How Do Mobile Groomers Get Water? (Solved & Explained!)

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Mobile Groomers are much like a camping RV. They’re going to equipped with power generators and they’ll also have water tanks so that they can fill them up fresh each morning before setting out and this will typically meet all of their needs.

On extremely busy days, a groomer may ask a client to use their water hose to refill, but in most cases they won’t need to do this due to the large tank capacity generally employed in a mobile grooming unit.

In this article, we’ve collected popular questions about mobile grooming to satisfying your curiosity if you are looking to obtain or even provide mobile grooming services. Read on to get the answers to the questions that everyone is asking about mobile grooming services!

Do mobile dog washes Use warm water?

Yes, most mobile dog washes are going to be with warm water, generally with flea and other pest killing additives in it that is delivered through a Hydrobath or other comparable system.

This helps to ensure that your dog doesn’t get a chill, but rather a nice, warm bath at the same time that their coat is getting treated and shampooed.

Do mobile groomers use your water?

On rare occasions, a mobile groomer might as to use our water hose, but it’s uncommon except on the busiest days.

In most cases, a grooming van is going to equipped with at least a 50-gallon tank that will be filled-up in the morning and is of sufficient volume to ensure that your dog is only being bathed with fresh, clean water.

Do mobile groomers reuse water?

No. While there is the occasional groomer that uses recycled water, most groomers simply use water that is pumped into a large tank inside the mobile dog grooming van, which they fill in the morning and use during the day for bathing needs.

On rare occasions, they might ask to use a hose at a client’s house if they are running low, but generally the van will have a substantial supply of fresh water to use for grooming.

How does a mobile groomer work?

A mobile groomer is just a dog groomer on wheels! By means of a van, specially outfitted with mini-stations and water storage, a mobile groomer is able to travel directly to a pet owner’s location so that their dog may be groomed on the spot.

This is good for people who have very tight schedules or for clients who cannot easily leave their homes – for medical reasons, age, or other complications.

Is mobile pet grooming profitable?

Mobile grooming can indeed be quite profitable. Without the need to pay rent and utilities every month, working costs are limited to keeping the grooming vehicle in tip-top shape, insurance and material costs, and 50% commission to employees if additional help is required.

Grooming 6 or 7 dogs per day could thus make you around or over $400 daily. Not too shabby at all!

How much can mobile groomers make?

While this will vary based on a number of factors such as advertising, experience, and location, the average median income for mobile groomers comes out to around 21k, while the top performers are making closer to 35k, and the lower end of the spectrum is about 17k per year.

What do mobile groomers usually charge per dog?

For an average sized, good-tempered dog, most mobile groomers will charge an average of $75 per dog. This will vary, of course, based on going local rates, competitors, and promotional deals, but this is the average overall rate for pet grooming that delivers.

Why is mobile grooming so expensive?

While rent and utilities are not a factor with mobile grooming, cleanliness requirements certainly are, with mobile groomers effectively able to do a substantially higher amount of grooming every day.

Due to the limitations of space in a grooming van, ever grooming session is going to require thorough cleaning before the next, and there’s also the matter of the convenience in having an expert that is willing to travel to their clients.

Standard grooming can run anywhere from $30 up to $90 per session, so if you are getting an experienced and talented groomer to come to you, in many cases the rate is still quite a good deal.

How much does it cost to build a mobile grooming van?

Getting started with mobile grooming requires a bit of an investment. A good grooming van can set you back anywhere from 10k to as much as 100k.

That said, if you or a family member have a bit of DIY skill, you can also modify a cargo van or even put together a grooming trailer that can get the job done and save you a substantial amount of startup cash.

How do I start my own mobile dog grooming business?

When you are starting your own mobile grooming business, there are some startup steps that you’ll need to do if you’re going to do it right. Let’s take a look at the basics.

1.    Build credentials through training

You aren’t required to have any special certifications or training, but things like AKC safety certification and formal dog grooming training from an online or physical course can help you to stand out from the crowd to attract clients who want the best.

2.    Register your business

You need to register your business locally, in accordance with the governing laws in your city AND in your state.

3.    Finance and build your van

A small business loan can help you to build your van, otherwise you’ll need to use savings and your own or a friend’s DIY expertise to create a proper mobile unit with the stations and tools that you’ll need.

4.    Open a business bank account

You will want to open a bank account for your business to properly track and manage your finances and you should consider how accounting will be handled.

5.    Obtain the proper insurance

You will want professional liability insurance, as this can help with legal defense and sometimes even settlements if a client files against you, and you will also need business-grade automotive insurance.

6.    Advertise your services

The easiest ways to advertise include registering with Google (which allows for reviews that you should always respond to in a professional manner) and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Training videos with grooming tips and tricks are a great way to get noticed and to generate business, so consider taking the time to make them.


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