How to Give a Dog Salmon Oil (Solved & Explained!)

Perhaps the easiest way to give your dog salmon oil is to add it into their food in liquid form. That way you will not need to accustom them to a new food and they can get the nutrients that they need.

In this article, we will tell you how to give a dog salmon oil, the best methods of giving your dog fish oil, the dosage to give your dog as well as the benefits of giving your dog salmon oil.

How do I give my dog salmon oil?

Salmon oil either comes in the form of a liquid or a capsule. You can use either of these two methods to give the oil to your dog.

However, if your dog is not too keen on taking tablets then you can use the liquid salmon oil to place a few drops onto their normal food and this will give them all of the nutrients without the hassle of the tablet form.

You can also give your dog the salmon oil without any food if they are happy to let you place the drops on their tongue or eat a capsule.

However, if you notice that they are getting an upset stomach from the salmon oil then try placing it into their food.

How much salmon oil should I give to my dog?

As with anything the amount of salmon oil that you should give to your dog will depend upon their size as bigger dogs should be given more salmon oil than smaller dogs.

Before adding any supplements into your dog’s diet it is best to consult your dog’s vet as they will be able to advise you further of your dog’s nutritional needs.

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Below is a chart to help you find the correct dosage of salmon oil for your dog.

Weight in kgDosage (mg)

What kind of salmon oil should I give my dog?

The best type of salmon oil to give to your dog is one that comes from a trustworthy brand. The fish oil should not contain any extra additives or flavorings and should be as natural as possible.

You can give your dog salmon oil either in the form of liquid drops or a capsule depending on both their and your preference.

How long does salmon oil take to work?

Exactly how long salmon oil will take to work depends on the quality of the oil as well as if it was ingested with any food or drink.

In most cases, you can expect to see the effects of the salmon oil within 6-8 hours from the time that it was ingested.

However, with most dogs you should begin to see that their level of fatty acids evens out around one month since you started them on the fish oil supplements.

Do keep in mind that this can vary from dog to dog so it is best to keep a diary of how they are doing to truly see if the supplements are making enough of a difference. Remember to be consistent with the supplements.

Can too much fish oil be bad for dogs?

Yes, you can indeed give your dog too much fish oil. Giving your dog too much salmon oil can actually have negative effects on their health rather than beneficial effects. 

Some side effects of too much fish oil can be an upset stomach, diarrhoea, blood clots, a deficiency in vitamin E, weight gain and issues with their immune system.

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All of these are very serious issues so it is important that you pay attention to exactly how much salmon oil you are giving your dog to ensure that you are helping them rather than hurting them.

Can you give dogs human fish oil?

Yes, you can give your dog human fish oil as long as you do not exceed their recommended dosage. 

However, bear in mind that some types of fish oil, and some brands, are not as well absorbed as others.

This means that your dog may not be getting a true dosage, getting a smaller amount of fish oil than stated on the package as their body is not able to absorb it properly.

Does salmon oil reduce shedding in dogs?

In some cases, salmon oil can reduce shedding in dogs because it helps to reduce itching. Itching is often the result of a skin condition and by itching your dog will begin to shed more.

Salmon oil is also used by vets to help treat a wide range of illnesses some of which can affect your dog’s coat and skin.

Does salmon oil spoil?

Salmon oil should be thrown away about 6 to 8 months after being opened. However, if you still have the bottled sealed and unopened then it can remain in your cupboard for at least a year and a half. 

Remember to check the label before giving any salmon oil to your dog to check that it is safe to do so.

Are there any side effects to salmon oil?

There are both good and bad side effects to salmon oil for dogs.

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The benefits of supplementing fish oil are that it protects the heart, keeps their skin and coat healthy and helps with kidney disease.

However, too much salmon oil can lead to stomach issues, vomiting, bad breath and drowsiness.

Remember to give your dog the right amount of salmon oil for their size to see the positive side effects rather than the negative ones.

Does fish oil help to relieve itchy skin?

Yes, if you find that your dog is very itchy and that they are losing a lot of fur then consider adding fish oil to their diet. This will help to relieve the symptoms as well as treat the underlying condition.

What are the benefits of fish oil for dogs?

Fish oil can help to maintain your dog’s overall health including with their organ function. Their kidneys, heart and skin will all benefit from giving them fish oil.