Can You Kennel a Dog in Heat?

You can kennel a dog in heat as long as the boarding facility you take her to has the ability to separate your animal from other dogs. Some kennels offer special services for dogs who are in heat, which may include keeping them only near other females or completely away from other dogs until they finish their cycle.

As soon as a female completely enters the heat period, she might suddenly become more needy. If that’s the case with your dog, then you might want to find a kennel that can accommodate dogs who need special treatment.

While male dogs never go into heat, they start to get really excited whenever they’re around a female who’s experiencing this period. Once a female fully enters her heat period, she releases a certain chemical that arouses male dogs.

Kenneling a dog who is about to leave her heat period is normally easier than one who is just entering into it. If your dog is just starting to show signs of her going into that time, then you might want to rethink putting her in the kennel for a weekend.

What to Ask Your Kennel if Your Dog is in Heat

Ask your kennel if they have any experience with dogs who are in heat. It might sound like an embarrassing question, but you don’t want to beat around the bush.

Some dog boarding facilities have experienced staff on hand who can separate your dog from others and take her out when its safe. The best ones might even have a special area set aside for dogs experiencing estrus.

Ask if the kennel you’re looking into supplies dog heat diapers. These are a type of temporary garment that looks surprisingly similar to baby diapers that your dog might need to prevent mating from occurring.

Some boarding facilities will have a supply on hand and provide them to ensure that your dog’s behind is not exposed and therefore doesn’t prove to be an attractive target for aroused males. Others might require you to supply your own, especially if you have a dog they can’t easily find the right size for.

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Breeders who are working to preserve their dogs’ fertility might want to ask a few other questions and will probably want to board their dog at a kennel attached to an animal hospital that’s experienced with such matters. If you’re in this position, then ask if your dog will have access to vet care from a reproduction specialist.

Boarding facilities that are frequented by breeders and other people in the pet industry will usually offer these services, so you shouldn’t be afraid to ask these questions if they’re relevant to your situation. Most pet owners will want to focus on whether their dog is going to be kept near other animals.

How to Find a Great Kennel for Dogs in Heat

While it might sound cliche, you’ll want to start your search for the right kennel online. Look for a facility that has information on their site about how they manage dogs in heat as well as any experience they have with these animals.

Larger dog boarding facilities will often have dedicated services or staff to deal with dogs in heat or who need special treatment for other reasons. If they have any of these things, then their managers will be sure to put that up on their site.

Make sure to write them an email or call the moment you find a place that looks decent. Space is often limited even at the largest dog boarding facilities, so you’ll want to make sure that you make reservations as soon as possible.

Start your search early to give yourself plenty of time. While your dog might seemingly go into heat out of nowhere and make this really difficult, it’s best to try and start looking as soon as you can.

How to Prepare Your Dog in Heat for Their Kennel Trip

Prep your dog for a kennel by first getting some familiar items from home that will make it easier to stay there. Most kennels will allow you to at least bring a few favorite toys.

Some might even let you bring in a scarf or handkerchief with your scent on it so your dog will feel more at home. This may help to reassure dogs that normally can’t stand to be apart from their families.

Considering that being in heat can be quite stressful for a dog, anything that helps reduce that stress could contribute to a more pleasant time. That being said, don’t make too much of a fuss about all of this or your dog might end up thinking that something big is going on.

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Assuming you have all the paperwork and medical checks out of the way, see if you can schedule a visit before your dog stays there. Dogs in heat tend to be at an increased risk for separation anxiety and even a single visit can help them adjust in a new setting.

Depending on the rules of the kennel you’re boarding your pet in, you might want to size her for a dog heat diaper before you have her boarded. These are needed to cover their genitals to catch any discharge or bleeding that occurs while she’s in estrus.

Should You Move Your Trip if Your Dog is in Heat?

You’ll want to move your trip if you don’t believe there’s any way to accommodate a dog in heat. Even careful kennel facilities might accidentally mix male and female dogs, which can increase the risk of a mis-mating incident.

Some females in heat will need extra care and may start to urinate more frequently. Dog owners will sometimes find that their dogs get much more affectionate during this time as well.

As a result, you may feel that there’s no way that an outside party can provide the kind of assistance that your dog needs. If that’s the case, then you’ll certainly want to reschedule your trip.

Most female dogs will only ever come into heat on two occasions during the year. That means it shouldn’t normally be too difficult to reschedule a pleasure trip as long as you don’t already have reservations.

Some pet owners might decide that they should bring their heating animals along for the ride if there’s no possible way for them to reschedule. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to be really careful not to bring your dog in any area where she might intermix with other animals.