How To Sell Dog Treats – Locally vs Online

Where do you want to sell your dog treats? The grocery store, pet store, or online? How will you market them and who will buy them from you? This post is designed to help answer all those questions.

How Do You Package Dog Treats for Sale?

There are a few different ways to package dog treats. It depends on whether your dog treats are dry or wet. Dry dog treats are the easiest to package. You don’t need any special kinds of packaging in order to ship it.

However, you do need to include a few things on the packaging for it to be legal. One of the most important parts of packaging dog treats is the ingredients. Like humans, dogs can suffer from allergies. Pet owners need to know what ingredients are in your dog treat.

The packaging should clearly state all of the ingredients used in the treats. It should also show that the treat was analyzed for safety standards.

Other pieces of information you need to include are the name of your dog treat company and its business address. The packaging also needs to include the words “dog treat” somewhere on the package.

Otherwise, your dog treats are ready to be shipped and enjoyed.

Do Dog Treats Have to Be FDA Approved?

There is no set regulation for pet food or treats by the FDA. They do ask that you use the best ingredients possible, however, and that the ingredients are regularly tested for problems.

That being said, you don’t need any paperwork or proof that shows that the FDA approves of your treats.

How Do You Sell Dog Treats Legally?

Here are the steps you need to take to sell your dog treats legally.

Step 1: Get a Feed License

Depending on the state in which you reside, you may need a license in order to sell pet food. Treats fall under the category of pet food. In Michigan, for example, you need a feed license before you can start selling pet treats.

Step 2: Research and Purchase Ingredients

One of the biggest concerns for governmental bodies is the ingredients used in the pet treat. Those ingredients need to be safe for the animal to consume. While the ingredients don’t need to be human-grade, they do need to be at an acceptable level for dogs.

You can find plenty of resources that goes into finding ingredients that you can safely use to make healthy dog treats.

Step 3: Configure Labeling

The next step is to write down all of the ingredients used in your dog treat. Not providing the ingredients could place you in hot water.

Step 4: Register Your Business

Once you’re ready to open your business, you’ll need to register with your local government. You may also need to register in order to sell to other states. Some states may have other regulatory measures that need to be met. A common one is that the treats need to be created in a commercial kitchen.

Where Can You Sell Dog Treats?

Once your business is approved, you can sell treats almost anywhere. You’ll have to consider your local regulations to find out if you’re able to sell out of your state or not. Otherwise, you can sell to local pet stores, to downtown events, flea markets, or even on your own website.

Your reach could even be global with the right shipping strategy.

How Do You Sell Dog Treats at Farmer’s Markets?

Selling your dog treats at farmer’s markets is all about presentation. For dry dog treats, you can place them on eye-catching displays. You’ll also want to include the ingredients right next to them.

For dog treats that are wet or iced, you can keep them cool by keeping them in an insulated cake dome. This will also keep people from touching them.

How Do You Sell Dog Treats to Local Pet Stores?

You’ll need to be licensed before you’re able to sell to local pet stores. They’ll expect that you have your packaging ready to go and that your ingredients fall within acceptable FDA-approved levels.

You’ll also need to come to an agreed price point with the store. They’ll want a cut of the profits for storing and selling your treats.

Before a pet store will agree to work with you, you’ll need to be able to produce a high number of products for them to sell daily. This may not be ideal for those who are just making treats out of their own kitchens.

How Do You Sell Dog Treats Through Etsy?

Getting started on Etsy is relatively easy. You’ll want to set up your store first. Then start taking detailed and high-quality pictures of your dog treats. They need to capture the interest of those perusing the site.

You may even want to include a video that shows your own dog enjoying the treat to fully sell it.

On your Etsy store, the ingredients for the treats should be easy to locate and understand.

You can also usually sell things of different sizes. This gives you an opportunity to create custom treats for your customers.

Finally, you’ll want to market your dog treats to bring attention to your shop and stand out from competitors.

How Do You Sell Dog Treats Through Your Own Website?

There are plenty of providers where you can make your own website. You’ll want to think about the kind of store that you want to have. Are your dog treats able to be bought after a single click to buy? Or do you want to use a subscription service instead?

Once you’ve decided on your business model, your website should reflect that. It should also be clear with the ingredients that the treat uses and any benefits it might give their dog.

Most websites use a third-party transaction company like Stripe to handle purchases. You’ll need to make a Stripe account to start taking in purchases.

How Do You Get Customers to Your Etsy Page or Your Own Website?

Marketing is what will bring customers to your Etsy page or your website. One of the best ways to market your dog treats initially is to use social media. Instagram and Twitter can help you spread the word about your treats. You can also issue challenges on social media to further bring attention to your brand.