What Is the Life Expectancy of a Chihuahua Maltese Mix? (Explained!)

The Chihuahua Maltese mix, otherwise known as a Malchi, is an increasingly popular choice of designer dog with a sweet disposition and an adorable look. Chihuahua Maltese mixes have a life expectancy of around 12-15 years, though it does depend on their parentage, as well as their lifestyle and how well they are looked after.

Malchis were originally bred in America and are descendants of the Chihuahua, believed to originate in South America or Spain, and the Maltese, from Malta. As a result of their breeding, they are quite small dogs that have a reasonably long lifespan and enjoy regular exercise to stay healthy into their old age.

This article will go into detail about how long Chihuahua Maltese mixes are likely to live, how their genetics affects their lifespan, and what you should be aware of if you are hoping to care for one of these wonderful dogs for many years to come.

What Affects the Life Expectancy of a Dog?

The lifespan of any dog is usually determined by a combination of their genetics and their lifestyle, so all dogs should be looked after with love and care to make sure they stay as healthy as possible. Some breeds naturally live longer than others and some breeds are more susceptible to illnesses, diseases, or complications in old age.

What Age Do Chihuahuas Live to?

Chihuahuas are one of the breeds with the longest lifespan in the world and on average they live for between 12 and 20 years, with the oldest known Chihuahua being a 20-year-old called Megabyte. They are not particularly prone to serious illnesses and, because of their size, they are relatively easy to keep fit and healthy through regular exercise.

What Age Do Maltese Dogs Live To?

Maltese dogs also have a long lifespan as a smaller dog and on average they live for between 12 and 15 years. Female Maltese tend to live longer than males and overall they are less susceptible to severe genetic diseases, that pose a significant risk at older ages, than other dogs.

How old is the oldest Maltese dog?

The oldest Maltese on record is also believed to have lived to be 20 years old, so while there are no record-setters at that age for the Malchi, it seems possible that some could make it to such a respectable age! The impressive longevity of both Chihuahuas and Maltese dogs is what gives the Malchi such a long lifespan.

What Size Do Chihuahua Maltese Mixes Grow To?

Malchis are a small mixed breed, so they are never going to become particularly large, though the specific mix and their parentage will affect their size. Most Malchis grow to a weight of between 6 and 12 pounds and will be between 8 and 12 inches tall when they are adults, although longer haired pups will look bigger.

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What Are Common Major Illnesses for Malchis?

Malchis are at a little bit more risk for some diseases than similar breeds, but they are still relatively healthy, and most diseases are preventable if your dog is properly cared for. More severe health issues that can occur include retinal dysplasia, a malformation in the retina, haemophilia, a coagulation problem, and patellar luxation, when the kneecap stays dislocated.

Are Chihuahua Maltese Mixes Generally Healthy Dogs?

Although it does depend on the specific genetics of each dog, Malchis are known to be generally quite healthy as they don’t suffer from many serious genetic illnesses. They are also relatively easy to keep fit as they love a bit of vigorous exercise, but they don’t need excessively long daily walks.

What Problems Can You Expect from Older Malchis?

Some Malchis can be prone to dental, ear, and eye problems, particularly as they get older and their knees can also suffer with age. It is worth keeping a close eye on your Chihuahua Maltese mix and doing some extended reading about the different health conditions that you should watch out for to keep yourself prepared.

How Do I Know if My Malchi is Healthy?

It is always recommended that you get your Malchi from a reputable breeder, so that you have a reliable record of their family’s health, and you can trust that they are in good condition. Regular visits to the vet will also help you to be aware of the health of your dog, particularly when they get older.

What Sort of Exercise Should Malchis Get?

Malchis are well suited to smaller spaces, due to their size, but they are quite an energetic mixed breed so they should be well exercised. Two brisk walks, or one longer one, a day should be enough for most Malchis but they also benefit from regular visits to the dog park and some additional physical stimulation at home.

What Diet is Healthy for a Malchi?

Chihuahua Maltese mixes are hybrid designer dogs, and as such they are prone to having issues with their intestines and their digestive system. This means that they need a high fibre, nutrient-rich diet – preferably with dry food – that is divided into appropriate meals throughout the day, usually 2-3 meals as a puppy and fewer as they get older.

Does Grooming Help to Keep a Malchi Healthy?

Malchis have a wide variety of different coats, so the amount of grooming required can vary, but they should all be a little pampered to keep them happy and healthy. Frequent baths help to keep their fur clean, particularly around the eyes and mouth, and they should be brushed around 3 times a week to keep out any tangles.

How Do You Look After a Malchi’s Nails and Teeth?

All dogs need their nails and teeth to be cared for, as these are often areas where bacteria can build up and cause infections. You should trim your Malchi’s nails every few weeks to keep their paws healthy and brush their teeth regularly to maintain their dental hygiene, although some chewable dental care options are available.

Is a Malchi a Good Family Dog?

Chihuahua Maltese mixes don’t require a lot of space, can be very affectionate and are easy to exercise so they can be well suited to a family home. Due to their temperament, however, they are not necessarily recommended for young children as they can be quite aggressive and overprotective, particularly when they are little.

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