The Top 4 Dog Shock Collars With Radius For Maximum Distance

You’re outside with your dog, throwing a ball for him to fetch. You don’t want him to run off when he’s chasing after the ball so you tell him “stay” and give a command that triggers the shock collar on his neck. But what kind of shock collar is best? One that has an adjustable radius would be perfect because as your dog gets better at staying inside the property line, you’ll need less and less power from the shock to keep them there.

How do you train your dog to stay on the property? One of the best ways is by using a shock collar. But what are some of the best options for shock collars that have a radius for maximum distance? We’ll cover the best options in this article.

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In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks

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Top Pick – The PatPet Waterproof Shock Collar With 900 Feet Range

PATPET Dog Training Collar with 3 Safe Training Modes, Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof Shock Collars for Dogs with Remote, 3000Ft Control Perfect for Small Dogs (8-120 lbs) - Bark Collar with Remote
  • 3 Training Modes & Security Switch : Provides 3 Safe effective humane training modes. Customized static shock (1-16) levels, vibration levels, standard “Tone” mode. The security switch prevents any misoperation on the remote. Feel free to carry the remote without worrying about the accidental shock
  • 2 Channels Maximum Control & Longer Remote Control Range : If you want to train two dogs through one remote, PATPET can meet your needs. Up to 3000 Ft that allows you to train your pet easily both indoors and outdoors
  • 2 Hours Faster Charge & Longer Bettery Life : After 2-hour fully charging, the receiver collar is able to work 30 days and the remote is able to work 60 days. Low battery display on both remote and receiver reminds you charging time in advance
  • Comfortable for All Sizes of Dogs : The adjustable nylon collar fits dogs with neck sizes 7" - 27". Stronger and smaller collar, Perfect for all size dogs (8 lbs~120 lbs), even puppies fit perfectly
  • IPX7 Waterproof Technology : If your dog likes to play with water? Don't worry, The IPX7 waterproof collar stays in a water depth of 3.2 Ft for half an hour, and its performance is not affected. So your dog can enjoy chasing toys around a pool, or playing in the rain freely

The PatPet Waterproof Shock Collar has up to 3 feet of waterproof protection and 900-ft range, making it the perfect accessory for any pool or lake lover. Plus, with this rechargeable dog collar’s low price point and high-quality craftsmanship, you can’t go wrong!

Does your pup constantly stray into forbidden rooms? No worries! Follow them all around the house – even indoors – with short-range. Pets don’t seem to like it when bigger dogs approach them first so get one of these for your little guy before they become a victim.

Shock collars are sometimes controversial but we know that if people used ours too often then their pet would quickly learn what behaviors were off-limits.


  • Waterproof – Take your dog to the lake. A dog can play in up to 3 feet of water in and out for up to 30 minutes and the collar still works! No worries about using it in the rain or wet snow.
  • Huge range – up to 900 feet
  • Works on small dogs (5 lbs) up to large dogs (100 lbs)
  • A fast 2-hour charge lasts for up to 30 days of use
  • Even works indoors with short-range
  • Affordable and high quality


  • Doesn’t come with a wall charger – USB cord only. You’ll need to provide your own wall adaptor
  • Advertises a 3,000-foot range but the manual says 300 meters max (900 feet)
  • Collar plays a tone each time you trigger it even in vibrate or shock mode. This can be annoying.

Runner Up If the Top Pick Isn’t Available

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A rechargeable shock collar for training dogs. It works on any sized dog, has a range of 330 yards, which is great for indoor training, and can be used to set different trigger styles.

Includes 9 programmable slots for up to 9 dogs. Comes with static electric stimulation in three different forms: vibration alone if your pup responds to that; an audible warning tone when they do something off-limits while you’re away; or an automatic simulated correction that may startle but usually stops bad behavior without injury.


  • Less accidental shock
  • Great model just like the top pick. Sometimes a bit cheaper. Check the price and availability with the button above.
  • Can program up to 9 different dogs into it, each with a different trigger-style for them (beep, vibration, or shock at different levels) – We always use our shock collars like a clicker, just to get the dog’s attention. We recommend you do the same and this collar gives you that flexibility to find the lowest setting that works.
  • 330 yards range (990 feet)
  • Great for indoor training – keep your dog off the table!
  • Works on small to extra large dogs


  • Instructions are vague and hard to follow – use online tutorials instead
  • Level 99 is very powerful – A human can feel that through their arm down to their knees. Choose settings with caution!

Best for Long-Distance Up to 2,500 Feet

Flittor Shock Collar for Dogs, Dog Training Collar, Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Remote, 3 Modes Beep Vibration and Shock Waterproof Bark Collar for Small, Medium, Large Dogs
  • Dog Training Collar: The training collar adopts microprocessor controlled technology which supports a strong and stable signal for multiple training environment. It provides up to 2500 feet training distance, so you can use it in a park, your backyard, at the beach, or anywhere else. You will love the remote's flashlight which makes your pet visible even where is dark.
  • 3 training modes: The dog shock collar has three effective modes. The first one is the Standard mode and the others are the customized 1~100 leveled vibrate mode and 1~100 leveled shock mode. This dog training collar is designed to correct aggression, peeing in the wrong place, sitting at the wrong time, unnecessary barking, and other inappropriate behaviors.
  • Memory for settings makes it easy to operate: Our dog training collar has a clear LCD display that shows the vibration and shock intensities at the same time. It also has three memory settings A, B, and AB. This means you can use this collar to train up to three different dogs with three different settings without resetting it.
  • IP67 Water-Resistant and Rechargeable: Its receiver is water resistant so even if a sudden rain catches you and your dog. Swimming or having a bath with it won't cause any damage either. The best part is that both receiver and remote are powered by lithium polymer batteries that take about 2 to 3 hours to charge fully and they will last for about 15 day. However, it also depends on how often you use it.
  • Certification: The product passed the UL/CE/RoHS/FCC/UC38. 3/MDSD certification test. So, you can trust it.

The Flittor Shock Collar is top of the line when it comes to small shock collars. In comparison to most other models, the stunningly simple interface on this model sets it apart from others. You can attach up to three dogs with individual settings and memory buttons for each one.

One of its features that make us happy is the super long range – up to 2,500 feet!

The only drawback? The battery dies faster than other models and the max shock isn’t really that strong. It may not get your dog’s attention at long range.


  • 2,500 feet of training radius (half a mile, be careful that you can still see your dog, that’s far!)
  • 3 memory settings so you can easily set up for 3 different dogs. This is also visually displayed in an easy to see manner.
  • Water-resistant
  • Fast 2-hour recharge


  • The charge doesn’t last as long as other models. It charges fast (2 hours) but only lasts 15 days instead of 30.
  • Battery loses rechargeability faster than other models.
  • High shock settings are misleading and not as strong as other models. Test it on your arm first.

Best for Budget

Dog Training Collar, Rechargeable Collar with Remote 2500ft Range with Beep Vibra LED Light, Waterproof IPX7 Electric Dog Collar for Medium Large Dogs
  • 2500ft Remote Range: Electric dog training collar with remote range up to 2500ft, makes it easy to train your dog in a park or backyard, no need to follow your dog closely.
  • 4 Training Modes: Dog Training Collar provides 4 dog training modes (beep, vibration, LED light and etc ). Vibration mode is adjustable from 1-99 levels, it's the further warnings for adult dogs. Beep is a basic warning. LED light mode is convient for you to find your dog in the dark environment.
  • Waterproof & Rechargeable: This training collar receiver is IPX7 waterproof, your dog can swimming directly with it. Li-Po battery rechargeable transmitter and receiver can be charged at the same time with a provided USB to double-end charging cable.
  • Adjustable PU Collar: The collar is made of good quality material which is comfortable to your dogs. The training collar fits dog neck size from 8 inches to 24.5 inches, perfectly fit for medium and large dogs.
  • If you have any question about our product, please get in touch with us and we respond within 24 hours.

The iDogin Shock Collar is made for those who are looking for a lighter collar that’s much more affordable. This model would be perfect if your dog is fairly responsive to you. However, we do recommend checking out the top pick as it can hold up better with higher levels of distraction – although there will be a bigger price tag too. The lightweight plastic collar makes this comfortable and less smelly when using in the rain but be sure to check the gaskets and tighten the screws first as some units have let rain in.


  • 900 feet range
  • Often cheaper than other models but check the button above for current price and availability
  • Comes with LED light mode for night training!
  • Also comes with a standard beep, vibration, and shock at different level modes
  • Water-resistant
  • Nylon collar doesn’t get moldy and smell – We find this one better for playing in the rain


  • Another weak collar at higher shock levels. Don’t use this collar if your dog is easily distracted. See the top pick or second pick above. They have much higher shock levels.
  • Doesn’t hold a charge long
  • Be careful with swimming – Some units have a poor fit around the gasket with loose screws that let water into the battery compartment. Check screws before any swimming.

It isn’t unusual to come across dogs that just don’t tolerate collar wear for substantial periods of time. If your pooch is part of that category, you may want to look at the iDogin Dog Shock Collar.

It has a range that’s remote and extends to a maximum of 2,500 feet. People who have penchants for yard and community park pooch training sessions frequently gravitate to this product.

What exactly makes this iDogin collar so terrific for dogs that find collars to be so unpleasant and unbearable? It has a PU (polyurethane) collar that owners can tweak without issue.

Its material is sturdy and resilient and therefore doesn’t bother dogs at all. If you want your pet to be able to take it easy while sporting his or her collar, this one may be the greatest choice for you.

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