What’s the Strongest and Most Powerful Shock Collar For Dogs?

Despite your best attempts, your dog hasn’t learned polite manners just yet. Although it may seem like a cruel thing to do, shock collars are typically very effective tools to curb bad behavior in dogs.

It’s important, however, that you procure the correct kind of shock collar for your dog to ensure that it receives the right level of shock. This article will discuss the strongest shock collars for dogs and which is the best for your dog.

Quick Facts – E-collars and shock collars keep getting better and better. Overall the market has grown more than 150% from 2016 through 2021 (source). According to Sgt. Rod Hampton, Canine Unit Supervisor of the Round Rock (Texas) Police Department Canine Unit, the most effective use of e-collars is controlling dogs at a distance (when verbal commands are harder to hear) and preventing accidental bites (source).

The Top 5 Strongest Dog Shock Collars On The Market

Negative reinforcement, when mixed with positive reinforcement, can be an excellent way to weed out bad behavior in your dog. It helps them understand that when they do something right, they get rewarded, and when they do something wrong, they get punished.

Having the right collar is important because a collar for a larger dog can seriously injure a smaller dog when used. Whereas a collar for a smaller dog, when used on a larger dog, might not subdue them enough.

Your dog’s hair also needs to be considered. If the dog has long hair, then the spokes on the collar won’t be able to touch its skin.

Here are the top five powerful shock collars that you might want to consider for your dog.

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For the best general dog shock collar, you might want to consider the PATPET Dog Shock Collar with Remote. This collar is great for all sizes because you can control how strong the shock is.

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For smaller dogs, you’ll want to keep the level of shock low. As the dog increases in size, you can turn up the intensity of the shock.

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Here are some of the pros:

  • 1000ft range
  • Great for all sized pets
  • Waterproof, so it can be used in the rain or snow
  • Rechargeable collar and remote
  • Also has vibration and tone options
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable

Here are some of the cons:

  • Buttons are light and can be easily pushed when placed in a pocket

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For those who have a larger dog, you might want to try out SportDOG Brand 425 Remote Trainers for an electric shock collar. Although pricey, you receive a lot of customizable options to ensure that the remote is working at its best for your dog.

This kit also comes with a training DVD, so you can train your dog effectively rather than just relying on an electric shock to keep them subdued. For larger dogs who have a neck size of up to 22′, this might be an excellent choice.

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Here are some pros:

  • 500-yard range
  • 7 levels of static stimulation
  • Can choose between a nick stimulation or continuous stimulation
  • Waterproof
  • Vibration and tone settings available
  • Can train up to three dogs with the same remote
  • Rechargeable batteries

Here are some cons:

  • Expensive
  • Only lasts up to 70 hours on a single charge

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For those who have a smaller dog, you might want to consider the collar from Casfuy. This shock collar fits all sizes of dogs but comes with an adjustable shock intensity level that allows you to make it safe for smaller dogs.

It’s said to help curb out behaviors like barking, leash training, sitting, aggression, and peeing. Large and bright buttons make it easy to know just which mode you’re using with your dog.

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Here are some pros:

  • 1000ft range
  • Waterproof
  • Three modes: Shock, vibration, and tone
  • Rechargeable
  • 15-25 days of use on one charge
  • Easy-to-use interface

Here are some cons:

  • May need to resync it a few times
  • Customer service isn’t guaranteed

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Dogs with longer hair require shock collars that have longer prongs. The hair can keep the prongs from effectively touching the skin.

When looking for a shock collar for a dog with long hair, you might want to consider the Dogtra 1900S E Collar Training. It comes with prongs that are one-inch long.

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Here are some pros:

  • 3/4 of a mile range
  • Offers both nick and continuous stimulation
  • One-inch long prongs
  • 2-hour rapid recharge batteries
  • Waterproof
  • Vibrate and shock options

Here are some cons:

  • No beep function
  • Best only for medium and large dogs
  • Expensive

Best Value

For those who want the strongest dog shock collar at the best value, you might want to consider the TBI Pro. It offers a lot of features and benefits at an affordable price.

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Here are some pros:

  • 2000ft range
  • Waterproof
  • Good for all-sized dogs
  • Rechargeable
  • Offers 1-100 levels of intensity
  • Has tone, vibration, and shock settings

Here are some cons:

  • Shock might not be intense enough for certain dogs

A Quick Note on Shock Collars from an Expert

We reached out to Rick Alto, a Certified Professional Trainer over at SpotOn Fence to get his take on GPS fencing for dogs. Here’s what he had to say.

First, I think use of the term “shock collar” does a disservice to the wide range of e-collars that exist and should really be thought of as communication tools, rather than punishment techniques.

To properly use an e-collar, you should first teach a simple skill, like “sit,” then layer on
use of the e-collar with treats to create positive association through positive reinforcement.

By layering the e-collar over commands, the dog learns that their decisions may result in a low level correction, much like a tap on the shoulder – and the dog should be taught to understand that the stimulation is coming from you, the handler.

The idea is to take the dog’s attention away from the thing that they could harm, or could harm them, and bring it back to the handler. We use tools like this every day to shift our attention – the beep of the kitchen timer, the alert that reminds us to buckle our safety belt, and so on.High quality e-collars have a stimulation range that goes from 0-100.

Once you find your dog’s working level, usually something under 10, a stimulation most humans cannot feel, it acts more like a pager to nudge your pup to correct their behavior.E-collars are extremely effective communications tools, and much more efficient than other techniques like clickers.

It’s also important to remember that they can be life saving by stopping your dog from leaving the yard, running into traffic or chasing after something they shouldn’t.

Thank you!

– Rick Alto, Certified Professional Trainer, SpotOn Fence


How to use a shock collar?

While each remote is different, they have the same general layout. You’ll press a lightning symbol to shock the dog, the square symbol to vibrate, and a wavy symbol to emit a sound.

Pluses and minuses are there to increase the intensity.

How to train a dog with a shock collar?

This video displays how to use train your dog with a shock collar.

Essentially, you should give the dog a low-level shock when they exhibit bad behavior. If they continue the bad behavior, you increase the shock’s intensity.

What shock collar is best for large dogs?

You’ll want to use a shock collar that offers a higher shock setting. Otherwise, the dog might not feel it.

Can a shock collar kill a dog?

It is possible to kill a dog if it receives too high of a shock or if the shock is continuously given.

How tight should a shock collar be on a dog?

The collar should be tight enough that the prongs touch the skin. However, it shouldn’t choke the dog.

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Is a shock collar a good training tool?

Yes, when used with proper shock collar training methods. Also, teaching with positive reinforcement is a good way to start. Shock collars should be a last resort.

What’s your top pick for the strongest dog shock collar?

PATPET Dog Shock Collar with Remote. 

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Strongest Dog Shock Collar