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The Top 5 Longest Range Wireless Dog Fences for Dogs of All Sizes

Are you looking for an effective way to keep your dog safely in your yard? The last thing you want is for your dog to get lost or cause trouble, even injury, to another person. A long range wireless dog fence is the perfect solution to these potential issues.

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The 5 Best Long Range Wireless Dog Fences

There are many wireless dog systems on the market that it can sometimes be hard to tell a reliable system from a dud. This is where we can be of service to you. 

Here is a quick and handy list of the long range wireless dog fence systems that we find to be the most effective, long lasting, and affordable.

Top Pick

Our top pick is going to be the WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence System.


  • Fenced mode provides a control diameter of up to 1,968 feet.
  • Adjustable radius begins at 98 feet.
  • 2-in-1 wireless fencing and behavioral correction system
  • Collar is submersible, rechargeable, and comfortable for your dog to wear


  • Perhaps a bit pricy when compared to some of the other models on this list
  • You’ll need to specify whether you are ordering the system for a large, medium, or small dog


This handy system gives you all of the advantages of a wireless fence combined with an excellently fitted behavioral correction collar. Its range is vast, it’s extremely programmable, and it’s reasonably affordable.

Runner Up

Our choice for best runner up is the new JUSTSTART Wireless Dog Fence Outdoor Electric Training Collar 2 in 1 System.


  • 1,200 feet remote range
  • 100 levels of static stimulation and vibration as well as a standard warning beep mode
  • Tracking system allows you to monitor your dog’s location at all times
  • System is waterproof
  • System is fully rechargeable


  • Range isn’t as good as the top choice on our list
  • You’ll need to buy an additional collar to add extra dogs to the system


The new JUSTSTART Wireless Dog Fence Outdoor Electric Training Collar 2 in 1 System is an excellent choice for beginners. It has all of the features you’d expect in such a system. 

It’s waterproof, rechargeable, and effective up to 1,200 feet. If you’re looking for an excellent budget starter model, this one is worth your attention.

Best for Large Dogs

Our choice for the best long range wireless dog fence system for large breeds is the COVONO Electric Dog Fence Pet Containment System.


  • Adaptable for in-ground and above ground placement
  • Collar is fully waterproof and submersible
  • System is designed to cover up to 3/4 acre with included 650 feet copper wire
  • No limit to the number of dogs that can added to the system


  • A full warranty is included. However, if you experience any problems with the unit, it must be returned within 90 days to receive your refund
  • Additional collars need to be bought in order to add more dogs to the system


The COVONO Electric Dog Fence Pet Containment System is an excellent 2-in-1 electric wireless fence. It can be installed above or below ground depending on your preference.

This handy wireless fence system has been specially designed to easily control the range of dogs up to 120 pounds, making it the best choice for larger breeds. With the purchase of additional receiver collars, you can easily train as many dogs as you own.

Best for Small Dogs

Our choice for the best long range wireless fence for small dogs is the Hokita Wireless & Training & Training Collar Outdoor Dog Fence.


  • Once fence mode is activated, there are 5 separate levels of control distance and control diameter from 98 feet to 1968 feet
  • Collar is waterproof and shockproof
  • 2-in-1 system can be switched from fence mode to training mode with the click of a button
  • Battery is long lasting and fully rechargeable


  • Pricier than some of the other models on this list, although its excellent range of features makes it well worth the purchase
  • Collar can be used for dogs of all sizes but is definitely designed primarily with smaller breeds in mind


The Hokita Wireless & Training & Training Collar Outdoor Dog Fence is an excellent model for small dogs. It comes with a range of features, including a very respectable 1,968 feet control radius. 

This is more than sufficient to keep your small dog safely out of trouble. The system is fully rechargeable, waterproof, and submersible.

Best for Medium Dogs

Our top choice for the best long range wireless dog fence system for medium breeds is the PetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog and Cat Fence.


  • Adaptable for small and medium dogs as well as cats
  • All settings on the included training collar are fully adjustable
  • System can be personalized to create the fence of your own design


  • Somewhat pricy but well worth the expense, especially for households with cats as well as dogs
  • System may require a careful reading of the included instructions if you are a beginner


If you own cats as well as dogs, this is an excellent model to buy. It comes with all of the features you expect in a top of the line system. It’s a bit pricy but the extras make it well worth the extra expense.

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