What Kind of Leash Is Best for a Yorkie? (Solved & Examples!)

Retractable leashes are best, but with a small dog like a Yorkie you want to make sure that the pull is not too strong. Some retractable leashes are definitely designed for bigger dogs, and if you get one with too much strength in the pull then it can actually yank your Yorkie off their feet! Test the leash in advance.

For the remainder of this article, we’ve collected the most popular questions being asked this week about leashes and the transportation of Yorkies. Read on and you’ll find those questions and the answers you need below!

Is a collar or harness better for a Yorkie?

A harness is a much better option than a collar for your Yorkie. While a collar is great for tags in case your dog is lost, when it comes to walking a harness is a more effective means of control and it’s safer for your dog.

With a collar, when you pull the leash then all of that force is going to your Yorkies neck. The harness has a ring on your dog’s back, so the force is better distributed. Harnesses also tend to have a ‘handle’ on the back, in case you need to safely lift your dog away from something quickly.

Can you put a leash on a Yorkie?

Yes, you can certainly leash train your dog and it’s a good idea for when you will be taking them for walks.

Use the leash in conjunction with a harness – attaching it to a collar puts strain on your dog’s neck – and consider a retractable leash so that you can give your dog extra freedom as-needed or keep them closer when other dogs are nearby.

How do you travel with a Yorkie?

You will need a mobile crate or carrier for your dog and it needs to be airline approved if you will be flying.

For road trips, a standard mobile crate will do, just be sure to make stops from time to time when you see rest areas along the way so that your dog can get a brisk walk and a chance to potty from time to time.

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Are long walks good for Yorkies?

Long walks are good exercise for your dog and also a great way to calm them down. Adult Yorkies sleep between 13 and 16 hours a day, but they have a lot of energy when they are awake, and a long walk before bed is a great way to make sure that you are both going to sleep at the same time.

At a bare minimum, you should give your dog two 20 minute walks a day, but longer walks are definitely appreciated by your dog and are good for them.

What size harness does a Yorkie wear?

Typically, sizing for a harness is going to be a matter of your dog’s chest girth and the neck. That said, you can buy pre-sized harnesses in small, medium, and large, and there are some which are adjustable to some degree if you don’t happen to have your dog’s measurements handy when you are shopping.

Just be sure to get as good a fit as possible, as your dog can slip out of a loose harness and potentially come to harm from this.

What size collar does a Yorkie wear?

Yorkshire Terriers, depending on their size and age, will typically sport a collar which measures 6 up to 12 inches in length. Just pick one that is adjustable and you should be okay.

If you accidentally get a collar that won’t close tightly enough, you can make additional holes for now but it’s best to get another collar that fits properly as soon as possible. Wear and tear with makeshift holes can quickly compromise the collar after a few spirited walks.

Are collars bad for Yorkies?

Collars are good for holding tags in case you dog is lost but not that great for walking. While they will do in a pinch, a leash on a collar puts a lot of strain on your dog’s neck.

This makes a harness a better option for attaching a leash, as it will put the ‘pull’ of the leash on the center of your dog’s back — not on their little necks!

How often should I walk my Yorkie?

You want to make sure that your Yorkie is getting at least 30 minutes of outside walking exercise every day. Even better would be two 20-minute walks, so that your dog can potty and get a little exercise with some fresh air.

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Since they are small dogs, your apartment or home is almost palatial to your Yorkie, but a little outside time is still the best idea for keeping your Yorkie happy and healthy.

Do Yorkies like car rides?

Some Yorkies love a ride in your car and others definitely don’t like it. If your dog is putting up a huge fuss whenever you travel, they might actually be experiencing motion sickness.

Check with your vet and they might be able to help with some medication so that your dog learns not to dread the occasional road trip.

Why does my Yorkie cry in the car?

If your Yorkie is crying in the car, it generally boils down to something simple. Your dog might be afraid, as the motion, sights, sounds, and smells are very different in a car, or your dog might be experiencing motion sickness.

This is not uncommon with dogs, who aren’t as acclimated to the motions of an automobile like humans are. If this is the case, your vet may be able to prescribe motion-sickness pills that you can give your dog in advance to make those trips a little bit easier on your little one.

How can I get my dog to like the car?

Start off with very small trips, so that your dog can get used to the car, and be sure to keep your dog distracted and feeling safe by providing plenty of praise, some extra toys, and some treats from time to time.

Little by little, increase the distance that you travel together, and before you know it your Yorkie might just have a new favorite thing that they like to share with you!