What Size Collar Does a Yorkie Wear? (Solved & Explained!)

A Yorkshire Terrie is typically going to need an XS (extra small) or a S (small) collar, which will be a 6 to 12 inch collar. Just be sure that you get one which is adjustable and if it is your dog’s first collar, you should go with nylon.

Nylon is quite inexpensive and durable and as your dog will not be fully grown until 6 to 12 months of age, a nylon collar is a good way to provide a collar for a growing dog until they reach their adult size. At this point, you can easily switch to a fancier neoprene or leather collar as their ‘permanent’ neck wear.

In this article, we’ve collected questions trending the most this week on the subject of collars and your Yorkie. How do you know if a collar is too tight? Is it safe for your Yorkie wear their collar in the crate? Find out the answers to these important questions and more in the sections that follow!

What size collar should I get for my Yorkie puppy?

For a puppy, it is best that you do with a small collar, designed for a 6 to 12 inch neck. If it is a Teacup Yorkie, then you want to go even smaller, with a collar rated for a 4 to 8 inch neck. Nylon is a good choice for this, as it is both curable and soft, unless your Yorkie is 6 weeks or younger.

A collar really isn’t recommended until 10 weeks of age, but if you want to get a collar for a 6 week or younger Yorkie, then go with a satin ribbon type collar or a whelping collar, as both of these will be soft enough for a Yorkie of this age.

What collars are best for Yorkies under 6 weeks?

While you really should wait until your Yorkie is around 10 weeks of age before starting them with a collar, if you want to collar them now then you should go with a soft, satin ribbon style collar or a whelping collar.

Whelping collars are designed for young pups that have no discernable markings, in order to easily tell them apart. As such, they are softer and easier for young pups to wear than the standard nylon variety of collar.

What age can you put a collar on a Yorkie puppy?

While some start as early as 8 weeks, 10 weeks is considered the optimal age to start a Yorkie pup off learning their collar.

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By this age, it is a little easier for them to adjust to the collar, and they are starting to get fast enough that it’s a good time to collar them and hang some tags on that collar in case they manage to run away.

How do I know if my Yorkie’s collar is too tight?

The easiest way to check the collar tightness is the ‘two finger’ test. Take your index and middle finger and press them together, and then push your fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. If it feels tight but you can easily push your fingers in between, then it’s just about perfect.

If you have to make an effort to push your fingers through, then it is probably too tight. You want to be very careful about this, as a collar which is too tight is not only uncomfortable, but can cause nerve damage to your dog’s legs over time!

So, check the collar now and be sure to check it regularly as your dog grows. By 6 to 12 months they should reach their full adult size, but until then it is best to keep an eye on that collar to ensure that it’s not too tight.

How do I make my Yorkie like their collar?

It’s about making good associations with their collar! Whenever you put your Yorkie’s collar on, you should give them a treat and then a walk outside and you can also give them a treat when you go to take it off.

It actually doesn’t take very long, except sometimes with rescue dogs who may have an aversion to the collar. Also, one warning in advance – if you always give your dog a bath after you take off their collar, they’ll notice this quickly! Use treats and don’t associate anything they don’t like with their collar.

Mix things up, so that they don’t know what to expect, except that if they see their collar then it is most likely going to be good!

Should my Yorkie puppy wear a collar in the crate?

No, your Yorkie pup should not wear their collar in their crate. Until your puppy is used to it, it’s best not to let them wear the collar unless you can supervise them.

Puppies can easily get themselves into trouble, getting their collar snagged on something, or even getting their paw stuck in between the collar and their neck simply trying to get it off! So, take it off before you put them into the crate and then when you take them out, give your pup a treat and put it back on.

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How many collars should my Yorkie have?

Two collars is the minimum that your Yorkie should have and if they are a puppy, you should get one that is just a little bit bigger so that you can swap the collars easily as your puppy grows. Having a backup collar is always a good idea.

Your dog can wear the ‘backup’ collar while you wash their everyday collar and if it starts looking a bit thin and worn, then you can easily swap it out as well. Be sure to store it away from the other collar, too. You never know when your clever dog might get a hold of one and chew it!

Which type of dog collar is best for my Yorkie?

If you have an older Yorkie, the best options are typically going to be nylon, leather, or even ultra-durable neoprene. All of these options will last a good, long time if you take care of them and are strong enough to avoid the collar breaking and potentially putting your Yorkie in harm’s way.

If you have a puppy, then nylon will be the best option until your pup has had a little chance to grow and mature.

Should I walk my puppy with a collar or harness?

You should walk your puppy with a harness, but they should have a collar as well. Just use the collar for hanging their tags and stick with the harness for walking. The harness is the best walking option because it will not strain your dog’s neck like a leash on a collar will.

Instead, it distributes the force on the front of your dog’s chest or on the back of their neck, depending where the clip is located. Just be sure to take the harness off when not walking your dog – extended wear can strain your dog’s shoulders and is not a good idea.

What size clothes fit a Yorkie?

The weight of your Yorkie can give you a pretty good idea of what standard sizes will be best for them. For Yorkies around 5 pounds, you should go with a ‘small’, while Yorkies of 7 pounds or a little over will require a ‘medium’ as their clothes size for a good fit.