How Do You Train a Yorkie Not to Bite? (Solved & Explained!)

There are a few techniques you can do to control your Yorkie’s biting habit. To avoid your Yorkies’ habit of biting, you should give the “no” command every time they try to bite your hand and reward it with a treat when it complies.

If your Yorkie bites your hand, he is most likely doing it as part of a game. That’s why you shouldn’t be too angry and calmly correct the behavior.

Generally, Yorkies acquire these habits at a young age and will continue to do so for life if not prevented. That’s why you should encourage your Yorkie to play with its own toys instead of playing with your hands.

Why Do Yorkies Bite?

Most Yorkies bite not because they really want to hurt you but because they want to play games. Yorkies tend to bite while playing, especially during puppyhood. To prevent this, you should train your Yorkie puppy early on.

Start by giving him toys he likes. If you don’t have an aggressive Yorkie, your Yorkie probably wants to play games with you and can be trained easily through play.

Some aggressive Yorkies may deliberately bite. In particular, they exhibit this behavior towards strangers who come to the house. 

This is an instinctive behavior to protect family members, or symptoms of anxiety that must be addressed, both for the safety of your visitors and for your Yorkies’ wellbeing.

This is why such Yorkies need to be rehabilitated and undergo a period of training. Biting comes naturally to dogs, but domesticated dogs need to know the boundaries and socialize accordingly.

If your Yorkie enjoys biting, you can give them toys or dog bones from the pets store to chew on.

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Do Yorkies’ Biting Problems Go Away With Training?

Yorkies that bite can be controlled with a number of training methods. If your Yorkie has a tendency to bite you, it’s most likely playful. If it is not then there is likely an underlying issue.

It is very important that you understand the reason for your Yorkies biting. If you can get to the root of the issue then you can plan training accordingly. The key is to remain determined and consistent in order to prevent this habit.

You should never be inconsistent when training your Yorkie. If you don’t want them to do something, you should work diligently to correct the behavior, so your Yorkie can understand your expectations.

Generally, Yorkies can sometimes bite their owners during play. Although these bites are not very hurtful, they can sometimes cause injury. Yorkies ‘grab’ with their mouths, their mouths are essentially their hands and are part of their communication style.

Therefore it is important to help your Yorkie manage their bite force. Simple commands and telling them ‘no’ when they bite too hard will help them to figure out a gentle bite from a hard one.

However, it is best to encourage playtime with toys instead of your hands.

Using positive reinforcement can really help with this. Positive reinforcement consists of rewarding your Yorkie when they do something you want them to do. 

For example, if your Yorkie bites your hand while playing, just say “No” in a firm and consistent tone every time your Yorkie bites your hand. 

Every time they obey this order, you reward them with a treat. Yorkies are very intelligent animals and they can easily understand what you want from them.

Will My Yorkie Bite Out of Habit?

Yorkies can sometimes be persistent in their biting habits. Yorkies, especially those who were not trained in puppyhood, may experience this problem in the future.

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Positive reinforcement is always the best method of training. Distract them with a toy, eliminate biting out of boredom by engaging your Yorkie in ‘fun’ training exercises or take them out for long walks to burn off their energy and tension.

Remember, mistreating your Yorkie may make them more aggressive rather than destroying their habit. 

That’s why you have to be very understanding and patient when training your Yorkie to bite. If you are determined to eliminate this problem, be sure that this problem will disappear. But as mentioned above, all it takes is time and some patience.

Do Older Yorkies Bite?

Usually, Yorkies may bite a lot when they are young, but this tends to taper off as they get older. However, if your senior Yorkie is biting, there could be a psychological explanation.

First of all, you have to ask yourself a few questions to try to understand the issue. Why is my Yorkie biting? Is his bite meant to hurt or is he playing games? 

Questions like these will give you the answer to the root cause of your Yorkie’s bite. Biting is not uncommon in older Yorkies, but if your Yorkie does bite you can train them not to – even though they are older.

Why is My Yorkie Getting Aggressive?

Yorkies are not aggressive by nature. If a Yorkie is behaving too aggressively, there may be a number of reasons behind it. 

For example, some aggression problems can be observed in dogs that lead isolated lifestyles, or are not walked much.

Biting can also develop if you have moved house. Adaptation problems and aggression are frequently seen in dogs that move to a new territory and are trying to assert their dominance. That is because your Yorkie may be feeling vulnerable.

If your Yorkie has been acting aggressively lately, there is definitely a reason. In such cases, you can soothe your Yorkie with a subtle tone of voice to reassure him and help him calm down.

Why Does My Yorkie Like to Bite My Hands?

The reason your Yorkie bites your hand is most likely because he wants to play with you. During their puppyhood, Yorkies play with their other siblings by biting each other, and they want to continue this habit even after they are separated from the litter.

It is not desirable for your Yorkie to bite your hand while playing. Even if your puppy Yorkie does not hurt you right now, they may cause you injury in adulthood.