24Hour Pet Watch FAQ (Your Questions Answered!)

When it comes to protecting your pets, 24 Hour Pet Watch seems like a good way to make sure they have safeguards they need at all times. But as with any plan, it’s important to get all the information you need to feel secure about your pet’s safety.

When you’re considering 24Hour Pet Watch for pet protection, there are some frequently asked questions you’ll want answers for. Questions like how 24Hour Pet Watch works, how much it costs, what kinds of services they offer.

This article looks into some of the most frequently asked questions about 24 Hour Pet Watch services and the most common answers.

How Does 24 Hour Pet Watch Work?

You can equip your pet with a microchip and register your information with 24Hour Pet Watch. As long as the registration is active, the pet’s identification information and your contact information remain on file.

If your pet is lost or runs away, they may be picked up by an animal rescue, animal shelter, or animal control services. If they get injured, they may also be brought into a veterinary clinic for treatment.

Shelters, rescue services, animal control and veterinary services can scan for a microchip. Once it’s detected, they can call 24Hour Pet Watch, who will then access your information and call you to let you know that your pet is safe and where they are.

What Services Are Offered by 24 Hour Pet Watch?

24Hour Pet Watch offers a number of services. Aside from the simple security of a microchip for safety, they offer other services that can bring you peace of mind.

Services include:

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  • Microchip Registration
  • Basic Pet Protection Services
  • 24 Hour Pet Med Alert
  • Lost Pet Tips and Poster Creation
  • Specialized Pet Tags
  • Pet Insurance
  • 24 Hour Veterinary Helpline
  • WhiskerDocs Services

How Do I Contact Personnel at 24 Hour Pet Watch?

24 Hour Pet Watch offers a number of different contact venues.

A 24 Hour Helpline can be contacted through the number:

  • 1-866-375-7387
  •  (866) 597-2424

There’s a LiveChat that can be accessed from their website.

There is also an email that can be used.

There are also online portals, connected via logging in after your membership is confirmed.

More information and communication services can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How Much Does 24 Hour Pet Watch Cost?

There are two different memberships available when you’ve registered your pet’s microchip with 24 Hour Pet Watch

$94.95 – A one-time lifetime membership option

$29.95 – first year annual membership, with a $19.95 annual membership fee for every year after that.

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If you choose an annual membership, you can also choose an automatically renewing membership.

How Do I File A Report on 24 Hour Pet Watch?

If your pet is lost, you can fill out a form on the 24 Hour Pet Watch website. This will instantly start the search for your pet.

You can also call the 24 hour line, engage in a LiveChat on the website, or send an email.

Any of these resources can be used for reporting:

  • Lost pets
  • Found pets
  • Insurance claims

How Do I Change Ownership or Pet Name Under 24 Hour Pet Watch?

When it comes to changing ownership of a microchip, or changing coverage to a new pet, there are different methods.

To change the registration of a microchip to a new owner, you need to contact the company who issued the microchip. They’ll guide you through the proper procedure for ownership transfer.

When changing registration on 24 Hour Pet Watch, you need to log on to the website. There is a tab for transfering your microchip registration that can be used to update your account.

For registration of different pets, it may require renewing your membership under a new account.

Do Microchips Expire or Stop Working?

The microchip should last your pet’s entire lifetime.

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There are no moving parts, nor anything to charge, and the power to send the information is gained through the scanner.

Given its placement, it would be difficult to damage the microchip in any way that would cause it to stop working.

The chip may shift from its implantation point, which will make locating it with the scanner more difficult. This can make it seem as though the chip has stopped working, when it is actually just in the wrong place.

Can I Get a Cancellation or Refund for 24 Hour Pet Watch?

You can certainly get a cancellation at any time for any of the services offered by 24Hour Pet Watch.

For refunds, it may depend on the service in question. For Medical Services, at least, the policy is as follows:

  • 50% refund for cancellations within 6 months.
  • Full refund for cancellations within 3 months, if the pet in question is deceased.

For other situations, you should call the 24Hour Pet Watch phone line directly.

How Do I Update My Billing, Payment, or Contact Information?

Updating your personal information only requires logging on to the 24 Hour PetWatch website and clicking the tab ‘Change Contact Details’.

You can also update Registration of Pets and Microchip information on the same site.

For changing billing information, you can call the service directly. 24 Hour Pet Watch requests that changes be requested at least 2 days before the date of any service renewals.

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Are There Any Side Effects of Microchipping for 24 Hour Pet Watch?

There are no documented side effects of microchipping your pets. The worst outcome is that the chip may shift from its implanted location.

What Information Can be Accessed Through the Microchip or 24 Hour Pet Watch Program?

All the information related to your participation in the 24Hour Pet Watch Program is strictly controlled and protected through encryption software.

When it comes to using the program for locating or reporting a lost pet, the only information released is the microchip data, the pet’s name, and basic contact information.

Billing information is kept private and can only be accessed in the case of changes to the billing information. Nothing beyond the last 4 digits of the credit card and the expiration are stored permanently in the website memory.