Why Do Yorkie Puppies Bite So Much? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkie puppies bite so much because they’re babies. Just like human children, they explore the world with their mouths. Combine that with what they learn to do with biting from other pups in their litter, the little Yorkie will bite.

This means you’re going to have to train the puppy to stop. So, the moment you bring home your precious bundle of joy and you notice it biting, it’s the perfect time to begin training. As long as you do it within the first six months, the puppy should stop biting in no time.

Is It Normal for Yorkie Puppies to Bite?

Yes, it’s very common for Yorkshire Terrier puppies to bite. They’re dogs after all and it’s part of their raison d’être and it’s almost certain they learned to do it growing up with the other pups in their litter. But, they have to learn there are appropriate times and situations for using teeth.

Do All Yorkie Puppies Bite?

Many Yorkie pups will bite, but it does seem like some are more prone to doing it than others. There are a few who don’t bite, but this is quite rare. That said, they are young puppies and they don’t really know any better. So, it’s likely that your new Yorkie will bite, if even on occasion.

Do Yorkie Puppies Grow Out of Biting?

A Yorkshire Terrier puppy will not grow out of biting of its own accord. Their owner must train them to stop this behavior. The longer an owner waits to begin training to stop biting, the more difficult it will be in the long run.

What Causes Yorkie Puppies to Bite So Much?

There are several reasons why Yorkie puppies will bite. Some do it is a show of dominance. This will be especially evident if they’re aggressive when they do it. Others do it as a means of play or engagement and yet some do it when they’re afraid or in pain.

What’s more, Yorkie puppies might bite because they feel threatened in some way and they’re keeping themselves protected. Alternatively, they may have simply developed a bad habit and no one has yet attempted to train them to stop.

When you notice your Yorkie biting, it’s important to observe the circumstances and their demeanor when they do it. This will be the best to consider when devising a plan for training.

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What If a Yorkie Puppy Begins Biting after You Bring It Home?

In the event that you have your precious pup for a few weeks and it begins biting seemingly out of nowhere, it may be that your puppy’s teeth hurt. This means the dog is teething and its adult teeth are working their way in or their gums are sore from something they ate that was too hard.

But, it’s important to pay attention to other behaviors that accompany the biting. Take note of how aggressive the dog is when they bite and if there is any sounds of whimpering.

How Do You Train a Yorkie Puppy to Stop Biting?

To train a Yorkie puppy to stop biting, it’s best to do it within the first six month of its life. This is the crucial age where they begin developing behavior patterns and mannerisms they’ll have for the rest of their lives.

Develop a Command & Behavior

It’s important to develop a command and subsequent behavior to show the dog you don’t approve of the biting. Saying something like “ouch” or “no” followed by a lack of attention or affection will get the message across eventually. The key is to be consistent and persistent while getting the dog to understand that the biting hurts.

Also, give them a distraction or something else to chew on that’s acceptable, like a toy. Whatever you do, do not give praise, attention or treats when the puppy bites. This will produce negative reinforcement and confuse the dog with your commands.

When to Reward

When the dog follows the command not to bite, then start offering treats and other rewards. Not only will this help the dog to stop biting but it will also be a good initiation into further training for other things down the road.

Is It Possible to Train an Older Yorkie from Biting?

Yes, you can train an older Yorkshire Terrier to not bite. It’s pretty much the same as what you would do for a puppy, but you will have to expect it to take a much longer period of time. Create a command and an accompanying behavior that will let the dog know you do not approve of the biting.

Make It Situational

But, because they’re older, you can make this more situational. For instance, if you’re playing with the dog and it begins biting, stop playing and ignore the dog. It may be necessary to temporarily walk away.

If the dog is trying to show dominance over small children and other pets, then you have to create physical boundaries for the dog. Remove privileges and use a stern voice. But, do not yell at the dog. The Yorkie will just take this as you barking and it will encourage the Yorkie to bark.

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Is Physical Punishment Appropriate to Get a Yorkie to Stop Biting?

No, it is never advisable or appropriate to use physical punishment or negative reinforcement to get a Yorkie to stop biting. Not only will this NOT glean the results you’re looking for, but it will also foster a negative relationship with the dog.

If you hit, punch, kick, toss, yell or do some other violent action against your Yorkie, all the dog will learn is hate and fear. These dogs are very gentle creatures on the whole and do not take well to any amount of abuse.

Remember, these are loyal dogs and all they want to do is please their family packs. When they know what you want, they will obey beautifully. But, you have to train them.