What Makes a Good Dog House? (Solved & Explained!)

A good dog house should be 25% taller than your dog, 25% longer than your dog’s overall length, and 10% wider than your dog’s overall length. While this seems a bit tight to us, for den-loving dogs this is perfect, and the snug size means that your dog’s body heat will help make it warmer without expending many calories.

In this article we’ll answer various questions about subjects like the best dog house bedding, the warmest dog house, why your dog won’t use their house, and more. Let’s explore the most commonly asked dog house questions so that you’ll have the facts that you need!

What should a dog house be made of?

A dog house can be made of plastic or simply made of wood, depending on your personal preferences and needs. Wood is often preferred, as this allows DIY types to easily make upgrades to their dog’s house if they should desire. Properly coated, it’s also just as resistant to water as plastic.

What do dogs like in a dog house?

Dog’s aren’t picky at all when it comes to the insides of their homes. If you provide plenty of bedding, as well as some toys which they may chew on or drag out into the yard to play with, then your dog will be perfectly happy with the new dog house.

Just be sure to place it close to the home or they may not want to use it!

What is the warmest dog house?

The warmest dog houses on the market are those which have electric heaters installed. These heaters are specially made for the dog house and they help to ensure that your dog stays nice and warm when it’s chilly out.

Aside from these, Igloo dog houses are warmer than standard box houses and also quite roomy, if you prefer a non-electric option.

How can I make my dog house more comfortable?

Straw is an inexpensive way to make your doghouse more comfortable and you can also go with wood chips. If you go with wood chips, you want pine or cedar, as these not only smell nice, but they will keep bugs away.

Fill in the excess space inside of the dog house with extra bedding and it will make your dog even warmer when it’s cool out, as your dog will expend less calories heating up the space inside.

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Is a dog house a good idea?

A dog house is a great idea, even if your dog will not be living outside. Dogs love having their own personal spaces!

You’ll catch your dog going in from time to time to relax and have a nice chew on one of their toys, or even see them sitting on top of the house to get a better view of the yard on the warm roof tiles. A dog house is definitely a good idea and your dog will love it!

What is good bedding for outside dogs?

Hay is one of the best and most inexpensive options when it comes to bedding. For around $10 to $15 you can get a goodly amount, which allows you to completely fill the space inside the house and change it out from time to time to keep it fresh. It’s comfortable and dogs seem to love it.

Alternatively, you can use pine or cedar chips, which will help a little to make your dog smell better and also keep away insects at the same time!

How can I make my dog happy outside?

The best way to make sure that your dog is happy outside is to spend lots of time with them. Dogs don’t mind living outside, provided that they have a dog house that is insulated and has some bedding inside, along with their toys.

The important thing is interaction with you. Dogs are pack animals, so as long as they feel they are an active part of ‘the pack’ through interaction with you and the rest of the family, your dog will be perfectly happy to live outside.

How big should a dog house opening be?

When deciding the size of the dog house opening, all that you need to do is to measure from your dog’s feet to the top of their shoulders. The opening in the dog house needs to be a minimum of 75% of this height in order to be a proper opening for the dog house.

Why won’t my dog go in his doghouse?

The most common reason that a dog doesn’t want to go into their house is the location. If a dog house is too far away from the house proper, then your dog feels alienated. If you move the house closer to your home then your dog may well start taking advantage of it.

Another thing that may deter a dog from using their house is paint on the insides, as the fumes or simply the smell may be unpleasant to them and keeping them from going inside.

Can a dog live outside in a dog house?

A dog can live as an outside dog, you just need to make sure that their home is both well insulated and ventilated, and you should have some comfortable bedding and toys inside. The most important thing, however, is spending time with the dog. You can’t just leave them alone for most of the day.

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Dogs isolated this way may become depressed or may even suffer separation anxiety. Remember, dogs are pack animals, so you much socialize with them or they won’t be happy!

Do dogs actually like dog houses?

Dogs love having dog houses. They are den animals by nature, and a proper dog house is just the right size to appeal to this instinct. As long as the dog house is close enough to the home proper, well ventilated and insulated, and has some comfortable bedding and toys inside then most dogs are going to love them!

Is hay a good insulator for dogs?

Hay is an excellent insulator for the insides of your dog house. It’s also comfortable and fresh hay has a nice smell to it that dogs seem to love. Best of all, it’s very cheap, so you can get some hay and change it out regularly so that your dogs bedding is always fresh and soft!