How These Dog Shock Collars With GPS Are Going To Change Your Dog Walks Forever

Do you dread taking your dog for a walk? Does your dog get unruly or disobedient when around people or other animals? If you love your dog but wish they’d behave a bit better, it may be time to give them a bit of timely correction.

The Top 5 GPS Dog Collars and Trackers

A shock collar with GPS is the perfect solution to your problems. Here are our top 5 choices for the best over GPS dog collars and trackers.

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Best Overall

Our choice for best overall dog GPS collar and tracker set is the new Yida Dog Shock Collar with Remote unit. If you’re looking for an excellent all around GPS shock and tracker, this is the perfect one. The included remote will track your dog up to 800 yards. We chose it as first because it’s very affordable and fits almost every size of dog.

What Are the Pros?

  • Provides 0 to 99 levels of vibration or shock
  • Collar strap is adjustable from 7-26 inches
  • Fits most dogs from 10 to 100 pounds

What Are the Cons?

  • Really no major cons to speak of. It’s a bit pricier than some of the other models on this list, although its range of features makes it well worth your investment.

Best for Large Dogs

Our choice for the best dog shock collar with GPS for large breeds is the Petrainer Waterproof Dog Shock Collar. This is an excellent model for large dogs. It gives 1 level of standard tone and 99 levels of varying shocks and vibrations. The included tracker is effective up to 330 yards.

What Are the Pros?

  • Unique power saving design includes Automatic Standby and Memory Function
  • Collar can be adjusted from 6 to 25 inches
  • Excellent for enforcing boundaries and good behavior

What Are the Cons?

  • Maximum range of 330 yards or 1,000 feet is a bit less than some of the other models on this list.

Best for Small Dogs

Our pick for the best shock collar with GPS for small dogs is the Petrainer PET998DRU Dog Training Collar with Remote Shock Collar. This handy training collar comes with a wide variety of perks and is excellent for smaller sized dogs. It comes high on our present list because of the 3 year warranty. This is one of the best offers on the market and compliments its excellent features and extremely affordable price.

What Are the Pros?

  • As mentioned above, the 3 year warranty is one of the most comprehensive of any dog collar model you can buy.
  • 100 training modes varying from vibration to shock
  • GPS unit tracks up to 1,000 feet

What Are the Cons?

  • Really none to speak of besides the fact that this is a collar that is primarily meant for smaller, rather than medium or large, dogs.

Best for Long Haired Dogs

First on our list for dog shock collars for long haired dogs is the new Patpet Dog Shock Collar with Remote. This handy new model is designed to fit snugly around the necks of long haired dogs. It is designed to give them 1 to 16 levels of static shock along with 8 levels of vibration. It also includes a standard beep mode. It can track your dog at a distance of up to 1,000 feet. Best of all, it’s been tested to make sure that it won’t chafe or distress your dog’s beautiful long coat.

What Are the Pros?

  • Perfectly designed to fit your dog’s neck without chafing or slipping off
  • Extended GPS tracking range of up to 1,000 feet
  • Static shock, vibration, and warning beep levels

What Are the Cons?

  • Collar is designed to fit the necks of long haired breeds, meaning that it will be too large for most dogs with shorter coats

Best Value

Perhaps the model on this list that provides the best value for consumers is the YISENCE Shock Collar for Dogs. This handy unit is not quite the cheapest model on this list but it provides a great deal of value for your money. Above all else, its 1600 foot range gives it quite a bit of bang for your buck. It’s also one of the gentlest when it comes to beep, vibrating, and shock tones.

What Are the Pros?

  • 1600 foot GPS range keeps your dog easily within tracking distance at all times
  • Unit is designed to be fully water resistant
  • Three very effective and completely humane training modes

What Are the Cons?

  • 1600 feet is generous for a unit at this price but may not be enough to suit some owners
  • Three training modes are highly effective but may be too gentle for particularly stubborn dogs

7 Benefits of GPS Dog Collars

There are many perks that come with owning this unique device. However, for the uninitiated, the 7 leading benefits of owning GPS dog collars can be summarized as follows:

  1. The GPS collar is the most effective way of controlling your dog’s behavior.
  2. The microchip implantation process is quick, easy, and painless.
  3. GPS provides accurate, real time location tracking.
  4. You will always know when your dog is attempting to escape.
  5. You can use the web to monitor the whereabouts of your dog in real time.
  6. If your dog is lost or stolen, you can use the GPS collar to quickly locate them.
  7. The collar will quickly identify your pet, allowing you to claim them as your own.

Dog Shock Collar With GPS