How Much Do Dog Groomers Make in CA? (Solved!)

Dog groomers in California can do quite well, as it turns out, though solo groomers who own their own static or mobile business are certainly going to make the most. On average, dog groomers in California make about $20.83 per hour in the Golden State, but that’s not accounting for specific cities.

For instance, in San Diego the average yearly for dog groomers is about $40,607, while groomers in San Francisco could be making around 41k per year. If you’ve got the training and you are good at what you do, then California is definitely a great state to be a groomer in.

In today’s article, we’re going to answer popular questions about dog grooming in the Golden State of California. Read on to find out more about how lucrative grooming can be here and what you can expect to make, on average, with different grooming businesses and locations.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at dog grooming possibilities and expectations in the sunny state of California!

How much does a dog groomer make a year in California?

If we are breaking down dog groomer income on a strictly yearly basic, it is going to boil down to 4 groups. For instance, top earners in California may earn 50k or more, though the average in the state is going to be around 35k.

The 75th percentile, however, will earn around 40k yearly while the lowest 25% will make around 25k per year. These are overall averages, however, as a lot depends on the city where you are working, whether you are solo or employed by another business, and your level of experience.

How much do PetSmart groomers make California?

PetSmart Groomers in California will make close to 25.5k every year, or an average hourly rate of $16.86 per hour. Some locations may pay a little more of a little less, as prominent locations such as Los Angeles and San Francisco will definitely factor into cost of living and thus rates for this type of work.

Where do dog groomers outside of California make the most money?

Dog grooming is quite lucrative in many states, not just California. Some examples include Austin, Texas, where groomers can make around $22.44 per hour, or places like New York, New York and Nashville, Tennessee, where groomers will make $24.67 and $22.86 per hour, respectively.

As almost 70% of Americans have a pet at home, dog grooming is one of those lucky businesses that is always in-demand, and the numbers certainly reflect this.

How much do pet groomers make an hour in California?

Typically, on the low end, you are looking at about $16.86 per hour in California, though the average will generally be about $20.83 per hour and possible even more in some locations.

For solo groomers, a lot will depend on their location, skills, formal training, and whether or not they have safety certifications. In situations where the groomer is employed by a business, then the standard rates of said business will apply.

How much do Petco groomers make in California?

With Petco, you’ve generally got a range of anywhere from $9.00 per hour up to $25 per hour, with the average California hourly rate being around $15 per hour. The annual salary, however, averages at about 25.5k yearly for most Petco employees in the state of California.

Do dog groomers make more in Los Angeles?

If you are working for a company that provides dog breeding services in Los Angeles, then the average hourly rate that you will receive is going to be $20.23 per hour and you will likely also be receiving commissions of up to 50% on each dog that you groom.

Rates may vary, of course, and solo practitioners can certainly earn more, but if you are employed by a grooming business then around $20 per hour is going to be the average rate.

Is there a cheap way to advertise grooming services in California?

Yes, there are cheap ways to advertise your grooming services in California. One of the best options is even free. You can use Facebook groups to look for dog groups in your city and as long as advertisement of services is allowed, this is a great way to generate some business.

You’ll have to find a way to stick out, however, as there will be certainly be some competition. As such, you should consider taking the time to create a little attractive content, such as videos of the latest dog styles, grooming tips, and more to help generate attention and potential customers your way.

How do I make more money as a California dog groomer?

Aside from being good at what you do, you should also diversify your offerings and add little perks to your services. Fresh-baked treats that are free after a grooming are one example of an easy way to earn points with a customer.

If you also happen to be selling those treats, if their dog likes them, then this is extra cash for you too. You also want to sell grooming products, such as shampoos and conditioners, and you can even stock on the occasion toy or other ‘doggy must-have’ that you think might help to net a profit.

Everything that you can market helps – so make your business stick out and have additional venues of income, such as sales, to increase your profit margin. That kind of solid business model can definitely make a good income if you take the time to build up.

What are the cities in California that pay the highest for pet grooming?

Aside from being known for its celebrities, California definitely attracts some excellent clientele from all walks of life.

 So, which cities are the most popular? Well, examples include San Francisco, Where the average annual grooming salary can be around 41k annually, or Santa Clara, where groomers can make around 40.5 k yearly.

San Diego and Palmdale are other good examples of profitable California cities, where groomers can make 40.6 and 40.5 per year respectively. Like it or hate it, it’s hard to argue with the numbers – California is a great place for pet groomers!

Do you need a license sell dog grooming services in California from home?

If you are looking to run a grooming business from home, then you will need a business license so that you can get a tax id number and pay taxes on your earnings, just as with any business. Aside from this, while no special education or certification is required, it’s still a good idea to get them.

Any formal training is good and safety certification with the American Kennel Club is also recommended if you want to generate a lot of business. California is a competitive place for groomers, after all, so you want to make sure that your services stick out!