How Do I Know My Yorkie Is Dying? (Solved & Explained!)

You know your Yorkie is dying when you see a continual and gradual reduction in its behavior, eating habits and overall energy. If your dog is old while exhibiting signs of sickness or other noticeable changes, you’ll know it’s near the end of its life. In the event you see signs that death is near, it’s important to prepare yourself and your pup.

Not only should you be able to identify the signs, but you also must accept them and make whatever funerary arrangements are necessary. Doing this ahead of time will make it easier on your grieving process and you won’t make any rash or irrational decisions at the last minute.

What Signs Will a Yorkie Exhibit When It’s Dying?

When your canine companion is about to leave this world, there are definite signals that its life is coming to an end. To know for sure whether your old or ill Yorkie is dying or not, consider the list of signs and symptoms below:

  • Confusion, forgetfulness or mood shifting
  • Either shows more neediness or wants to be alone
  • Extreme fatigue and/or sleeps all the time
  • Inability to be comfortable
  • Incontinence or vomiting
  • Labored breathing
  • Loss of consciousness or signs of dementia
  • Loss of enjoyment or desire to move
  • Loss of eye-paw coordination
  • Muscle spasms and/or twitching
  • Refuses water and/or food

What If a Young and Healthy Yorkie Exhibits These Symptoms?

If your Yorkie is exhibiting signs of dying and they aren’t sick or old, it’s imperative to take the dog to an emergency vet right away. It means there’s something seriously wrong with the dog because these are not normal actions for healthy, vibrant Yorkshire Terriers.

When Will a Yorkie Begin Displaying Signs that Death Is Near?

About a month or less before the end comes, your Yorkie will show changes in eating habits and sleeping patterns along with a marked decrease in energy, activity and a general overall interest in chasing or playing.

Other things could include dull eyes, digestive issues, weight loss, lack of self-grooming and dehydration. As time progresses, these things will increase, especially weight loss. The Yorkshire Terrier will become a picky eater and isolate often. You may also notice an eye discharge along with skin problems.

Some owners will see them become distant and despondent, losing interesting in everything they once loved. Other Yorkies may become restless or motionless. Their temperament will change and their general odor.

Do Yorkies Grieve in the Same Way Humans Do When They Know They’re Going to Die?

While a Yorkie may exhibit signs of decreased behavior, activity and interest when their time to leave this world has come, it’s not the same as it is for people. If you know your dog is dying, you can take comfort in the idea that they see death in the same way as they view life: it’s a natural process.

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They don’t often feel the same dread or fear that we do. Yorkies will, however, pickup on our emotions and sense how we’re feeling. This is what brings on any behaviors they may exhibit in reaction. So, it’s important to make your pooch as comfortable as possible when you notice it’s time as at an end.

How Do You Make Things Comfortable for a Yorkie You Know Is Dying?

The best thing you can do for a Yorkie that’s dying is to make everything as peaceful, quiet and comfortable as possible. Make sure there are no loud noises such as music, arguing or even construction (if you can help it). Ensure its resting or sleeping area is soft, clean and smells good.

Keep Food & Water Nearby

You can keep the dog’s food and water dish close by so it doesn’t have to use up too much energy trying to eat. Prop the dishes in such a way so as to make it easy for the Yorkie to access. Keeping things nearby like favorite toys, games and other things they love will be ideal.

Remove Sources of Stress

Ensure there’s nothing around to cause stress or nervousness for the dog. This includes other pets they don’t get along with, rowdy children and offensive odors. If the dog wants you near, try to stay by it as much as you can. In the case the dog wants to be alone, honor that wish and do so.

Keep Everything Fresh & Clean

Ensure the dog has plenty of fresh air and that nothing will irritate things like allergies or other health conditions. The point is to give your pooch the royal treatment. This will let the dog know how much you love it while you and your household say goodbye to the Yorkshire Terrier.

How Do You Make Funeral Arrangements for a Yorkie?

When you notice the signs of your Yorkshire Terrier beginning to die, it’s important to start preparing yourself, other household members and the dog. This includes making funeral arrangements well in advance of the day your furry family member leaves this world. You will create an easier grieving process by doing it this way.

Backyard or Cemetery Burials

There are many ways in which you can make funeral arrangements. If you want to bury the Yorkie in your backyard, you first have to check with your local and state laws about this. Some states and municipalities do not allow you to bury pets on your property while other areas allow a 50 foot clearance from your home or any other nearby dwelling.

Yet there are some areas that require you to bury your pet at a designated cemetery. This means you need to purchase some kind of resting receptacle and reserve a plot.

Cremation & Other Funeral Options

You can also make arrangements with your vet and they can plan to take the dog in for cremation services. They are best equipped to handle such mortuary matters. Your vet may also have some ideas for other burial options appropriate to your area.

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