Are Yorkies Afraid of The Dark? (Solved & Explained!)

Some Yorkie owners have reported that their Yorkies are afraid of the dark. Or at least, they are reluctant to go outside to use the bathroom when it is dark outside.

Of course, all Yorkies are different and it depends on what they are used to. Yorkies that frequently go on night walks are less likely to be afraid of the dark than those who only walk outside during the day.

Likewise, Yorkies that sleep with a light on are more likely to be startled and nervous in darkened environments than those that sit or sleep in dark rooms regularly.

How Do I Know If My Yorkie Is Scared Of The Dark?

If your Yokie cowers down and tucks their tail between their legs and hold their ears back when the lights go off, then it is possible that they are afraid of the dark.

Also if you Yorkie cowers at the thought of going outside on their own in the dark, then it may be that the darkness makes them nervous.

Being afraid of the dark is normal for Yorkies, and humans too! Historically speaking, all animals evolved to be suspicious of the dark to some degree. In the darkness, our eyesight is not optimized and predators could be lurking in darkened corners.

Can Yorkies See In The Dark?

There is a common belief that dogs have night vision and this is simply untrue. Yorkies cannot see in the dark and their vision is compromised by lack of light just as human vision is.

However, due to the fine attunement of other senses, your Yorkie can maneuver around in the dark much better than a human can. 

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Their supersonic hearing is great for picking up sounds and echoes that indicate where corners and surfaces may be, and where other people or animals may be hiding in the room.

Should My Yorkie Sleep In the Dark?

Just like humans, your Yorkie is subject to their Circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythms are the internal clock that manages your bodily functions such as sleep, metabolism speed, and the release of enzymes.

Darkness triggers restfulness and the release of relaxation hormones that help you and other animals to relax into a good night’s sleep. 

Your Yorkie also benefits from this bodily mechanism, so should be supported with darkened and quiet environments during nighttime.

Lights and excessive noise will disrupt this cycle. It is, therefore, best to find your Yorkie a quiet, dark, and comfortable place to sleep and stick to a sleeping schedule as much as possible.

Why Is My Yorkie Scared At Night?

If your Yorkie has developed any kind of noise phobia then they may become distracted and unsettled at night.

Nighttime is quieter than the day, and small noises seem to be much louder during this time. Anxious and vigilant Yorkies may become over-excited or frightened by these unexpected noises.

Restricted visibility is also another aspect that may be causing your Yorkie to be anxious or scared at night. Reduced visibility is a vulnerable situation, and your Yorkie may be feeling uneasy that they cannot see.

To resolve these issues, make sure your Yorkie sleeps in a room that is away from sudden noises, and make sure they have a comfortable place to sleep so they do not feel alone, and a dim night light can be used.

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Yorkies like company, and if they cannot stay in your bedroom at night make sure they have lots of cuddly toys to snuggle up with.

Why Won’t My Yorkie Walk At Night?

Not wanting to go on walks during the twilight hours is a typical survival instinct that your Yorkie has inherited from its ancestors.

Yorkies are very small, and nighttime is a vulnerable time when predators are more likely to be lurking.

By nature, Yorkies would be tucked up in burrows at night if they were still living like their ancestors. Therefore a reluctance to wander about at night is inherent.

However, there are some Yorkies that overcome this instinct and happily walk at night. That is because their owners have trained them to do so from a young age and tend to stick to the same territory that the Yorkie has become accustomed to.

Is It Ok To Let My Yorkie Sleep With Me At Night?

Absolutely, in fact, your Yorkie may prefer it.

Sleeping with your Yorkie, and having your Yorkie in bed with you is normal and carries no risk. With any dog, it is important that they are clean and your bed linen is regularly changed, otherwise sleeping with your dog is fine.

Sleeping with your Yorkie is beneficial for their health. Yorkies love being with their owners and their natural instinct is to sleep with the pack for safety. This will help to keep your Yorkie calm at night if they are uncomfortable in the dark on their own.

How Do I Get My Yorkie To Sleep At Night?

You can help your Yorkie to sleep through the night using a few different techniques. Whatever you try, patience and positive reinforcement are key.

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1. Crate Train Your Yorkie. 

Crate-trained Yorkies tend to feel safer at night. If possible keep the create close to you and where you sleep.

2. Take Them To Potty

Before you settle in for the night, make sure your Yorkie has been out to the toilet and meet all of their basic needs before a night’s sleep.

3. Relax Your Yorkie

Playing games and exciting your Yorkie late at night then expecting them to suddenly fall asleep is unlikely. Therefore partake in relaxing activities such as cuddling on the sofa, petting, and grooming before you head off to bed.

This will calm your Yorkie and signal to them that bedtime is soon approaching.

4. Give The Plenty of Excercise

Keeping your Yorkie active during the day is the key to a good night’s rest. Yorkies that are tired are more likely to fall asleep quicker and for longer.

5. Give Them Something to chew

Nothing calms nervousness than a chewing session. If your Yorkie is anxious at night they may like a chewy toy to distract them and relieve some of the tension. Also, some Yorkies like a little space before they go to sleep, and chewing on a favorite toy is a great way for them to unwind.