Should a Dog House Have a Door? (Solved & Explained!)

The best door option is a door in the side of the dog house, rather than in the middle, with an awning projection over it for shade. Doghouses which have a door will be appreciably warmer in the winter months, so they are well worth considering when you select a doghouse for your own dog.

For the remainder of this article, we’re going to answer the most common questions about doghouses – what you should put inside, where they should face, and more. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about dog houses!

What does a dog house need?

At it’s very basic, a dog house simply needs to be a sturdy shelter. It should provide protection from the rain, while also being insulated from the cold so that your dog stays both warm and dry. In the warmer months, it needs to be cool while also being an adequate shelter from the wind when your dog feels like going inside.

Anything beyond this is up to you, but those are the basics that are an absolute MUST.

What’s the best thing to put in a dog house?

A good blanket or some linens make for great bedding for your dog. They have an advantage over options like cedar chips, in that they are not going to encourage pesky insects, and they serve to provide a comfortable place where your dog may rest.

Which way should a dog house face?

If you are living in the United States, you want to make sure that your dog house faces north or east. The reason for this is the weather. Storms in the United States are always going to be coming from the south or the west.

Now, if you live somewhere that it gets fairly cold, east is your best option, as this helps to ensure that cold winds aren’t blowing into the doorway, so this is an important final consideration.

Do dogs like indoor dog houses?

Dogs love having their own personal space, where they can get away from stresses such as unfamiliar guests, too much noise, or an overly mischievous housecat. An indoor dog house will provide exactly this, giving them somewhere that they can go to nap or chew a toy in a relatively peaceful personal den of their own.

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Should dog house have vents?

Yes, dogs house must have proper ventilation. This helps to give a natural airflow system to ensure that the doghouse is cooler when it’s hot outside and in the winter or damp spring, the ventilation helps to ensure that doggy-breath is not going to end up producing mold. Ventilation is thus not only practical, but a necessity.  

Where should I put my dog house?

The back yard is the most popular choice, although some people put their doghouse in the front yard. Whichever you choose, consider fencing the yard if it is not already fenced to help to ensure that your dog doesn’t get distracted and wander off.

As far as where the house should face, an eastward-facing doghouse will be positioned so that cold air isn’t flowing through the door when it starts to get colder outside. Just don’t face it south or west, as this is the direction that storms come from in the United States.

How do you size a dog house?

When sizing your doghouse, you want to ensure that it is 25% longer than your dog, as well as 10% wider than your dog’s overall length. This will help to ensure that it’s roomy enough without going overboard.

You don’t need to go much larger than this, as dogs are den animals and they actually like when it’s snug – provided you meet the aforesaid minimums.

Do igloo dog houses keep dogs warm?

While they seem like a bit of a novelty, the igloo design is actually quite efficient. The shape makes it quite spacious inside for your dog but even better, it also traps heat more efficiently than a square-model, standard doghouse. If you live in a location that gets a little colder than most, an igloo doghouse is well-worth considering.

Can a dog live outside in a dog house?

This is not recommended for smaller breeds of dog, as they are not as hardy as their larger counterparts. With large breeds, living outside is okay, although a lot will depend on the breed.

For instance, a winter breed dog such as a husky would do poorly in a state that is routinely very hot outside, but would do quite well where it’s colder. Provided that it’s a large dog and suited for the local environs, a dog can definitely live outside.

Will a dog house keep my dog warm?

Yes, but the degree of warmth is going to depend on the doghouse materials, as well as any added insulation. Straight ‘out of the box’, performance will vary, so be sure to research the model that you are considering to ensure that it will be a good fit for your current location and established seasonal temperature ranges.

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For colder environs, consider an igloo design house. They are quite spacious and much more efficient than box-houses in colder weather.

What do dogs like in a dog house?

Dogs are easy to please, being quite happy with a blanket inside their house or some nice, straw bedding that they can happily nestle into when they are tired. Toys are also a welcome addition, of course, giving them something to chew on or to bring out into the yard to throw in the air and catch happily for hours.

Where do you put a dog house in your backyard?

 Placing the dog house against the wall of your own house can help to minimize the effect of wind on the doghouse, which is always nice. Another good option is to look for a nice, shady area of the yard, which will help immensely in keeping the doghouse nice and cool inside.

Just be sure that the door does not face south or west, as storms come in from this direction.