What Pet Insurance Companies Pay the Vet Directly? (Solved!)

As you probably know, getting pet insurance is key to ensure that your pet’s well-being is a top priority. However, when it comes to payment, insurance companies vary in how they handle it.

Some insurance companies can keep you from having to pay the vet upfront, then wait for the insurance company to pay you back. Instead, they can make it easier by paying the vet right away.

In this article, we’ll answer the following question: What pet insurance companies pay the vet directly?

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What Pet Insurance Companies Pay the Vet Directly?

Most pet insurance companies have this option. Here’s a list of some good candidates.


The first company that we came across is Trupanion. Not only do they offer great pet insurance plans, but they’re also willing to pay the vet directly.

According to the official site, all you’ll have to do is pay a small portion of the bill at the checkout. Trupanion should take care of the rest.

As for their coverage plans, they’re proud of their popular 90% coverage options. They’ll take care of almost anything from surgeries and vaccinations, to extended hospital stays.

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Pets Best

Our second option, Pets Best, is an insurance company that provides both direct and indirect vet payments.

We give them an extra point for their fast and easy claim processing in the case of indirect pay. Their services should make filing claims effortless, as you can do it online.

Also, in this case, they can deposit payments directly to your bank account.

Besides their efficient payment methods, they provide incredible plans and options to choose from.

Alternative Indirect Pay Insurance Companies

The following insurance companies are great alternatives if you don’t mind indirect pay plans.

Healthy Paws

Even though Healthy Paws don’t provide direct pay, we fell in love with their indirect pay services.

For instance, their website states that 99% of claims are processed within only two days. This means less waiting on your part.

Also, Healthy Paws is amongst the top pet insurance companies out there.


There’s no doubt that Nationwide is one of the most famous pet insurance companies in the US. While they don’t have a direct payment service, they promise fast claim processing.

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Not just that, they also offer you a variety of plans to choose from, and their insurance includes exotic pets.

Vets and Direct Pay

When you select an insurance company, you need to make sure that your vet is willing to accept direct payment from them. You might wonder why a vet wouldn’t.

Your vet might not have previous experience with your pet insurance company. This can make them reluctant to deal with it.

Bear in mind that prominent vet clinics and animal hospitals are more likely to accept direct pay than smaller ones. It’s because their bills are mostly larger since they’re where major surgeries and tests take place.

The last point to consider is the popularity of your insurance company. If you’re going to convince your vet to accept direct payment, they’re more likely to agree to deal with a well-known company.

The Difference Between Direct and Indirect Vet Payment

There are two ways that pet insurance companies can pay the vet. In this section, we’ll tell you the difference between direct and indirect pay.

Direct Pay

In direct pay, the pet insurance company pays the vet directly. So, as a pet owner, all you’ll have to do is pay the excess at the time of service.

If you’re wondering what excess means, it’s pretty simple. Excess is an amount of money that you agree with your insurance company to pay upfront. Each insurance company has its policies when it comes to excess money.

For instance, some companies set a percentage-based excess. Others agree on a fixed amount of money for excess.

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Indirect Pay

In this case, things can be a little more complicated. When you use indirect pay, you’ll have to pay the full vet bill in the beginning.

After that, you’ll need to claim the amount from the insurance company. However, that amount of money will be decreased due to the excess.

While some people don’t mind this method of payment, it can be taxing for pet owners with larger bills. This is why most people prefer direct pay.

Benefits of Using Direct Pay

Besides the distinct advantage of direct pay, other reasons make it a better choice than indirect pay.

Quick Payment

Wondering why most pet owners prefer direct vet pay? It’s because it allows them to pay the vet within minutes.

At the time of your checkout, your vet will submit your claim. After that, your pet insurance company will send the payment to your vet directly.

Of course, this depends on the pet insurance company policies. Some will pay the full bill. Others can require you to pay just a small percentage of it while they handle the rest.

No More Paying Upfront

You might not always be able to predict a vet visit. Also, your pet might need immediate care after an accident or an injury.

In these cases, you might not always have the money to afford to pay the vet upfront, which can be problematic. However, if you’re using direct pay, then there’ll be nothing to worry about. Your wallet will mostly remain untouched.

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No More Waiting

If you use indirect vet pay, then you’ll need to submit your paper claims yourself. Of course, this is after paying the entire bill upfront.

After that, you’ll have to wait until your claims receive approval. Only then will you get your money back from the insurance company minus the excess amount.

See how this goes? There are many steps and even more time waiting. Using direct vet pay should save you the trouble.


Since pet insurance can be essential for your pet’s health, you’ll need to make sure of many things. One of those things is how your insurance company pays your vet.

Direct pay can be the best solution in the case of large vet bills. Not just that, but it’s also quicker and easier than indirect pay.

However, if you choose to use this method, make sure that your vet accepts a direct payment from your insurance company.