What Is the Most Popular Chihuahua Breed? (Top 10 Mixes Ranked)

Chihuahua mixes are increasingly popular dogs, combining some of the adorable traits of the highly sought-after Chihuahua with those of different breeds. Every mixed dog is unique in its own right, combining the specific genetics of its two parents to make a dog unlike any other, but some mixes are more popular than others.

Whether you are looking for a Chihuahua mix that is more adventurous, more gentle, more loving, or more intelligent, the specific blend of the two breeds will contribute to how your dog will think, act and behave. Not to mention all of the beautiful different ways that Chihuahua mixes can look!

But what is the most popular Chihuahua mix and why? This article will rank the Top 10 Chihuahua mixes, look a little into the history of the Chihuahua and give you a bit of an insight into what makes each different mix so popular.

Where Chihuahuas Come From

The Chihuahua heritage of any mix is a long and storied one, tracing back to the Mexican state from which they derive their name they are one of the oldest known breeds in the Americas. They were popular in the ancient kingdoms of pre-Colombia and have long been sought after for their loyalty and charm.

How Chihuahuas Changed Over the Years

Originally, Chihuahuas were bred for a variety of different purposes, sadly including for religious ceremonies and as food. Chihuahuas have always, however, known a place in the family as companion dogs, and their loving nature is what they are bred for today.

Benefits of a Chihuahua Mix

Due to their breeding history and minute size, purebred Chihuahuas are prone to many common health problems, particularly as they age, such as hip dysplasia, dental overcrowding, and eye problems. Often, mixed breeding provides a healthier blend of genetics to help your dog to avoid problems like these.

Purebred Chihuahuas are also known as little dogs with big attitudes, they move fast, make noise, and aren’t always accommodating of strangers. Another benefit of a mixed breed is that the influence of another breed’s genetics can result in an animal that has behavioural traits that you might find more suitable to your lifestyle.

Top 10 Chihuahua Mixes

10. Chimo (Chihuahua and American Eskimo Dog)

Because the American Eskimo Dog comes in more than one size, you can get Chimos that are bigger or smaller, depending on their parentage. They are loving and protective animals that prefer an owner who can provide constant affection and attention, but they can be prone to excessive barking if not trained well.

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9. Malchi (Maltese and Chihuahua)

The Malchi is very much a lap dog and will happily spend most of their day having their soft fur stroked and petted. They are incredibly loving and form strong bonds with their owners, but are also prone to separation anxiety and should be carefully trained to make sure that they can handle time on their own.

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8. Chipin (Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher)

The Chipin is a very delicate-looking breed, with a silky coat and minute features, but they are also brave and lively animals that make for good guard dogs, if more in their bark than their bite. They do like the warmth and aren’t well equipped for harsh winters, but they love to explore outdoors and are very active.

Ella with no pull harness behaving on walk

7. Chi-Poo (Chihuahua and Teacup Poodle)

Poodle mixes are increasingly popular for all breeds, and the Chi Poo is no exception as they are fluffy, inquisitive, and independent animals. They are enthusiastic members of the family and are less likely to experience anxiety than many other Chihuahua mixes, but they can get themselves into trouble and they do like the sound of their own voices.

6. Cheagle (Chihuahua and Beagle)

Cheagles lean much more towards their Beagle genes in terms of looks, though they are as minute as you would imagine. Their coats are short and shiny and they make for fantastic watch dogs, but they can be quite talkative and need a strong hand in the home and lots of exercise to manage their feisty and excitable nature.

5. Jack Chi (Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua)

Both Jack Russells and Chihuahuas are known for having a lot of energy bundled up into a tiny package, and the Jack Chi certainly takes after its parents. While they do have very high energy levels and need to be busy and stimulated throughout the day, Jack Chis are very loving and are not particularly yappy.

4. Chiweenie (Chihuahua and Dachshund)

The Chiweenie inherits little legs, a long body, and beautiful expressive eyes from its Dachschund ancestry, and is a popular little designer crossbreed. They can develop very strong bonds for one person, making them an ideal companion for singletons, but need to be trained well to keep their anxiety at bay when they are alone or with others.

5 month old chiweenie in christmas reindeer sweater

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3. Pomchi (Pomeranian and Chihuahua)

Fluffy, vibrant, and maned like a tiny lion, the Pomchi is a happy and lively little dog that can have a very big personality. As cute as they look, they can have the heart of a lion as well, and positive training will make sure that they are not spoiled and will bring out their loving, affectionate nature.

2. Chug (Chihuahua and Pug)

The Chug combines two of the world’s cutest breeds in the Pug and Chihuahua, making it one of the smallest and most desirable designer crossbreeds. Though they can experience health issues that owners need to be aware of, they are easy to train and care for, enjoy short active walks, and come in a variety of beautiful coat colours.

a cute baby pug chihuahua mix puppy playing in the grassy clover during summer toned with a retro vintage instagram filter app or action effect

1. Chorkie (Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier)

The Chorkie is a mixed breed that takes a lot of benefits from its healthy Yorkshire Terrier parentage; they are sociable, relatively easy to train and likely to live long, happy lives. They come with a little bit of length to their coats, which requires some grooming, but makes them incredibly soft and cuddly!