What Are Chihuahuas’ Favorite Things to Do? (Solved & Explained!)

Chihuahuas are amongst the liveliest of all dog breeds. They are expressive and affectionate, and if you keep them engaged, they make for an enthusiastic companion. There is a huge misconception that chihuahuas are an apprehensive breed, but this is untrue. Like all dogs, with a little bit of love and lots of activities, you can create a special bond.

If you’re wondering what are some fun activities to indulge in with your furry friend, look no further. Just read this guide to find out what are some things that your chihuahua will love to do!


Do chihuahuas like walking?

All dogs enjoy a walk with their owners. Chihuahuas may seem like an exception due to their tiny stature, but they look forward to a walk like any other breed!

This brings them a much-needed change in environment after being cooped up at home, so make sure to take them out for an occasional stroll. Keep them on a leash though, or they might leave you in an attempt to frolic!

Will your chihuahua enjoy a road trip?

Chihuahuas bring their positive energy wherever they go, and they love exploring new places! Give your pet an opportunity to acquaint itself with different environments. If you’re considering going on a trip with your chihuahua, don’t forget essentials that your dog might need, and any over the top medicine if they are prone to motion sickness. Make sure whatever hotel you go to is canine friendly!

Exercising, helpful or strenuous?

As an extremely energetic breed, chihuahuas are always looking to spend their energy somewhere. A half an hour time slot dedicated to exercise will help your chihuahua physically. While keeping them supervised from a distance, it is also beneficial to let them explore on their own, so they may not get agitated by the control.

Can you give chihuahuas toys?

Chihuahuas are very fond of toys. However, you should consider buying soft toys for them, as they are much easier to move around for them than hard or plastic toys. Your chihuahua might want to play with you and the toy, so make sure to take out some time for that!

What are some of the games you can play together?

A game of fetch is an age-old activity for the owner and the chihuahua. You may use a ball, or any toy that your dog prefers. For more interaction with the pup, tug of war can be played. Since chihuahuas are perceptive, they may also be enriched mentally by a game of hide and seek.

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Such activities are not just good for stimulation but also for bonding. Chihuahuas don’t readily bond with children though, so it is crucial that you keep your child away from your dog if they are under ten years of age.

Do chihuahuas like being pet?

Attention is something that no dog can forego, and a chihuahua will always be up for some petting! Show your pet some love by physical affection, especially belly rubs. Other places to pet are under the chin and behind the tail. Try not to physically restrain them against their will though, or they might respond poorly and deny any further opportunities for petting.

Chihuahuas aren’t really social dogs, is there a way to help them make friends?

Cuteness aside, chihuahuas aren’t known to be team players. They might get apprehensive towards new people and situations, but they’re not completely averse to socialization! Supervised socialization leads to more natural interactions, and your chihuahua will eventually warm up to other companions. The key is to ease them out of their comfort zone before making them encounter a new friend.

How often you should give your chihuahua a treat?

Chihuahuas have many dietary restrictions, but they are fond of the occasional treat. Snacks can be used as rewards for when your dog learns a new trick or obeys something you say. This positive reinforcement will brighten their mood and incline them towards learning more.

Can you make grooming a fun activity?

Luckily for chihuahua owners, grooming their pet is not that difficult. However, it may become a chore rather than a cathartic activity for your dog. To make sure that the chihuahua does not get anxiety from personal grooming time, gently brush it and turn it into a physically soothing activity for your dog to enjoy. They’ll grow to like it!

Should you take your chihuahua to the pool?

Chihuahuas either adore swimming in water, or are completely averse to it. Due to higher energy levels, they enjoy the liberation that lapping in the water brings.

To prevent any insecurity or anxiety from the water body, make sure to gauge beforehand if your chihuahua actually likes the water or not. Take an extra step by helping them wade in the water, so they might get the experience without the worry.

How to communicate with your chihuahua:

According to a study conducted by the Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, it was determined that the mere act of speaking to a chihuahua strengthens the connection between the owner and the dog. Just like humans, they prefer communication, and even if they may not be able to respond in the same manner. Conversations help them be reassured about their owner.

Can you teach your chihuahua tricks?

It is common knowledge that chihuahuas are intellectually capable and love doing mentally stimulating activities. To cater to this side of your pet, teach them different tricks. Shaking hands, roll overs, fetching on command, or just familiarizing them with their own name are some of the things you can teach them. This validates the chihuahua and creates more positive interactions.

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Why is my chihuahua sleeping so much?

If your chihuahua is sleeping a lot, don’t be concerned! As they exert themselves throughout the day, a chihuahua needs a lot of nap time to recharge. It is an activity intrinsic to the breed. However, if the sleeping schedule seems erratic, it might be wise to consult a veterinarian to see if there is some underlying ailment.