The 5 Best Bark Collars for Dogs

Dogs are a man’s best friend for sure; although training them is a bit strenuous especially if they are stubborn or young.

You might be wondering if your dog needs some behavioral adjustment, or that it has troubles with the word no? Or you might wonder if you will be able to afford hiring a dog trainer?

Well fear no more, if you prefer to train your dog yourself, we introduce you the bark collar; you probably ask yourself what is a bark collar, it is simply a collar placed on the dog’s neck that vibrates when it detects barking instead of emitting a shock, which makes the dogs more humane and a better option for smaller or timid dogs.

In this article, we will tackle down the best bark collars in the market for you along with each pros and cons, and in no time you will find the best for your little buddy, here are our top picks:

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The Best Bark Collars

1. SportDOG NoBark 10R – The Best Bark Collar for Small Dogs

The SportDOG NoBark 10R is one of the best bark collars among its competitors, purely it uses a patented sensory system to identify barks thus making it one of the most spectacular and effective anti bark collars available in the market.

This best bark collar is suitable for dogs who are below 8 pounds or have a neck size smaller than 6 inches.

The NoBark 10R is a perfect for you if you own more than one dog with behavioral issues within a multi-dog household, it works by simply sending a static correction.

If it detected both vibration of the vocal cords along with the sound of the bark hence the collar will not trigger a shock due to other dogs’ barks.

This SportDog device has 10 levels of stimulation and offers three custom user modes; it also includes an additional super safety feature that automatically works by turning off the device for 3 minutes, if your dog continues to bark repeatedly more than 15 times in 50 seconds on any mode, so by doing this regularly your dog will quickly break the habit of excessive barking.

The SportDOG NoBark adorns a waterproof feature and it comes with super rechargeable batteries, it only takes four hours to charge and holds a charge for 1-2 months consequently having the ability to train your dog rapidly without waiting too long for batteries to recharge.


  • Rapidly breaks the habit of excessive barking.
  • Super fast rechargeable batteries.
  • Fully waterproof and submersible (up to 10 feet).
  • A vibration and a bark must be detected before a shock is delivered.
  • A Built in “time out” safety feature.


  • Low setting is a bit harsh on some dogs.
  • Could be harsh on some dogs’ skin and fur.

Final verdict, the SportDOG NoBark 10R is an exceptional barking collar, with a few regular uses it will break the habit of your dog’s excessive barking, it holds amazing features and it is a great choice for faster results.


2. Dogtra YS300- A Good No Bark Collar

The Dogtra YS300 is also known as the no collar device, it is simply a bark training collar that is triggered by your dog’s bark.

Also it is known to be the the smallest and most compact no bark collar in the Dogtra range so you are guaranteed a divine product for your pet.

The YS300 bark collar comes with a Sound Recognition Sensor technology that distinguishes a dog’s bark from surrounding ambient noise.

The Dogtra No Bark Dog Collar YS300 has a special size design for small to medium sensitive dogs, it can simply fit dogs as small as 10 lbs with neck size 9″ to 20″.

Not to mention, it has 6 intensity levels which offers easy adjustment for dogs to get the proper level of shock to ensure proper correction upon bad behavior.

Moreover, it has a warning system that sends a vibration to the dog before corrective shocks are sent, this gives them a chance to think twice before corrective measures are taken.

The Dogtra collar is fully waterproof and also it comes with 5/8″ surgical stainless steel contact points.

The device’s battery is a 2 hour rapid charge battery, it can recharge very quickly so you are ensured to have your dog shushed 24/7. In addition, the bark collar is adorned with a LED indicator light which shows the battery life.


  • Small and lightweight.
  • Rapid charging battery.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • Bark recognition sensor.


  • Vibrates as a warning only.
  • Might not function if it is not placed properly.

All in all, the Dogtra YS300 is a perfect bark collar for people who are looking for static stimulation as a training option for their dogs, you will surely be able to train your pet in such a short time.


3. Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe – The Best Anti Bark Collar

Want to turn your nuisance barker into a good dog in one day? Then you have encountered the right magic tool. The Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe is an exclusive bark differentiating technology in the bark collar market.

The Limiter Deluxe is simply an anti bark collar for training dogs not to bark, it can fit all dog breeds and coat thicknesses no matter how small or big they are. It has a static stimulation training mode with 7 different levels of static so you are ensured with the best for your dog.

The Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe has an auto-rise correction technology; it automatically adjusts the level of the static according to your dog’s barking consistency, in addition it adorns a fixed correction mode in case you want to use just one static level.

Moreover, it comes bearing a vibration only training mode and it uses an accelerometer-based bark identification system so it can be able to recognize between barking and other vocalizations as in detecting the vibrations coming out of your dog’s throat.

Not to mention, it is waterproof with IPX7 standard, last but not least, the Garmin collar uses a rechargeable Li-ion batteries that can last up about 3 months per charge, this will guarantee you a recharged collar always on the go.


  • Solid performance.
  • Fit all size.
  • Increased automatic correction level.
  • Rechargeable and long life batteries.
  • IPX7 Waterproof.


  • Automatic setting can be harsh for a dog.
  • No tone only training mode.
  • A bit expensive.

Final words, the Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe is one of the best anti-bark collars to train your dog with, it is very sufficient and gets the job done, you will notice the difference from the first use.


4. PetSafe Citronella – An Excellent Bark Collar for Large Dogs

The PetSafe Citronella bark collar is a collar that functions differently than most other collar types; when you purchase this product you will find a spray attached to the items, once your dog barks, the collar automatically sprays the smell of citronella.

Whenever your dog barks so it can be trained and since dogs are not a fan of the smell of citrus liquid, they will begin to correlate barking with the bad smell.

The Citronella collar is pretty fit-table up to 24″ neck sizes, it is very comfortable and will not cause discomfort for your pet.

This collar provides 25 to 30 sprays per refill and a 300 to 400 sprays per can, also it can be used with unscented sprays. This collar is a great investment for the sensitive, small dogs and the occasional barkers.

The PetSafe Citronella bark collar is water resistant not waterproof so make sure you use water lightly while your dog is wearing it.

Not just that but the collar comes with an included 6 volt alkaline battery which is pretty good and can last for a long time, in addition to an On/Off button to increase battery life.


  • Gentle use on the sensitive dogs.
  • Can fit small sized dogs.
  • Can be used with unscented sprays.
  • Long lasting battery.


  • Some dogs get used to the spray smell over time.
  • Might not be great for stubborn dogs.

Final results, the PetSafe Citronella bark collar might not be the perfect choice for serial barkers but it surely is amazing for sensitive and small dogs who need some guidance with their barking behaviour.


5. Petsafe Spray Commander – The Best Bark Control Collar

The Spray Commander from Petsafe is one of the greatest devices to train your little pets; it is the only manual control spray collar in this article, and also one of the best in the manual market, most of the usual collars found works by activating automatically when barking is detected.

The PetSafe Commander totally allows you to take a much more effective approach in how you use the collar, it is such a popular choice for many dog owners; this collar is suitable for dogs with a neck size up to 24″ and over 8 pounds weight. i

It is simply a three button transmitter remote and collar training system, one button will spray the citronella spray and the other two will deliver a high and low sound training sound.

The Spray Commander is a more advanced and sophisticated collar which is not just made for bark control, but also for other types of training and behavioral adjustment hence you either use the spray or the beeping control, or both together.

The product comes with an included two toned beeping as well as citronella spray to correct unwanted behavior and teach new commands.

And not to forget its amazing external remote control which you can use at up to 250 feet away.

Also, the Spray Commander provides you with a waterproof feature in up to 5 feet of water so you do not have to worry about removing it if your dog is taking a shower.

Last but not least, this collar comes with two sets of 6 volt alkaline batteries.


  • Waterproof collar submersible up to 5 feet.
  • Can use the remote from a range of 250 feet to the collar.
  • The remote works with a range of 250 feet away.
  • Great option for 8 lbs and up dogs with also neck sizes up to 23 inches.
  • Up to 30 sprays per refill.


  • The spray device leaks sometimes.
  • The batteries could be much better.
  • Mostly a one system dog device.

Overall opinion, the Petsafe Spray Commander Remote Trainer and Collar is a good manual collar for training your dogs on barking and behavioural adjustment, it is a comfy device for your little puts who have trouble dealing with the word ‘no’.


Dog Bark Collars – Buyer’s Guide:

We have successfully listed our top picks for the bark collars in the market, now we will leave you with some important pointers to look for when you buy a bark collar since the emporium is filled with many choices that include different features.

Automatic or Manual collars:

We will start with the automatic: bark collars that work automatically function on a special system that detects the time in which a dog barks and when it might be time for him to stop doing so.

It simply works by transmitting a correction signal to your dog that lets him know that there is no reason for him to continue making noise

As for the manual collars; they plainly work on remote controls which you can use approbation to your needs and preferences.

Manual collars are a great investment as they offer you full freedom to operate the devices whenever you consider this appropriate with your dog’s needs.

Types of Barking collars:

The market offers a wide variety of different types of barking collars; some of which functions by shock or pulse this will call an attention by triggering the shock to let the dog know that there is no danger so they should not continue barking, however, it could be painful to small and sensitive dogs.

Vibration collars work by sending a vibration wave ( which is very similar to smartphone vibrations ) whenever it detects the bark or in the remote variant when you press the button.

Note that this might not be effective on dogs with long hair hence the vibrations will not reach past their fur.

Ultrasonic collars functions by sending an ultrasonic tone which is unpleasant for a dog’s sensitive hearing but will surely adjust their behaviour, those tones are harmless to use yet highly effective for dog training.

Lastly, the Citronella bark collars; it functions by using a small microphone aimed to detect any barking sound coming from the dog wearing the collar then uses a dash of citronella spray near the pet’s face to abolish or reduce excessive barking.

Waterproof or Water resistant:

Some collars have the ability of high waterproofing while others are just adorned with water resistant feature; this will only provides you the comfort of removing the collar or not, all this depends on your daily routine with your dog.

Collar size and weight:

You must read and know each collar’s specifications, some collars are only made for small and sensitive dogs with sensible fur, other collars are specially designed for stubborn and big dogs.

Also be aware of the neck size, you do not want to suffocate your dog so make sure it is a perfect fit for your buddy.

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