Where Do Flags Go on Invisible Fence? (Solved!)

Where do flags go on invisible fence? It would be best if you placed flags within the boundary zone. You’ll need to flag the entire fence line by setting a flag every 6 to 10 feet, including places within the area but not open yard space like flower beds and pools. 

How do you flag a dog fence?

Remember that while placing your flags, you should have the receiver collar at your pet’s neck level with the logo pointing away from the transmitter the contact points facing up. 

Step 1 – Get the collar ready

Grab your collar and test light, and ensure the static correction level is set to 2 or higher.

Step 2 – Find the boundary zone

Walk to the edge of your boundary zone. You’ll know when you’re there when the test light flashes.

Step 3 – Place your flag

Place a flag into the ground, then walk back from the boundary edge until the tone stops. 

Repeat these steps until you place a flag every 6 to 10 feet. 

How do you train a dog on an invisible fence?

Placing flags is an excellent way of making your dog’s training for the invincible fence easier. Now that you know how to set your flags, here are some quick steps to train your dog to use the invincible fence properly. 

Step 1 – Calling your dog on a long leash

Before you can start the rest of the training, you’ll need to train your dog to respond to being called while on a long leash.

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Step 2 – Walk to the boundary

Put your dog on a long leash and a non-metal collar, then walk near the boundary, careful not to cross the invisible fence line. Then walk a reasonable distance away from your dog while remaining within the invisible fence zone. 

Step 3 – Call your dog when signalled

When the collar signals that your dog is close to the boundary, call your dog and reward them when they come to you and leave the fence line. 

Step 4 – Use distractions

After your dog is comfortable recognizing the fence line and moving away when signalled, you can start using distractions such as other dogs or toys outside of the invincible fence zone. 

Step 5 – Use corrections

When your dog moves to cross the fence line and ignores the signals or you calling them back, use the corrective stimulus. It may take some trial and error to work out the right strength of the signal that your dog responds to.

Step 6 – Remove the leash

Once your dog is done training with the corrections and responds well to the signals, you can remove its leash. Continue to supervise and give your dog a treat whenever they react correctly to the signal. 

Once your dog has a good idea of the fence line, you can remove the flags.

How long does it take to train a dog with an invincible fence?

Generally, it will take about six weeks to train your dog to respond well to the signals of its collar. It takes a lot of patience to train your dog correctly, and you may need to seek a professional to help you if you find that your dog is not responding well or requires more attention. 

How long do you leave invisible fence flags up? 

How long you will keep your flag will depend on how fast your dog’s training is going. On average, it takes about four weeks to get to a point in the training where you can start removing the flags. You may want to begin by removing every other flag to see how your dog responds before removing all of the flags. 

Does training your dog with flags help?

Using flags will help train your dog to recognize boundaries whether you have an invisible fence or a physical fence because it provides visual cues of the fence line. They can also help you memorize where the perimeter of your fence is so you won’t step beyond it expecting your dog to follow or command them to retrieve a toy across the fence line. 

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Can you use invisible fence flags for training in other areas?

You can use the flags to mark off other areas that you don’t want your dog to get into without representing the edge of the invisible fence. You can use flags to block off garden beds and other areas without installing additional fencing because your dog will already associate the flags with the corrective stimulus. 

What colour are invisible fence flags? 

Invisible fence flags come in various colours, but they generally come in blue and white. This colouring makes them easy to see against the grass, but it also makes them easy to see for your dog. Dogs can only see spectrums of blue and yellow, so it may help to have flags of those colours to make training easier. 

How much do invisible fence flags costs?

Invisible fence flags are very inexpensive and can cost as little as $20 to $30 for a pack of 50 flags. 

Can a dog run through an invisible fence?

There is nothing physical about an invisible fence that would prevent your dog from running past the boundary. It’s essential to properly train your dog while they are still on a leash so you can ensure that they will respond to the stimulus without running out of the invincible fence zone. 

Will my neighbour’s invisible fence interfere with mine? 

Your neighbour’s invisible fence can interfere with yours if they run too close to each other. Having two invincible fences close together could cancel out the signals and allow the dogs to move between the two yards freely.

What is the best invisible fence? 

The best invisible fence is the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence, a completely wireless system that can store up to 10 different fences. It also has a mobile app that allows you to manage your fences while also tracking your dog.