to more potential customers. This is because you can narrow down where you post to relevant pages, such as dog lover pages or local pages that feature small businesses.

There is also a marketplace section on facebook where you can create a listing and customers can find you. One of the great things about Facebook is that it is completely free to use for your business. 

How Should I Set Up Dog Treats For Sale at Farmer’s Markets and Other Events?

If you are setting up a stand to sell your dog treats, it’s important to make it appealing and informative to the people who stop to check it out. We recommend putting out items on display and them put the ingredients and other nutritional information beside them so people can easily find the information they are looking for.

This is a good opportunity for you to pass out flyers with your products and information as well, so people can easily find you outside of the farmer’s market.

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