How Do You Become a Certified Groomer? (Solved & Explained!)

To become a certified groomer, your best bet is to enroll in and to complete the American Kennel Club’s ‘Safety in the Salon’ course. Provided that you complete the course and pass the test that they provide, you’ll become certified and eligible to become an AKC Safe Groomers and Salons member.

This carries a good amount of weight, as it’s the American Kennel Club, after all!

Today we’re going to answer questions about getting a thorough education in dog groomer. We’ll tell you about options such as the Animal Behavior College, PetSmart’s apprenticeship programs, and more. Read on for important information to help you get started as a professional dog groomer!

What certifications do I need for dog grooming?

There are no actual required certificates for becoming a dog groomer in the United States. That said, you may need to license your establishment as a Pt Grooming Facility and you might consider earning some certifications anyway.

Setting yourself apart from the competition is always a good idea for your business, so certifications such as AKC safety are a good idea for ensuring that your skills are always up to date and even better, that your clients know this.

How long does it take to become a pet groomer?

If you already have the experience, you could start offering pet grooming services today! That said, if you love animals but don’t have the skills yet, expect that you’ll be taking Anywhere from 2 weeks to 18 weeks’ worth of courses in order to prepare you to do this job and to do it well.

Education options include online courses, such as from Animal Behavior College, which is recommended highly because they also include hands-on training by means of a network of businesses that work with them in all 50 states.

You can also get a paid apprenticeship at PetSmart, which includes a 4 week training course in professional grooming plus hands-on experience while you are learning.

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Can you learn dog grooming online?

Yes, you can learn dog grooming online, although this is going to be video and textual education for the most part and prices are going to vary greatly depending on how well-recognized the school is in the grooming community.

Some online courses will include hands-on training, such as ABC/Animal Behavior College, but expect to pay a little more for courses such as these, with specialty certifications running a little over $3000 from ABC while a more extensive grooming course will cost over $6000 for their 5-certification course.

What is the best way to learn how do you groom dogs?

PetSmart or Petco are good options, as both provide a paid apprenticeship where you will accrue over 800 hours of experience with over 200 different breeds of dogs.

Both companies also offer free professional grooming training for those who do well in their apprenticeship, making this an excellent way to get actual experience to go with your formal education in grooming.

Is QC pet studies accredited?

Yes, QC studies is school that you can use for your grooming education and they are accredited and recognized on an international level. This can be quite important when establishing your bona fides. Aside from accreditation, QC studies is also registered with the Better Business Bureau and they have been around since 1984.

This makes them a very good option to consider for your dog grooming education.

Is Animal Behavior College legit?

Yes, Animal Behavior College has been around for decades and not only are they accredited, but they are licensed in North Carolina from the State Board of Community colleges. They offer physical and online courses as well and are widely recognized in the international grooming community.

Is Animal Behavior College nationally accredited?

Actually, no, they are internationally credited. The Animal Behavior College has accreditation by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training. Having provided training for decades, ABC is recognized both nationally and worldwide.

This makes their courses a bit more expensive, but they are a recognized authority and this can make a difference if you are looking to run a high end salon for dogs.

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Can I get financial aid for Animal Behavior College?

Animal Behavior College does offer a number of financing options, though you will need to contact them directly to find out if you are eligible. Aside from this, they are also part of the MyCAA Financial assistance program, which allows spouses of military veterans up to $4000 worth of financial assistance.

How long is Animal Behavior College for the dog grooming course?

The Animal Behavior College grooming course is going to be about 150 hours of hands on training along with a more formal education through online courses taken at your own pace.

Completion of the course will certify you as an Animal Behavior College Certified Pet Groomer, which actually carries a lot of wait in grooming circles, and the hands-on portion of the online course can be completed by working with their business network which has locations in all 50 of the United States.

How much do PetSmart apprentice groomers get paid?

On average, apprentice groomers in PetSmarts grooming apprenticeship program will be making around $11 up to $15 per hour. Provided that you do well, this is followed by a 160 hours professional grooming course at PetSmart’s grooming academy, which comes out to about 4 weeks of professional training.

When it’s all done, between the apprenticeship and the official training, you’ll over 800 hours of experience with over 00 breeds of dog, so while the hourly is not fantastic, the education definitely has additional financial value.

Is a PetSmart apprenticeship worth it?

Yes. If you are looking for a way to get your education paid for and to get hands-on experience, rather than online videos and quizzes, then the apprenticeship program at PetSmart is a good idea.

You’ll be able to sharpen your skills very quickly and you’ll even become safety certified once you’ve completed your professional training and moved up from apprentice to professional dog groomer.