Should a Dog House Have a Floor? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, a doghouse needs a floor and that floor should be raised a few inches above the ground. When it rains, it occasionally floods, so a raised floor is a must to ensure that your dog doesn’t get flooded out if the next storm is a big one. Line that raised floor with warm bedding and it’s perfect!

In this article we’re going to answer the most common questions regarding outside-dog living. We’ve collected the questions being asked the most this week, so read on for the facts that you need to build and equip the perfect doghouse!

What do you put on the floor of a dog house?

You’ve got a lot of great choices when it comes to bedding for your dog. A nice, round rug, for instance, with a pile of blankets will be well-received. Hay and straw are both excellent conductors of heat and inexpensive, as well. Wood chips, such as cedar or pine, are soft and will keep away insects.

Fill up as much space as you can with the bedding, as more empty space means that your dog will expend more calories as they heat the inside, but any of these choices will work out nicely.

Should a dog house be off the ground?

Raising your doghouse a few inches off of the ground is a good idea. While the roof is going to keep most of the rain out, on the worst days it might flood a little and you want your doggy to stay dry. Raising the house, even just a little, will help to do exactly that.

What does a dog house need?

Dogs don’t ask for a lot and will be quite happy with the doghouse, provided that the roof is good, any cracks that develop are repaired regular, that is ventilated and insulated, and that you’ve place warm, soft bedding inside.

A few toys here and there complete the equation, making a doghouse a perfect and welcome little home in your backyard.

What do you put in the bottom of a dog kennel?

You can line the floor of the kennel with either pea gravel or the preferred solution – concreate. Concrete is solid, long-lasting, and helps to keep the kennel dog’s nails trim simply by providing resistance as they move around on it.

Concrete is also easy to hose-off when you need to clean the kennel and it’s inexpensive to purchase, as well as easy to pour on your own!

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What is the best thing to put in a dog house for warmth?

Barring electric options such as a heat lamp or a heater, the best way to heat up a doghouse is a combination of soft, warm bedding and superior insulation. Good insulation can raise the temperature of a doghouse by up to 25 or more degrees!

So, insulate the inside well and fill up as much empty space as you can with a warm bedding, such as straw, blankets, or cedar woodchips and your dog will stay nice and warm inside.

Is a dog house warm enough?

The doghouse is typically going to be about 10 degrees warmer inside than it is on the outside, unless you’ve got good insulation and you’ve filled the inside with warm bedding.

Filling the inside ensures that your dog doesn’t expend a lot of calories heating it up with their body heat and the insulation helps to keep that heat inside. Provided you’ve selected good insulation, then expect the inside to be 20 degrees or more warmer than the outside once your dog has nestled inside for a few minutes.

How big should a dog house opening be?

The opening should be either the same as the measurement from their feet to their shoulders or at least ¾ of this size. The full measurement makes going in and out a little easier, but ¾ is okay and will let a little less wind inside. Either of these options will be great for your dog, so use your discretion.

Is it OK to let your dog live outside?

It’s just fine to let your dog live outside, as long as you meet the following criteria. First, you must provide a doghouse that is well ventilated and insulated, filled with soft bedding and a few dog toys, and kept in good repair. This fills their need for shelter, but the next and most important part is attention.

Even though your dog is living outside, you need to spend time with them daily. Dogs are pack animals, so all of that space and the comfortable doghouse aren’t going to matter if your dog feels lonely. They can suffer depression if they are left alone for too long, so give them lots of love and they’ll do fine outside.

What direction should a dog house face?

East is the best direction if you live somewhere windy, as this will minimize the amount of wind entering the doghouse, and north is okay if you prefer. Never face the house to the south or the west if you live in the United States, as these are the directions from which storms come from.

Facing the house in these directions will basically result in storms blowing through the front door, so be sure to only face the house north or east.

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Should dog house have vents?

Yes, proper ventilation is very important for your doggy domicile. Ventilation helps to keep the doghouse from getting too stuffy in the summer and in the winter,  it keeps moist doggy-breath from building up inside and encouraging the growth of mold.

Vinyl doghouses with vents on top are available and you can also ventilate the doghouse by the means of holes drilled safely underneath the lip of the roof or by simply installing a window.

Where should I put my dog house?

Place the doghouse in the shadiest part of the yard that you can and you should also make sure that it’s close to the backdoor of the house – too far away and your dog may not want to use it.

Finally, face the front door to the north or the east, as storms blow in from the south or the west if you live in the United States.