Do They Make Sliding Glass Doors With Doggie Doors? (Solved!)

Yes, there are different options that you have for purchasing a sliding-glass doggy door and panes with the door already in them are certainly an option. You can also purchase ‘insert’ style panels which you can install on your own after cutting the glass, although the ‘slide-ready’ type doors are typically the best option.

This is because you can remove the old sliding glass panel, inert your dog-door panel, and if you decide at any time to remove the door or if it becomes damaged and unusable, then you still have the ‘spare’ pane to insert back in until you can get the door issue sorted.

This option is also great for renters, as it provides a way to have a dog door without risk of damaging the rental property.

In this article, we’ll address popular questions and concerns about glass door dog doors. Let’s take a look at the questions that are trending this week and we’ll also give you the important answers that you need if you are considering purchasing or building a glass door doggy door!

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Can I put a doggie door in a glass door?

Yes, you can certainly put a doggie door into a glass door, but you’ll need to contact a Glazier if you don’t have the DIY skills for it, unless you are installing it into a sliding glass door.

With a standard glass door, a Glazier can cut an aperture to fit the door of your choice and help to affix it in place, while a sliding glass door may be purchased with the door pre-installed, allowing you to simply slide it in place, or you can remove and modify the existing pane.

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How much does it cost to install a doggie door in a glass door?

Depending on how complicated the install is, expect the price of a glass door doggie door install to run you anywhere between $355 to $1250. It could be a simple matter of cutting the glass to fit the door, or prefabrication of a specialized pane incorporating the door might be required.

As such, you’ll want to contact a Glazier or speak with the dog door company in order to have your door assessed so that an accurate estimate may be provided for your specific door.

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Are glass door dog doors safe for rental properties?

One of the perks of having a sliding glass door in your rental property is that you have a low-impact option for giving your dog their own door. Installation of a specialized pane with an already-fitted door allows you to store the old pane so that you can simply reinstall it before moving.

This is a great option for renters, as your dog will be able to let themselves in and out, and you don’t damage the value of your rental property by exercising this option.

Are glass door doggie doors a security risk?

Yes, although with a glass door it is arguably already vulnerable to some degree. That said, even without breaking the door, a large enough doggy door can sometimes be wiggled through or a burglar could reach in to open the door or push a pole inside to ‘fish’ for nearby keys.

As such, additional security such as cameras, motion detectors, or locking mechanisms with the dog door itself are recommended and you should check with your insurance to make sure that it won’t affect your coverage, as extra premiums may be required.

How can I improve the security around a glass door doggy door?

The cheapest option is motion detection lights, although these days security cameras are often quite inexpensive as well. You can also purchase a microchip dog door, as these are helpful in that they unlock based on the proximity of a microchip tag attached to your dog’s collar.

These doors may be further secured with alarms that are specifically designed for doggie doors as well, so you definitely have a lot of options for boosting security to compensate for the addition of a dog door to your home.

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Is it easier to teach a dog to use a glass door doggie door?

Arguably, yes, it is quite a bit easier to teach your dog to use a glass door doggie door. As they can see you from the other side, it’s often just a matter of calling them to you, then going outside and waiting while your excited dog learns that they can easily push through to get to you.

It’s one of the perks of a glass door that is definitely a treat.

How do I train my dog to use a glass door doggy door?

If your dog is wary of that glass door doggy door, don’t worry, you can train to use it quite easily. Prop open the door or flap with a stick and from the other side, show your dog a treat and call to them.

When your dog comes outside, simply go back in and repeat the process, or have a friend or family member open the door a little and show them another treat.

If this doesn’t help, you can also create a mini-enclosure area with baby-barrier plastic gates that surround the area n front of the door so that your dog eventually discovers that they can get out through there.

This takes a little longer, but with a bit of patience, your dog will soon find that using the door is practically second nature.

Will a glass door doggie door affect my insurance?

It is possible that your glass door dog door might affect your insurance, so you will need to check with your provider before you install it. Not all insurance companies will require additional premiums for an install of this type, but some companies do consider it an extra risk factor so you should expect the possible of a rate change.

How big does my glass door doggie door need to be if I have more than one dog?

As a generally rule, your dog door needs to be no more than 1/3 of your smallest dog’s height and it also must be 1 inch taller than your biggest dog. This helps to ensure that all of your dogs will be able to easily make use of the door without any difficulty.

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What happens if my glass door doggie door is too small?

While it might be tempting to install a slightly smaller door to reduce the security risk, this is not recommended. A dog door is rated not only for the size of the dog that will using it, but for their corresponding weight range.

As such, a door that is too small is at greater risk of breaking and potentially damaging the door it is housed in.