What Is a Good Size Dog House? (Solved & Explained!)

The perfect dog house is going to be snug and comfortable. Measure your dog from tip to tail and write this number down. Next, measure from their feet to the top of their head and write this down, too. The house should be 25% taller than your dog and 10% wider and 25% longer than their overall length.

In this article, we’ll answer the most common questions about such topics as ‘does a dog house keep a dog warm’, ‘what is the best insulation for dog houses’, ‘should you paint the inside of the house’, and more. Read on to find the dog house answers that you need!

Do dogs like big dog houses?

Actually, dogs prefer something that is a little more snug and secure. Larger dog houses look nice, but the interior is more likely to be drafty and your dog is going to burn more calories heating the inside. If you already own a larger dog house, then try filling up the extra space with straw or cedar chips.

Your dog will be warmer and if you go with the cedar, it will even help to keep insects away.

What makes a good dog house?

A good dog house should be insulated, as well as ventilated, and should measure a length of 25% more than the total length of your dog, with a width of 10% more than you dog’s total length.

 It should warm bedding inside, such as blankets, straw, or cedar, and a few toys should be present to help your dog pass the time. Provided that it meets all of these specifications, you’ve got a perfect doghouse!

How do you choose a dog house?

You should choose a dog house which is 25% taller than the standing height of your dog, and it should be as long as your dog’s total length plus 25%. The width of the house should be 10% more than the measured length of your dog as well.

Finally, it needs to be insulated and also it should be ventilated for proper air flow.

Should a dog house have windows?

Windows are an excellent feature in a dog house, as they allow for superior ventilation. During the summer, open windows can help to provide a cross-breeze that will keep your dog cool, and dogs also enjoy being able to peep out when they hear a noise in the yard.

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Just be sure to add a little extra bedding inside to help compensate for the minor heat loss that you will experience in the colder months.

What is the warmest dog house?

The warmest dog houses incorporate electric heaters into their design, making them quite warm and toasty in the winter. Aside from these, there are various designs that are better equipped for the cold, such as the Igloo dog houses. Igloos trap more heat and are quite spacious inside, making them a popular winter choice.

Do dogs like indoor dog houses?

Dogs love indoor dog houses. Giving your dog a personal space of their own is a great idea, as it gives them somewhere to go if they feel stressed or when they don’t want to hang around visitors to the house.

Dogs are very territorial, so it also gives them their own little niche in the house to call their own that appeals to their nature.

Where is the best place to put a dog house?

A dog house should be placed in a shady corner of the yard, barring this you can put it up against the house and this will help to minimize wind blowing into the house. Face the dog house north or east, never south or west, as storms in the United States will always roll in from those directions.

Finally, make sure that the dog house is close to your house, or your dog may well ignore it.

What goes inside a dog house?

Dogs do not need much to be happy, so the inside of your dog house should be mostly bedding. Blankets, straw, or wood chips (pine or cedar) should take up most of the space inside, and you should also throw in some toys.

This will give your dog something to chew or to drag out into the yard when they want to pass a little time.

How do you insulate a dog house?

If you are building the dog house yourself, Styrofoam is a cheap and efficient way to insulate the inside of the house. You can easily cut it into the shapes that you need by measuring and cutting it into panels and it will do the job quite nicely of insulating your doggy’s home.

Does a dog house keep a dog warm?

A dog house is typically going to be about 10 degrees warmer than the outside, although this will depend on the type of insulation that is in the dog house.

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You can maximize the heat by filling up excess space with bedding or if you are the DIY type, there are commercial electric heaters designed for dog houses which you may install in the dog house yourself to keep your furry friend warm and toasty when it’s cold outside.

Should you paint the inside of a dog house?

No, you should not paint the inside of the doghouse. Most paints contain VOCs, which is short for ‘volatile organic compounds’, which are toxic to humans and to dogs alike.

While there are some ‘non-VOC’ brands out there, painting the inside really doesn’t serve much purpose and the smell may ultimately deter your dog from using the house.

What color should a dog house be?

Go with a lighter color. White is best, as it’s going to reflect light and it’s not going to absorb heat. Darker colors, especially black, are going to absorb heat and light and it’s going to make the doghouse much hotter inside than necessary.

Going with white or another light color is going to be the best option.