How Fragile Are Yorkies? (Solved & Explained!)

When it comes to health, Yorkies are robust but their physical frame is very small so they should be handled gently. The bones of these dogs are very fragile and sensitive. 

Their internal organs are small and their dental health is delicate. But other than that, Yorkies that have a good weight are very healthy dogs. However, they are fragile dog breeds due to their small size and delicate bone structure.

Are Yorkies Sensitive?

Yorkshire terriers are sensitive animals. These animals, which have short and delicate bones due to their body size, can easily get cold in the cold of winter. 

For this reason, these dogs, which are known for being great companion pets, love the indoors and warm environments. In addition, some genetic diseases, Yorkies may develop cataracts, osteoporosis, joint slippage, and liver diseases as they age.

Are Yorkies Very Protective?

Yorkies are known for their protective temper. They fall in love with their owners and wish to protect their family members. Yorkies are known for their affection and loyalty.

Attracting attention with their wonderful harmony in the home, Yorkies turn into a lion when it comes to their families. This is because Yorkies are emotionally attached to their owners and love them very much. Yorkies are also very good with children. 

They constantly want to play with children and protect them. This is why Yorkies make great family dogs. 

Yorkies’ protective instincts can sometimes get out of hand if they are not correctly trained. Yorkies that are not trained or socialized may perceive visitors to the house and other dogs as a potential threat, and therefore display aggressive behaviors towards them.

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But this is completely related to how you train your dog. While some Yorkies are quite calm, others can show aggressive behavior towards strangers and other dogs. 

How Do I Socialize My Yorkie Safely?

While it is very important for your Yorkie to be socialized regularly from puppyhood, it is important to do so safely without exposing your Yorkie to situations where they may be injured.

You can take your dog to dog parks regularly to socialize it. Here they can meet new dogs and they can play together. 

Ask other owners if you mind if your dogs play together, and select dogs that are an equal size to your Yorkie, or older dogs that do not have energy for rough play.

Yorkies should not play with German Shepards, Rottweilers, Great Danes, or any huge dog that may accidentally cause them harm. Larger dogs like rough and energetic play and accidental injury to your Yorke is a real possibility.

Are Yorkies Hard to Care For?

Yorkies are very cute dogs that are very easy to care for. This breed, which has great harmony within the family, can be looked after effortlessly at home. 

Yorkies can sometimes be overly jealous and therefore overprotective, and due to their small size, you have to be careful about rough play and the environment. 

Yorkies require regular grooming, but otherwise, they are not too demanding, only for your time and attention. Yorkies can do all sorts of things to get your attention such as nipping, yapping or destroying things, so early obedience training is crucial.

Apart from this, Yorkies are very good with older children and older family members.

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Yorkies may have to contend with a number of possible genetic diseases. Some of these are cataracts, joint slippage, osteoporosis, and liver disease.

Early diagnosis and treatment are very important in preventing such diseases. If you look at your Yorkies family history, you will get a better idea of the likelihood of your Yorkie developing any of these illnesses in the future and prepare accordingly.

Are Yorkies Emotional Dogs?

Yorkies are one of the most jealous breeds. This is because of their loyalty to their owners. Yorkies don’t want to leave their owners even for a moment. 

Being a very emotional breed, untrained Yorkies do not want to share their owners with anyone. If you have a Yorkie and a guest has come to your house, an untrained Yorkie will perceive this visitor as a threat and may behave antisocially.

On the positive side, Yorkies make great alarm dogs. While they will not be the best guard dogs due to their small size (although they will try to attack if it comes down to it!) They are great alarm dogs who are very alert and aware of potential dangers approaching.

Yorkies are also extremely affectionate. This small pup has a whole lot of love to give. They love to engage with their owners, play, and interact. They are great at picking up human emotions, so if you are sad your Yorkie will feel it too and will try to cheer you up or provide you with comfort.

Is It Safe For My Yorkie To Sleep With Me??

Whether or not your Yorkie sleeps with you is entirely up to you, there is no danger sleeping with an adult Yorkie.

Although some dog owners claim that they enjoy sleeping with their Yorkie, there is a fear that owners will accidentally roll over and squash their Yorkies in their sleep, however, this is unlikely to happen.

Since your dog has been sleeping with his siblings from an early age, he will most likely enjoy sleeping in the same bed as you and will adapt to your movements.

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However, you must take into account your dog’s comfort as well as your own. Not all Yorkies wish to sleep with their owners, it depends on what they are used to. Some prefer their own beds because it is cooler, whereas others love getting under the blankets, especially if it is cold.

Does My Yorkie Feel Safe With Me?

It is likely that your Yorkie feels that you are the source of their safety and comfort.

Assuming that your Yorkie knows that you are its owner, in turn, they will assume that you are the leader of the pack. The leader of the pack is the one who feeds them, takes them out, plays with them, and basically fills all of their needs.

For this reason, your Yorkie will love you and feel safe around you.