How Big Does a Parti Yorkie Get? (Solved & Explained!)

Parti Yorkies are one of the smallest dog breeds in terms of size and this breed does not grow very much after puppyhood. An adult Party Yorkie averages between 5-8 Pounds and 8-10 inches in height. 

One of the smallest dog breeds among Yorkies, Parti Yorkies do not grow much and are considered a small breed, but larger than a toy breed. 

Due to their small size, Parti Yorkies are well suited to apartments. Parti Yorkies are so small that their presence in the house would be barely known if it wasn’t for their excitable and boisterous nature. 

This is why people who live in small apartments can safely adopt a Parti Yorkie, they are a whole lot of fun and have big hearts considering their small size.

How Long Does Parti Puppyhood Last?

Parti Yorkies should not leave their mother’s side for the first three months. During this period they will need their mothers’ milk, which provides antibodies that will strengthen their immune system and protect them from viruses and bacteria.

This is the most important period for Parti Yorkie puppies. During this time they will also be busy with other developmental stages such as feeling their way around the environment and stimulating their senses and play-wrestling with their siblings which helps their muscle and cognitive development.

From the end of this 3-month period to the 6th month, Parti Yorkies’ first teeth start to come in. They will also develop reflexes and better eye-paw coordination. 

Once a Parti puppy reaches 1 year old they are officially a young adult. Various changes begin again when they reach this age, they begin to fill out and become more sturdy, they will be more confident and still very curious!

Will Multivitamins Help a Parti Yorkie’s Growth?

Some Parti Yorkie owners use multivitamins and supplements for their dog’s development at the advice of their veterinarian. 

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There is no disadvantage of using multivitamins and additional supplements for the health of your Parti Yorkie, on the contrary, supplementary vitamins and minerals can be very supportive for the development of bone and muscle structures. 

But the most important point to note here is that some Parti Yorkie owners give their dogs too many multivitamins and additional supplements, resulting in abnormalities in the bone and muscle development of their dogs.

In other words, if your Parti Yorkie’s body stores excess vitamins and minerals, abnormal developments can be observed in its bones and muscles. 

Although such abnormalities are rare, you should always use supplements with caution of your Parti Yorkie does not need them. If your Parti Yorkie has a balanced and healthy nutritional diet, you will not need extra multivitamins and additional supplements.

Can Parti Yorkies Adapt to Apartment Life?

Parti Yorkies are very suitable for apartment living due to their small size. Although Parti Yorkies, are very energetic, their small size prevents them from harming you or doing any serious damage in the house.

Also, Parti Yorkies are very adaptable dogs. You can easily accustom your Parti Yorkie to apartment life with a little training and positive reinforcement.

Parti Yorkies are by nature very energetic animals and can sometimes cause chaos around the home if their daily energy needs are not met regularly. 

How Do Adult Parti Yorkies Behave?

Since young adult Parti Yorkies have just come out of their puppyhood, they can still carry some characteristic features of youth. Parti Yorkies have a very energetic and restless nature during this period and can be boisterous.

That’s why you should take your Parti Yorkie outside daily to burn off excess energy. In addition, Parti Yorkies who are regularly exercised are calmer and better behaved.

Also, remember that Parti Yorkies are lap dogs. Their greatest pleasure will be to lie on your lap and doze off all day long. Despite being full of energy they do eventually crash and when they do so they will want to snuggle next to you.

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Are Parti Yorkies Brave?

You may have seen Parti Yorkies barking excessively or displaying a little aggressive behavior while out and about or when meeting new people and animals. This is actually an act of intimidation rather than courage, it means that the Parti Yorkie is anxious.

However, if your Parti Yorkie is barking and wagging their tail, it means that they are excited to me their new friend.

Small-sized dogs, such as the Parti Yorkies, may behave in this way due to their inherent instinct for self-assurance. 

This is a very natural behavior, but it does not mean that they are aggressive dogs. Most dogs bark when they see something new and is mostly out of curiosity.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Parti Yorkie?

Parti Yorkies are very affectionate family dogs. They love to have a good time and lots of fun. Parti Yorkies make great lifelong friends, especially for families with children, and senior citizens.

Despite their relaxed and loveable nature, Parti Yorkies can be quite stubborn at times. Especially when they don’t get what they want or you don’t show them the necessary attention, but they are easily trained out of this behavior.

Parti Yorkies love to play with the kids and, most importantly, they are very kind and gentle with them. For this reason, families with children can easily add a Parti Yorkie to the family. They are full of patience and understanding when it comes to little ones, but no dog should be left alone with very small children.

When it comes to hunger, there is probably no dog breed more greedy than Parti Yorkies. Even if their stomachs are full, they will eat almost anything you offer them, so only offer treats occasionally. 

Are Parti Yorkies Protective Dogs?

Don’t be fooled by the tiny size of Parti Yorkies. In times of danger, they will protect you with the gusto of a Great Dane. 

The calm, jolly, affectionate Parti Yorkie can turn into a predator in an instant if they feel cornered or in danger. They were originally bred for hunting and ratting, and these instincts are never far behind.