Can Yorkies Eat Tuna? (Solved & Explained!)

Fish is a popular protein to feed to Yorkies and other breeds of dogs because it’s high in protein and other nutrients. So can you feed Yorkies tuna? Unfortunately, no. Tuna is not safe to feed to dogs because of potential health risks like mercury poisoning and other health issues. 

There’s a lot to know when it comes to fish and tuna for dogs! Read on to find out everything you need to know about if Yorkies can eat tuna.

Can Yorkies eat tuna?

You should ideally stay away from feeding tuna to your Yorkie. With the risk of mercury poisoning, there are plenty of other types of fish and proteins that can give your Yorkie the same nutrients as tuna without the health risks. 

Mercury poisoning can make your dog severely sick and even be potentially fatal. This is the main reason you should avoid giving tuna to your Yorkie. 

Can Yorkies eat raw tuna?

Raw tuna is very high in mercury, so it shouldn’t be given to your Yorkie under any circumstances. Mercury poisoning, as mentioned above, can lead to severe symptoms and even be fatal if untreated or too severe. 

Raw tuna can also be the home of many different bacteria and parasites that can make your Yorkie sick. 

For these two reasons, it’s best to avoid giving raw tuna to your Yorkie. This includes raw tuna that is safe for consumption by humans, such as tuna found in sushi. 

Can Yorkies eat canned tuna?

Canned tuna is a little bit safer for consumption by your dog. That being said, mercury poisoning can still be a threat, even with canned and prepackaged tuna. For this reason, it’s still not recommended that you feed your Yorkie any kind of tuna. 

That being said, you can give your Yorkie pre-packaged tuna once in a while and it will probably be fine. If you’re going to feed tuna to your Yorkie, make sure that it’s canned with water and not oil, as this will lead to easier digestion and a healthier meal in general. 

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What kind of fish can Yorkies eat?

There are plenty of other kinds of fish that Yorkies can eat that won’t pose as much of a threat of mercury poisoning and still give the same health benefits that tuna would such as protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3. 

Salmon, for instance, is a perfect substitute. It has a ton of protein and is very lean, meaning it can be a staple in your Yorkies diet without posing the risk of unnecessary weight gain from overconsumption of fat and calories. It also has a lot of vitamins and minerals as well as omega-3 fatty acids that are extremely beneficial for your Yorkie’s overall physical health. 

Other fish that are healthy for your Yorkie include flounder, char, whitefish, and many more! Make sure you aren’t cooking your fish in oil or with salts, seasonings, and spices, as these can disrupt your dog’s gastrointestinal health. 

Health benefits of fish for Yorkies

As mentioned above, there are plenty of health benefits that come along with serving fish in your furry friend’s food bowl. 

Firstly, fish have omega-3 fatty acids, which are not found in abundance from any other common food source that is healthy for dogs. Omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce inflammation and reduce cholesterol. 

Secondly, fish is quite rich in protein, which is an absolutely crucial nutrient when it comes to keeping your Yorkie healthy. A protein should be present in every meal your dog eats, and fish is a prime example of one of the best protein sources. 

Negative health effects of fish for Yorkies

Fish has very few negative health effects, as it’s such a lean protein. Be careful though, as overfeeding any protein to your Yorkie can lead to excessive weight gain. Start with 1/4 cup and adjust based on how much your dog is eating and how fast. 

Alternative proteins for dogs

There are plenty of proteins that are healthy for dogs. Lean proteins like other fish, chicken, and turkey are ideal as they will avoid the health problems associated with proteins like red meat and pork. 

If you’re looking for a meatless alternative to tuna or any other protein, beans and eggs will suffice. Be careful with eggs though, as they are a bit fatty. They have a lot of vitamins, so there are reasons to feed eggs to your dog, but too much can be a health issue. 

Can Yorkies eat fish sticks?

Yorkies can eat fish sticks, but they are often quite greasy. The oils present in any fried food can be difficult to digest for dogs. This can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and other gastrointestinal issues. It’s probably best to avoid feeding fish sticks to your Yorkie if you have another source of protein on hand. 

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That being said, picky Yorkies can be difficult to feed, so if your dog likes fish sticks, it’s not the end of the world to give them some once in a little while. 

Can Yorkies eat salmon?

As mentioned above, salmon is one of the healthiest, tastiest fish that Yorkies can eat to get their daily dose of protein. It’s a fantastic option for any dog. The only downside of feeding your dog salmon on a daily basis is that it can get quite expensive. 

Are Yorkies picky eaters?

Yorkies are known far and wide to be some of the pickiest eaters among dog breeds. Becasue of this, it can be very difficult to find foods to feed to your Yorkie. This often leads to people trying many different proteins, such as tuna. It’s best to stay away from tuna though, even if your Yorkie likes it. 

Do Yorkies have sensitive stomachs?

Yorkies have very sensitive stomachs, so be careful what you’re feeding them! When giving your Yorkie a new food, monitor it closely for signs of indigestion or illness. Finding your Yorkie a food that it likes and is also not hard on its stomach is a very important part of being a good Yorkie owner.