What Fruits Are Bad For Dogs? (Solved & Explained!)

Feeding your dog fruit is something you must be very cautious of, as most of them are either bad for your dog or potentially dangerous. 

A dog’s diet shouldn’t consist of more than 10% of non-dog food, so regardless of whether or not a fruit is bad for them, you should only let them have some occasionally.

Are Grapes Bad For Dogs?

Grapes are bad for your dog in any form. They are very toxic to all dogs, and they can cause fatal symptoms for your dog. This includes any variety of grape, as well as raisins and currants. 

Are Tomatoes Bad For Dogs?

Tomatoes are not good for your dogs. The tomato itself, if it is ripe, is not dangerous for your dog, but the stem and plant is very bad for them. These parts of the tomato have a toxin in them that can make your dog very sick.

Is Avocado Bad For Dogs?

There is no part of the avocado that your dog should eat. Avocados have persin in them, which is really bad for your dogs. Persin can cause dogs to vomit and have diarrhea, even if they only have a small amount of it. 

Is Rhubarb Bad For Dogs?

You should not let your dog get anywhere near your rhubarb pie. Rhubarb is not good for your dog at all. This fruit can wreak havoc on your dog’s organs and digestive tract, causing some extreme discomfort and potential danger. 

Are Persimmons Bad For Dogs?

Persimmons have become somewhat of a trendy fruit, but your dog should ignore the trend altogether. While it is the seeds of the persimmon that your dog will get sick from, it’s best to just say no to the entire fruit as it’s not necessary for them to meet their dietary needs. 

Are Cherries Bad For Dogs?

Cherries contain a small amount of cyanide, which is very dangerous for your dog. The cyanide can cause some very disheartening and uncomfortable side effects for your dog, such as difficulty breathing and red gums. 

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Are Citrus Fruits Bad For Dogs?

If your dog gets a little bite of an orange, they should be okay. However, dogs will probably find the tart flavor of citrus fruits unpleasant. If they don’t, you should probably avoid giving them citrus fruits regardless. They won’t get super sick unless they eat the peel, the leaves, or the stem, but it’s not worth the risk. 

Are Blackberries Bad For Dogs?

Blackberries and raspberries are okay for your dog to eat a very small amount of. These berries have a small amount of xylitol in them, which is very toxic to dogs. If they eat a couple of berries, they will be fine. A large amount of these two berries can be bad for your dog, so don’t let them have these very often. 

Are The Pits Of Fruits Bad For Dogs?

Anytime you are feeding your dog fruit, you should be sure that the seeds, pits, and cores are removed. The pits are especially bad for your dog, as they have some traces of cyanide in them. 

Is Dried Fruit Bad For Dogs?

Dried fruit is not recommended for your dogs to nibble on as they tend to have a lot of sugar. It’s best to aim for fresh fruit, but frozen fruit is okay too. You can even puree some fruit for them if you would like. Canned or fruit cups are also not recommended, as they usually have added sugar. 

What Fruits Are Good For Dogs?

Dogs are able to eat apple slices with no seeds. Apples don’t have much protein, but they are a good source of fiber and are rich in vitamins. 

You can also let your dog have a nibble of a banana every now and then, as they are good sources of fiber and important nutrients. They shouldn’t have too much though, as they are high in sugar. 

Watermelon without any seeds is also a nourishing snack for your pup in the summer. Dogs can also eat blueberries, cantaloupe, and cranberries in small amounts. 

Dogs are also okay to nibble on some peaches, pears, or mangoes, and these can also be especially refreshing treats on a hot day. However, you want to ensure you’re cutting these fruits into small slices, and the seeds and pits are all removed. 

How Often Should My Dog Be Allowed To Eat Fruit?

Some dog foods will have a little bit of fruit in them in order to help them meet their daily vitamin and mineral needs. They are most likely getting enough of what they need in their kibble and occasional wet food that they don’t really need to be eating fruit. 

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Consider letting them indulge in fruit like you would allow them to indulge in treats. Only let them have it occasionally as something special. Stick with lower calorie fruits without a ton of sugar as much as you can, as they shouldn’t interfere with their diet nearly as much.

What Do I Do If My Dog Accidentally Eats A Fruit That Is Bad For Them?

It is inevitable that your dog will sneak some bites of your food every now and then. Try not to panic, and do not yell at them.

Just be sure to keep your eye on them for the next day or so in order to detect if they are having some sort of reaction to the food. It’s possible they didn’t eat enough of the fruit for it to have any effect. 

When it comes to grapes, even if they get one, you should take them to the vet. Grapes are extremely dangerous for dogs even in small quantities so you want to get them to the vet as soon as you can to avoid any serious issues. 

If your dog is vomiting or having diarrhea often, and/or has a change in appetite or energy level, it is worth a trip to the vet just to be safe.