Will Neutering My Yorkie Calm Him Down? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes and no, neutering will remove the instinct for your Yorkie to break loose in search of a mate, and calm sexual frustration, but high-energy dogs tend to remain high-energy even after neutering.

There is a long-standing myth that neutering calms dogs down. While some dogs do calm down significantly after neutering, this is not always the case. 

What Is The Best Age To Neuter My Yorkie?

The ideal time to neuter your Yorkie is when they are around 4 to 6 months of age. At this age, your puppy’s reproductive organs will have grown to maturity, but they are still so young that territorial habits have not yet begun.

Many dogs that were neutered too late retain their territorial and mating habits, even if the instinct has long left them.

To prevent this, make sure to neuter your Yorkie before they reach 1 year of age.

How Long Will It Take For My Yorkie To Calm Down After Neutering?

Your Yorkie may never calm down after neutering! If your Yorkie was neutered late (1 year of age or older) many of their habits will remain until old age eventually slows them down.

Yorkies that were neutered before this may experience an energy adjustment, but not in all cases.

Either way, it takes two to four weeks for the hormones to completely leave your Yorkies’ system after neutering. If your Yorkie will calm down, their behavior changes will become apparent during this time.

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Will Neutering Help My Yorkies’ Anxiety?

Neutering can help dogs with anxiety, but it can also increase anxiety and lead to aggression.

Neutering adjusts the hormone levels in dogs and what follows is a period of adjustment as your Yorkie gets used to their new feelings.

It’s perfectly normal to observe a few odd behaviors in the weeks following neutering. These behaviors usually subside after two to four weeks.

In females, spaying can increase aggression as their hormones become imbalanced. This can be corrected with care and proper training.

What Are The Benefits of Neutering My Yorkie?

There are many benefits to neutering your Yorkie. Here are a few to consider:

  • Reduces the likelihood of impregnating a female to 0%
  • Reduces the urge to escape the backyard
  • Prostate cancer risk significantly reduced
  • No risk of developing testicular cancer
  • May stop aggressive and hyperactive behaviors

Will My Yorkie Live longer If I Neuter Him?

Your Yorkie will not necessarily live longer but their chances of developing life-threatening diseases are significantly reduced.

If you neuter your Yorkie then you no longer have to worry about the risk of them developing prostate or testicular cancer. Roughly 60% of all unneutered dogs die of or show signs of these cancers later in life.

Will My Yorkie Be Happier If I Neuter Him?

Yes, your Yorkie will be a lot happier if you neuter him.

If you are not planning to Stud your Yorkie, then getting him neutered will relieve him of sexual frustration and lessen his desire to roam around looking for a mate.

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Your Yorkie will be unphased by the loss of these emotions and can get on with more important things in life such as playing, cuddling, and learning tricks for delicious treats.

Why Is My Yorkie Sad After Neutering?

Sadness, depression, anxiety, and increased aggression are all possible side effects of neutering.

The good news is that these emotions will not last long. 

Neutering causes a hormonal imbalance in dogs, and it can take them a while to adjust. For a short time after the operation, your Yorkie will be getting used to their new emotions and feelings, and their hormones will be overly active while they try straighten themselves out.

Any sadness or anxiety that your Yorkie is experiencing should subside within 1 to 2 months after neutering. If they continue to be depressed or anxious then you should speak to your vet or local animal behaviorist. 

How Long Will My Yorkie Be In Pain After Neutering?

Your Yorkie will not feel heavy pain after neutering, and will more likely feel a moderate discomfort.

This will last only a few days, and your vet can give you medication to dispense to your Yorkie so he does not feel much at all.

Your Yorkie will be tempted to lick the wound to speed up healing, but you must make sure they wear their cone at all times to prevent this.

Excessive licking will make the wound heal more slowly and increase the risk of infection which can be even more painful for your Yorkie.

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Will My Yorkies’ Personality Change After Neutering?

Your Yorkie will feel happier, more relaxed, and perhaps a little calmer after neutering, but their core personality will remain as it was before.

Yorkies will not notice very much of a difference after they wake from surgery, except a dull ache where their testicles used to be.

In the early days, they may be a little more defensive while they heal, but after the healing is done and they are back to normal they will resume their normal behaviors and activities.

What Are The Signs That I Should Neuter My Yorkie?

If your Yorkie is aggressive and is consistently trying to escape from your home then you may want to consider getting him neutered.

Neutering decreases your Yorkies’ testosterone levels, making them calmer and irritated less easily.

They will also lose their sex drive, meaning that they will be less inclined to try and jump the fence in search of a mate.

Will Neutering My Yorkie Make Him Lazy?

No, neutering only affects the sexual hormones, not your dog’s energy levels.

They may lose a little of the luster they had for life as they are no longer search for the ideal partner, but overall oyur Yorkie will have a new vest for life as they settle abc into their routines and find themslees will more energy to spend on other things.

Neutered Yorkies are less distracted and easier to train out in public, so in some ways neutering results int he opposite of lazy. After neutering you will have an alert, well behaved and social Yorkie.

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