The Top Dog Kennel Name Generator *** 30 Name Ideas To STEAL today!

Are you passionate about dogs and thinking about turning your passion into something profitable? Starting and maintaining a dog kennel is full of unexpected challenges that you need to be well-prepared for. Starting from looking for the top dog kennel name generator to thinking about the best way to keep your dogs entertained, you need to devote the time and effort to keep your business going.

Quick Facts – Dog and cat boarding businesses are booming. According to a recent survey by the American Pet Products Industry, pet owners spent $228 per year on average boarding their dogs and $78 per year boarding their cats. Boarding and other non-vet services totaled over $8.1 billion just in 2020 alone. (source)

In this article, we’ll answer all the questions that might cross your mind if you’re thinking about starting your dog kennel. Keep on reading to find out more about this topic.

Choosing a Dog Kennel Name

Picking the right name for your dog kennel is a branding decision. It’s how your puppies and dogs will be recognized, so the name should be short yet memorable. (1)

When you’ve decided to start your dog breeding business, you need to start thinking about the name that other people will remember your dogs by. The name should convey the personalities of your dogs and should be memorable enough, so interested people will never forget it.

There are a few factors to think of when you’re choosing the name for your dog kennel.

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Depending on the puppies and dogs you have, you should pick a name that reflects this personality. This will help other people remember your name and see the reason behind it when dealing with your business.


Picking an original name shows that your dogs and puppies come from an original bloodline. You should make sure that the name isn’t used by any other kennel to avoid legal lawsuits.

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Identifying the purpose of the kennel should be made clear by reading the name you’ve given your kennel.

Do All Dog Breeders Need a Kennel Name?

Hobby breeders don’t need kennel names. However, if you own a professional business, the kennel affix should be added to the dog’s name to identify the difference between dogs within the same breed. Here is why you should pick a dog kennel name. (2)

  • If you’re a professional breeder, a kennel name will make your puppies and dogs recognizable.
  • Unique names will make your dogs and puppies stand out in shows and competitions.
  • Your kennel name is an actual brand that you can use for marketing purposes.

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Suggested Kennel Names

Here are a few names that you can consider when you’re picking kennel names.

Distinguished Name Ideas

  • Cute Yorkies.
  • Alpha Golden Retrievers.
  • Dogs 4 All.
  • Dogs for Mankind.
  • Man’s Bestie.
  • Exquisite Corgis.
  • John’s Goldens.
  • My Precious Puppy.
  • Heart of Texas Puppies.
  • The Perfect Choice.
  • Precious Paws.
  • Puppy Heaven.
  • Canine Crew.
  • Dog Galore.
  • Ruff Line.

Funny Name Ideas

  • Doggie Town.
  • Mark and his Buddies.
  • WoofWoof Town.
  • ScoobyDoo Home.
  • Dog Wow.
  • All-Star Dogs.
  • Lucky Dogs.
  • Underdogs.
  • Top Dawgs.
  • Smooch Pooch.
  • Doug and his Dogs.
  • West Coast Dawgs.
  • Command Control Protection Dogs.
  • Dream Puppies.
  • Pawsibilities.

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How to Choose the Best Dog Kennel Name

Thinking about the right kennel name can be a difficult task when you’re thinking about all the details of starting and maintaining your business. Nevertheless, it’s a crucial step to make sure that you’ve made the right decision. Here are a few steps you should follow while thinking about the best dog kennel name.

  • Use your imagination to pick a name that resonates. It could be inspired by your favorite hobby or fictional character, your hometown, or the dog you’ve grown up with and loved for so long. Picking a personalized name that appeals to you has a sentimental value that other people won’t miss when they read the name you’ve chosen for your kennel.
  • You can browse the web to get ideas. There are several online forums that you can join to interact with other dog kennel owners, and you can see the names they’ve chosen for their businesses. You can also see how and why these people chose those particular names, so you can get inspired.
  • Get inspired by the names of existing kennels. You should make sure you’re not choosing an existing name because this can result in legal issues, but you can definitely use them for inspiration.
  • Do a competitor analysis as this will help you get an idea of what to include and what to avoid. Check the names used by your competitors and see the message conveyed by the name.
  • Make sure that the name is memorable, as this will help people remember your business.
  • Use an online kennel name generator to choose a suitable name. These are online tools that suggest hundreds and maybe thousands of names that you can use.

Some of these names might be attention-grabbing, so you might be tempted to use them right away. However, others might not be that interesting. Nevertheless, you can still use them as inspiration by combining them with an original idea that you have about naming your kennel.

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The Best Dog Kennel Name Generators

Using an online kennel name generator has a lot of benefits because it will give you the needed inspiration if you’ve run out of ideas. Here are some of the best tools on the market.

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BNG Business Name Generator

This free tool offers a lot of available names, and you can also enter your keyword to see the names generated. There’s a button that allows you to check the availability of the domain, so you can avoid legal issues.


Shopify lets you create a proper name by asking you to enter a relevant word to describe your business. The tool then generates suggested names that you can browse to choose the most appropriate one. It will also search for these names to make sure that the URLs are available for use.


This website offers 2 options; either create a contest to find the name for the kennel or check the names that are available for sale. In about 3 or 5 days, you will have thousands of naming experts engaged in helping you find the right name for your kennel.

This website is suitable for professional users as it offers agency-level features like running a poll to test the name on target demographics. There’s a team of attorneys that can help you check an available name without a pre-existing trademark, so you can choose the name with confidence.


DoxFord is a premium tool that you can use for 14 days without paying anything. It will help you generate a good name for your kennel, and you can pay as you go for other features. The website will help you set up your business by providing vital information to your customers. You can also create unique services that include setting appointments, edit check-ins, and check-outs, and fill out the information about vaccination.


This is another easy tool that you can use to generate names. You enter a keyword that describes your dogs’ personalities or features, and the tool will generate appropriate names and check their availability. The website also offers a list of available names that you can use for inspiration.

Other Tools

We also recommend you use tools like lean domain search, bustaname, and gsheetdomains to help you find brandable URLs that are available to purchase.

Then when you find one you like also check that it’s available to register in your state through your Secretary of State’s website. Lastly, check that it doesn’t have any trademarks at the US Patent and Trademark’s website.

Wrap Up

Choosing the best dog kennel name is a crucial step in setting up your business. This name identifies your organization and the dogs you breed. It defines the bloodline and sets your dogs apart from other dogs.

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Once you’ve registered the name, it can’t be used by any other breeder. Moreover, when your dogs are taking part in shows or competitions, the kennel name will be the sign that your dogs are known by.

There are several useful tools that you can use to generate appropriate names. Use your imagination, write down all the catchy names you like, and make sure that they’re available before giving them a try.

Also, we recommend getting the URL as well even if you don’t plan to build out a website at first. We always recommend building the business through local marketing at first before expanding online.

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