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The Top 5 Long Haired Dog Shock Collars | Small, Large, or Aggressive

Are you worried that the long hair on your dog will keep it from receiving a shock in order to keep it in the yard or to obey your commands? Too often, long hair can keep the prongs of a collar from touching the dog’s skin. 

As a result, the dog won’t feel the shock and will continue in its bad behavior or move past the boundary line. To find the right kind of shock collar for your dog with long hair, consider some of the options below.

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Best Overall

The Dog Care shock collar is a the best overall shock collar for long-haired dogs because of its adjustable strap and many features. Because the strap is adjustable, you can easily fit it in close to the skin no matter how long your dog’s hair is. 

It also comes with three training modes, so you can use alternative methods like vibration or a tone before resorting to shocking your dog. Aso, the remote can be used for up to 9 dogs. You can do a lot for an affordable price.


  • Rechargeable
  • 3 Training Modes
  • Waterproof
  • 0-99 intensity levels
  • 9 dogs capabilities
  • 330-yard coverage


  • Battery charge doesn’t always hold up

Runner Up

The Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar is the runner-up because it offers a huge area of protection. It also offers two different sets of contact points, so that it can fit against the dog’s neck more accurately despite its long hair. 

However, it doesn’t make the best overall placement because it is quite expensive and doesn’t come with multi-dog capabilities. It also doesn’t have an adjustable collar, so you can’t make it sit snugly against the dog’s skin.


  • Range up to 1/2 mile
  • Two sets of contact points
  • 1-100 stimulation levels
  • 2-hour full charge
  • Rechargeable


  • Expensive
  • Non-Adjustable Collar

Best for Small Long-Haired Dogs

The SportDOG Brand SportHunter shock collar is a great choice for smaller dogs because the intensity levels are low enough not to cause them harm. This remote is also great because it comes with so many different intensity levels. 

You can find the perfect level that dissuades your small dog without seriously injuring them. It also allows up to three dogs to be used on a single transmitter. 

However, this collar is a bit expensive, and you might want to try the collar on your arm first to ensure it isn’t too intense for your small dog.


  • 1320 yards
  • Collar suited for dogs 8 pounds and larger
  • Multi-dog capabilities
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • 3 behavioral modes


  • Expensive
  • Higher intensity levels may be too much for smaller dogs

Best for Large Long-Haired Dogs

The Homeled dog shock collar is a great choice for larger dogs with long hair because the stimulation is powerful enough to dissuade larger dogs from bad behavior. The adjustable collar also allows you to fit the collar in close to the skin and past the hair. 

There are also three training modes that allow you to dissuade your large dog with other means like vibration and tone.


  • 0-100 levels of stimulation
  • 3 training modes
  • Effective for dogs 25 pounds and up
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable collar


  • Might need to use higher levels for large dogs to feel the stimulation

Best for Aggressive Long-Haired Dogs

The Dogtra 3502NCP Super X dog shock collar is a great choice for aggressive dogs because this collar is used for working dogs. Working dogs, while not necessarily aggressive, often require higher levels of stimulation. 

This also works well for aggressive dogs who might need stronger stimulation. This collar has 127 stimulation levels, so it’s sure to have a level for almost any dog. It also contains multi-dog capabilities, so you can use it on at least two dogs.


  • 1-mile range
  • Waterproof
  • 127 stimulation levels
  • Used on working dogs
  • Offers two different stimulation types
  • Multi-dog capabilities


  • Expensive
  • Vibration setting is not adjustable


Can a dog die from a shock collar?

In matters of electricity, it is always possible for lethal consequences to occur. A malfunction in the collar can keep it from stopping which then continues to electrocute the dog. Too much electrocution can cause cardiac arrest or other lethal situations. 

Smaller dogs may also receive too intense of a shock from a collar that is supposed to be used for larger dogs.

However, most dog shock collars are built with safety in mind. The lower levels of stimulation are often quite soft or less intense. For larger dogs, they might not even feel it. 

Whereas a small level of stimulation might be all that it needs. To ensure if your collar is safe, you can always test it on yourself first.

Finally, if you prefer to stay away from using the shock mode, most collars also offer tone and vibration modes.

How do you train a dog with a shock collar (video)?

If you’re curious about how you can use a shock collar to train your dog, check out the Youtube video below.

How long can a dog wear a shock collar?

Most manufacturers of dog shock collars usually suggest removing the dog collar after 12 hours of wearing it. If you happen to use the collar a lot, as in actively shocking the dog, then you might want to remove it more often. 

You can also move the collar, so it doesn’t rest in the same place against their neck each time. For specific usage, refer to the collar’s instructions of use that you purchase.

Are electronic collars safe for dogs?

Shock collars are built with safety in mind. They don’t want to lethally harm your dog. Many offer two different stimulation types in order to best protect them. The shock level is also typically quite low or at least starts low. 

One of the biggest factors of shock collar safety is its usage. Obviously, if you continuously shock your dog, then it might not be the safest method for curbing bad behavior or establishing boundaries.

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