Are Dog Kennels a Good Idea? (Solved & Explained!)

Dog kennels can come in quite handy and are definitely a good idea. Not everyone has a yard that they can put a doghouse in and a kennel provides a semi-permanent place where a dog can relax, play with their toys, or be secured when needed. Provided that they aren’t abused, dog kennels are quite useful and recommended.

In this article, we’ll address the most common questions about kennels so that you’ll have the facts that you need to determine if a kennel is a good option for you and your dog. Let’s take a look.

Is it cruel to put a dog in kennels?

If a dog is suffering from separation anxiety, then spending day after day in the kennel is actually quite cruel. Dogs are very social creatures, with a pack mentality, and being alone for prolonged periods of time can be very damaging to the mental health. In a scenario like this then a kennel could indeed be considered cruel.

How big should a kennel be for a dog?

For smaller dogs, you want the kennel to be a minimum of 2 inches taller than the tips of the dog’s ears. With larger dogs, you want a little more headway, with the minimum being 4 inches above the tips of their ears. More space is preferred, when at all possible, but these minimums are considered the acceptable norm.

How much do kennels charge for dogs?

While kennels costs may vary from state to state, you should expect to spend a minimum of $30 per night, up to a maximum of $85 per night. The National Average costs end up running in a range of $30 to $50 per night, with most people spending $40 per night in costs for boarding their dog in a kennel.  

At what age can you put a dog in kennels?

On average, the minimum qualifying age for boarding is going to be 4 months. In most cases, you will also be required to provide paperwork showing that your puppy has had all of their shots so that they know the pup is in good health when they arrive at the facility.

This helps to ensure overall safety for both your puppy and for other dogs being boarded at the facility.

What does a dog need to go into kennels?

Reputable boarding houses are typically going to require that you have proof of vaccinations which has been signed by a licensed veterinarian in order to ensure the health of your dog and to minimize risk to other dogs in the facility.

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Typically they look for rabies, kennel cough, and distemper as a rule, but other vaccines may be required so you should check well in advance.  

How do you measure a dog for a kennel?

First, you should measure the length of your dog, and this is going to simply be a measurement from the tip of their nose to the very tip of their tail. For good measure, you should add 2 to 4 inches to the tail measurement (with 2 for smaller dogs, 3 for medium, and 4 for larger).

Next, you need to measure your dog’s height, and this is a simple measurement from the bottoms of their feet to the top of their head, though if your dog has perky ears then you should measure to the tips of their ears.

Where can I leave my dog when I go on vacation?

When you’re going to be away and need care for your dog, you have a number of options. You could go with a boarding house, for instance, or a local pet sitter (who may have an in-home boarding option, if that is your preference).

Finally, a good friend or a family member may well be able to watch over your pet while you are away.

How much should you pay a dog sitter?

A lot will depend on the pet sitter’s service range, but generally you can expect to pay $25 to $30 per day for pet sitting services on average. This is just for daily costs, as overnight costs can run you more in the range of $75 to $85.

Check locally, however, as prices definitely vary and you can find reasonable rates quite often with a little research.

Do dogs think you’re never coming back?

Dogs definitely worry and miss us when we are not around, but they are quite hardy creatures. Most often if you are gone for a period of time, your dog will get depressed and look around for you, but interaction with their pet sitter can help the dog to feel a little better and they will hold up just fine until you get home.

Just be prepared for a very emotional greeting, as your dog will be very happy to see you!

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Can I leave my dog alone for 3 days?

If you will be gone for a few days, then this is certainly doable, you will just need to do a little planning. You’ll want to drop your dog off with a friend or a family member or if this is not an option, then there are local pet sitting services and boarding houses which can help.

Do dogs forget their owners?

One of the amazing things about dogs is that they are capable of remembering their owner for a lifetime. Studies have shown that dogs have excellent long-term memories, remembering their owners’ weeks, months, and even years after they’ve been separated.

Even in cases where dogs have been put up for adoption, those dogs still remember their original owners. Simply put, dogs do not forget their owners… ever.

Is kennel and crate the same?

Kennels are designed to be much sturdier than crates, as they are built with the aim to be a more permanent fixture, while a crate is considered more of a lightweight option that is designed to be mobile, rather than stationary like a kennel.

Simply put, a kennel is a sturdier housing meant to stay in one place, while a crate is a lightweight option with the option of transporting your dog.