Shock Collar Training For Puppies | Will It Hurt Your Dog?

You’ve probably tried every type of tool and product in the pet industry when it comes to training your dog. Many products fail to deliver long-term results, while others simply don’t work to curb specific behaviors that puppies form.

Fortunately, shock collars have proven to be effective in training all ages, sizes, and breeds of dogs. Whether you want your dog to sit or heel, a shock collar will be useful to purchase and use on your pet as they learn various commands and improve their behavior.

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How to Train Your Puppy With a Shock Collar

Training a new puppy with a shock collar is necessary to help them learn new behaviors and to avoid habits that can be harmful to their environment or other animals in the home. You can train your puppy with a shock collar by taking a few steps, which includes:

  1. When making commands, activate the shock collar. Once the dog begins to return to you, stop stimulating the device.
  2. Re-active the collar if the dog becomes distracted and runs in the opposite direction again.
  3. Start off on a low level of stimulation.
  4. Keep the dog on a leash while teaching them specific commands and behaviors.
  5. Activating the stimulation each time you call the dog’s name will teach the pet what you’re communicating. It can also be activated when the dog begins to bark.

How to Introduce a Shock Collar to a Dog

Training your dog with a shock collar can allow them to learn which behaviors are accepted and other types of behavior that you don’t permit as they grow and develop from a puppy into an adult dog.

You’ll need to introduce your dog to the collar as a tool that offers guidance. The tiny stimulation that they feel will teach them how to avoid tugging while going on walks or even to avoid crossing certain boundaries on your property.

Teach the dog what the stimulation means because it’s a language that they need to learn. Put the dog on a leash and begin with light stimulation. You’ll notice the dog will have a slight turn of the head while also turning the leash slightly to begin training the pet.

You can then take the dog off of the leash and continue to use the collar to communicate different commands like to come, go to their bed, or to sit. In the beginning stages, the dog can learn to return to you each time they feel the stimulation.

Consistency is key with helping your dog learn various commands and understand which behavior is not allowed by their owner. They’ll quickly learn not to chew furniture, bark excessively, or run away, which can allow you to form a stronger relationship with your four-legged friend.


When is a dog old enough for a shock collar?

It’s important to know the appropriate age when dogs can begin to use the shock collars to ensure it’s used correctly and effectively without causing any emotional stress. According to Breeding Business, it’s acceptable to use a shock collar on puppies that are at least eight to 10 weeks old. However, it’s recommended to only go ahead in exceptional cases.

Puppies benefit the most from shock collar training because they’re like a child that has a learning curve and needs to be taught the basic concepts before they begin to form new habits and listen to commands well. The collar should be used in addition to positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and reward-based training.

Benefits of Shock Collar Training

Shock collar training continues to be a common method for teaching pets commands due to how effective it’s proven to be over time.

Shock Collar Side Effects

Like any training device, shock collars can be abused by their handlers, which can affect the emotional well-being of the dog. Make it a point to go at a slow pace and take your time with training the puppy to ensure they become accustomed to the low-level stimulation.

Puppies need time to process everything, which makes it necessary to remain patient to avoid prompting stress with your pet. If they begin to develop aggressive behavior, take a break from using the shock collar.

Is it OK to Use a Shock Collar??

Shock collars are safe and useful tools to use on your pet if they’re used correctly. They are not meant to be used as a form of punishment but can be used as a deterrent to negative or unsafe behavior, according to Canine Journal.

The low-level simulation will teach your pet to stop certain habits like chewing, wandering away, or acting aggressively. According to Bark Post, the shock is not painful but merely grabs the puppy’s attention to correct certain behaviors.

The intensity of the collar can also be controlled to ensure that it is used as a warning rather than to harm the animal. They can even function when you’re not present if you have an electrical fence present on your property.

The dog will learn the boundaries that they need to stay within to prevent them from escaping when the collar emits a small but gentle shock. Ultimately, this can protect their safety and reduce the risk of getting hit by a car or encountering an aggressive pet in the neighborhood.

You can have peace of mind knowing that shock collars don’t cause any physical or lasting harm. There are several levels of reinforcement and intensity. Using a shock collar doesn’t make you a bad parent, but instead helps your dog to remain safe and trained to ensure that you can own a pet that respects you and others around them.

If you want to learn more about shock collar training for puppies, contact us today to obtain more information from one of our experts.

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