Can Yorkie Eat Kiwi? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies can eat kiwi. Kiwi is a healthy fruit that does not pose any problems for your Yorkies’ health. When giving kiwi to your Yorkie, you should peel and remove the seeds. If your Yorkie eats kiwi with the peel, they may experience some digestive issues. 

Peeled kiwi helps the digestive system to work well and prevent constipation. In addition, it reduces blood pressure and prevents heart diseases that may occur in advanced age. You can feed your Yorkie a few kiwis a week.

Is Kiwi Good For Yorkies?

Kiwi fruit contains high amounts of vitamins C, K, and E. This fruit is very healthy to consume, can be given to Yorkies several times a week.

In addition, kiwi consists of 70% water and when consumed, prevents dehydration.

Kiwi is very healthy for humans and dogs, but do not forget that the amount of kiwi you give your Yorkie should be small since dogs cannot digest kiwi as well as humans can.

You should only live your Yorkie a small piece of kiwi per serving, not the whole kiwi.

If you are at all unsure, you should consult your veterinarian before you give kiwi to your Yorkie.

What Are The Nutritional Benefits of Kiwi?

Kiwi is a very useful fruit for both young and adult Yorkies. Thanks to the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants it contains, it adds resistance to the body, supports the development healthy development of Yorkies, and strengthens the immune system.

Kiwi is rich in vitamin C. In addition, vitamins K and E are also found in kiwi. The nutritional value of kiwi fruit, which also helps to regulate the circulatory system, is quite high.

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However, considering the small size of Yorkies, not much kiwi is needed for them to feel the nutritional benefits.

If you give too much kiwi, it can do more harm than good. Kiwi fruit is a great snack after the main meal, and a 1/2-inch cube should be sufficient to meet their dietary needs.

What Vitamins Does Kiwi Contain?

Vitamin C

One of the most important vitamins in keeping your Yorkie’s body strong and improving the immune system is vitamin C.

Humans and dogs cannot make vitamin C on their own, so we have to get this vitamin from food and kiwi is a great source.

Vitamin C is very effective in strengthening the immune system and reducing fatigue and weakness.

Vitamin C It is very important for your dog’s health, it is in kiwi but also in many readily available dog foods.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is one of the most abundant vitamins found in kiwi fruit. The most important feature of Vitamin K is to prevent blood clotting, that’s why many newborns are offered a Vitamin K injection at birth.

Although it is not necessary to take it regularly, vitamin K supplements for Yorkies are available for Yorkies, but kiwi fruit will do just fine for healthy adult Yorkies.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has many benefits for Yorkies. Vitamin E prevents blood clotting, strengthens the immune system, and prevents cardiovascular diseases. Adequate Vitamin E intake is important for Yorkies to maintain their health.

Can I Feed My Yorkie Fruit every day?

You can feed your Yorkie small pieces of fruit daily. However, these must be 1 very small piece, as fruit is high in natural sugar which can be difficult for your Yorkies system to process if given in excess.

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Restrict fruit intake to 1 slice daily or 2 slices every few days. This is enough to ensure that your Yorkie is getting all the nutritional benefits without any unwanted side effects.

If they consume more than they need, your Yorkie may experience digestive problems such as vomiting and diarrhea.

For this reason, you should adjust the portion amount according to the size of your Yorkie and always do a taste test by only giving them a very small taste at first and observing them for adverse reactions over the next 24 hours.

What Fruit Must Yorkies Not Eat?

Avocados should not be given to Yorkies as it has been known to give them stomach issues.

In addition, cherries can produce substances that may be toxic to Yorkies so it is best not to give them cherries or similar fruits at all. Also, the seeds present a choking hazard.

Grapes are generally toxic to all dogs and can cause poisoning when eaten, and in the worst-case scenario, grapes can cause death if consumed regularly and in excess.

You should also avoid grapefruit and other high acidic fruits. Luckily, acidic fruits taste a little strange to Yorkies so they probably won’t be too keen to eat them.

Is Kiwi Safe For My Yorkie?

Kiwi is safe for your Yorkie, but you should limit the portions you give. As with almost anything, too much can be a bad thing and too much kiwi can make your Yorkie sick.

Yorkies are fine with a slice or two of Kiwi, no larger than ½ inch in size.

Also, if this is your first time giving your Yorkie a kiwi, observe your Yorkie after they have eaten it.

If they show any reaction to the kiwi, contact your veterinarian for advice. In the best-case scenario, they may feel a little queasy for a few hours, or the worst-case scenario is that they may have a serious reaction and need medical assistance – but this is rare.

In either case, if your Yorkie appears turned off by kiwi then do not continue to give it to them. Kiwi is a supportive food for Yorkies, not an essential one.

How Should I Give My Yorkie Kiwi?

Before feeding your Yorkie a kiwi, wash the fruit well. After washing, peel the skins and cut them into 1/2 -inch cubes or thin slices.

If the slices are large, it will be difficult to swallow and even there may be a danger of choking while eating, so make sure that is very thin if you prefer slices, but cubes are best.

Only give them a small piece at first and observe, if your Yorkie appears unaffected by the kiwi then they can continue to eat a little every few days as a treat.