What Is a Hobby Breeder? (Solved & Explained!)

A hobby breeder is typically a responsible breeder who only breeds their dog a few times throughout their lifetime in order to preserve their dog’s pedigree. Hobby breeders tend to breed out of intentions of love and care rather than profit, making them a great option to consider when looking for a new furry family member.

Continue reading to learn more about hobby breeders, including what they are, what kind of dogs they breed, whether it’s safe to purchase from a hobby breeder, how to identify a hobby breeder and more.

What Is a Hobby Breeder?

A hobby breeder, by definition, is someone who breeds just once or twice a year and does not consider the revenues from the sale of pups to be taxable income and therefore do not record it on their taxes.

Hobby dog breeders will research genetics in order to make educated selections about which dogs to breed. They both stay current on new research and expertise, and they continue to study more and more about their chosen breeds. However, this sort of conscientious breeder is not found in every species.

What Kind of Dogs Do Hobby Breeders Produce?

Since hobby breeders and professional breeders tend to take similar care and precaution when breeding their dogs, you can be rest assured that you will be acquiring a healthily bred pup.

Typically, hobby breeders will only breed one kind of dog, which is usually their personal show dog. This dog will only be bred once or twice in its life. Hobby breeders often house both the bitch and sire on site. However, they can also perform their research and outsource for a mate. This ensures the breeding pair are equally matched before breeding to ensure the quality of the pedigree.

Is it Safe to Purchase a Dog from a Hobby Breeder?

Puppies are not bred for profit by hobby breeders. They do it for the love of dogs, for the improvement of the breed, and for the sheer joy of it, and they seldom earn a profit on a litter of puppies. As a result, buying a puppy from a hobby breeder is usually safe because they should offer appropriate love, care, and medical exams to their puppies.

How Often Do Hobby Breeders Produce Litters?

Hobby breeders will never have puppies year-round. Since hobby breeders typically breed their own personal dogs, they are limited to the health of their female dogs. While some female dogs can safely have five pregnancies, others may struggle with one. An ethical hobby breeder will consider factors like these to ensure their dog’s health is always placed first. 

How To Identify a Hobby Breeder?

Hobby Breeders Will Show You the Parents of Their Puppies

Hobby breeders will always have the mother and father dogs on hand so that you may observe both dogs and their personalities. If the female was bred out of state, the stud might not be available to view; in these cases, request a video of the male interacting with other dogs and people.

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On the other hand, a good stud owner will be proud to show you their dog. A good stud owner is also a responsible breeder who does not allow the dog to be mated to any female.

Hobby Breeders Will Always Get Their Puppies Vet Checked

Hobby breeders will ensure that health tests have been completed and verified by a reputable health foundation or veterinarian. These health exams will always be conducted since these breeders take pleasure in the pedigrees they produce.

This medical paperwork will be accessible for your perusal, with copies available for you to have your veterinarian go at if desired. For breeds known to have health difficulties, you will be able to see vet certificates that certify your dog does not have these issues. Before the puppies are even screened for homes, any health abnormalities will be detected.

Most Hobby Breeders Breed Purebred Puppies with AKC Certifications

The majority of hobby breeders produce AKC-certified purebred puppies. The American Kennel Club (AKC) papers prove that your puppy has purebred parents. Having paperwork simply signifies that someone took the trouble to keep track of your puppy’s ancestors.

AKC paperwork provides new owners with their dog’s family tree so they can find out what titles their puppy’s relatives may have won or if your dog comes from a long line of dogs that have succeeded in a specific sport.

Hobby Breeders Will Be Picky with The Homes They Select for Their Dogs

A good breeder will inquire about your intentions for the dog. You could be searching for a house pet, a kid-friendly companion, a hunter, a low-key running partner, or something else. They will assist you in choosing a personality that is a suitable match for you.

They’ll also keep you from picking the ‘wrong canine’ for the job. You want an ethical breeder who cares about where their dogs end up, not one who lets you choose whichever puppy you want without any advice.

What’s the Difference Between a Hobby Breeder and a Backyard Breeder?

Unfortunately, a backyard breeder is motivated to reproduce since it is simple to generate money. These breeders seldom screen buyers, and they rarely refuse to sell, even if the buyer is unfit for pet adoption.

A Responsible Hobby Breeder, on the other hand, is committed to raising high-quality dogs as a serious hobby. Has spent so much on dogs that they frequently struggle to break even, rarely earning a “profit.” Puppies will only be sold to approved purchasers by hobby breeders.

Why Are Hobby Breeders Considered a Great Option When Purchasing a New Pet?

Many families opt to add a pet by acquiring it from a hobby or responsible breeder for a variety of reasons, including the predictability that comes with a given breed of dog. Many households lack the room or resources necessary to care for a large or high-energy dog adequately. This is something that every family should think about before bringing a pet into their house.

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Humane Societies worldwide urge potential pet owners to conduct due diligence on any person, business, or organization from which they may purchase or adopt a pet to verify they are obtaining a healthy animal that has been properly produced.