How to Cook Rice for Dogs (Easy Steps)

To cook rice for your dog the key is to keep it as plain and simple as possible. Simply boil the rice for 15 minutes until it is cooked, drain and leave to cool down. Do not season it or add any additional flavors.

In this article, we will cover everything about cooking rice for dogs, covering topics such as the types of rice that you can feed your dog, the amount of rice you can give them and also how to prepare it.

How do I cook rice for my dog?

Cooking rice for your dog is very simple and easy and the process is no different than if you were cooking plain white rice for yourself.

To cook rice for your dog heat a pan with water (see instructions on the rice packet for how much water to add per 100g of rice) and heat it up until it boils.

Once the water is boiling bring the heat down until it is a medium heat and the water is simmering. Then add your rice and leave to cook for roughly 15 minutes or according to the instructions on the packet.

Once the rice is cooked drain any excess water and allow it to cool down before feeding it to your dog.

Remember to keep the rice plain and do not add any salt, pepper or other seasonings as these can upset your dog’s stomach.

How much white rice should I feed my dog?

Just how much white rice you can give to your dog will depend both on their size and diet. Before adding any new foods into your dog’s diet or meal rotation ensure that you consult with your vet.

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If your dog has never had white rice before then introduce it into their diet very gradually both to allow them to get used to the taste as well as allow their stomachs to adapt to the new nutrients.

If your dog is already familiar with white rice and your vet says that it is ok to feed it to your dog then consider their size for portions. 

If you have a smaller dog then you should not be giving them any more than 2 tablespoons of white rice. However, if your dog is on the larger side then they may have up to 1/4 cup of white rice.

Can I give my dog rice daily?

Yes, you can indeed give rice to your dog every day. However, you should not solely feed your dog rice as this will result in a lack of nutrients and can lead to them getting sick.

Instead, make sure to include other sources of nutrients such as fish, meat and vegetables to the rice to make it a nutritionally complete meal for your dog.

Does rice help dogs with diarrhoea?

Yes, rice can help if your dog has an upset stomach, but only if it is plain and bland. These simple and plain foods can help to calm down your dog’s stomach and help you to identify the cause.

Other options, so that your dog does not purely eat rice, include cottage cheese, oatmeal, eggs, chicken.

Can dogs just eat white rice?

No, dogs cannot only eat white rice. The reason for this is that white rice is not nutritionally complete, meaning that it does not contain everything that your dog needs to keep healthy.

So, although it does make a good addition to their meals, it cannot be a meal in and of itself. 

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If you are giving your dog white rice to help with their stomach problems then try adding chicken to make it a better and healthier meal for them.

Can you mix rice in with dog food?

If your dog needs to put on weight then adding rice to their dog food is a good way to go about this. 

However, many brands of dog food are already very high in carbohydrates, meaning that it is highly unnecessary to add extra carbohydrates, such as rice, to the food.

Alternatively, if your dog loves rice then you can add a little to their dog food as long as you monitor to check that they are not consistently putting on weight.

What kind of rice can dogs eat?

Dogs are perfectly fine to eat both white and brown rice. Out of the two brown rice is the healthier option to feed your dog because it still has part of the husk attached to the grain which is removed to then make white rice.

This husk contains oils and extra fiber that is not found in white rice. So, if your dog is not fussy about the type of rice that you feed them opt for brown rice.

You can also feed your dog basmati rice, risotto rice and instant rice. The most important thing is that these types of rice do not contain seasonings or flavorings.

Make sure to check the packet on instant rice to ensure that it is dog friendly and not flavored with anything, including salt.

What can I give my dog instead of rice?

If you need to provide your dog with a high carbohydrate diet then consider substituting rice with pasta or oatmeal. 

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Oatmeal is higher in carbohydrates than rice but it is also higher in calories.

Can dogs eat instant rice?

Yes, dogs can eat instant rice as long as it is completely plain. If the packet states that it contains salt or flavoring then your dog cannot eat it.

Is risotto rice ok for dogs to eat?

Yes, risotto rice is ok for your dog to eat. Make sure that it is plain and not seasoned.

If this comes in the form of pre-cooked risotto make sure to check the ingredients to see if it is safe for your dog to eat.

Are dogs allergic to rice?

Dogs can be allergic to rice. However, this allergy is incredibly rare and most often the cause of a problem is another food.