Do Dogs Feel Abandoned When Boarded? (Solved & Explained!)

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Dogs that are used to family life may feel abandoned when they are boarded. In general, dogs are emotional animals and once you get them used to a certain way of life, it can be difficult for them to adjust to new surroundings and a new routine.

Will My Dog Miss Me When I Board Him?

Your dog will probably be sad to see you go and will miss you for a while, but dogs live in the present and start to become more curious about their surroundings a short time after you have left.

It is not easy to board your dog. You may worry for their emotional wellbeing and their physical safety, but most dogs are perfectly fine in boarding kennels, but nonetheless will be happy when you return.

Your dog may feel your absence strongly at first but adjust a little more each day.

What Do Dogs Think When You Board Them?

When you board your dog for the first time, your dog will naturally be confused and be super observant and wary of its surroundings.

They won’t know why they are there, where you have gone, who these new faces are, or their intentions.

Your dog will likely spend the first few hours getting to know the environment, and assessing all the other dogs and new humans around. They will quickly realize that kennels are a place of fun and affection. Once all your dogs’ needs are met there, they will start to relax.

Will My Dog Think They Have Been Abandoned?

This question is common for owners who have dogs with anxiety problems. Dogs with a low anxiety threshold may think that when boarded by their owners, their owners have abandoned them forever.

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, it is recommended you not leave your dog at the boarding kennels. Separation anxiety brings with it psychological problems that are difficult for your dog to recover from in the future. 

Do not board dogs that have trust issues, especially dogs that have experienced this situation before, or have been mistreated elsewhere.

What Are the Negative Side Effects Of Boarding On Dogs?

Boarding your dog can cause some negative side effects. The desire to bark continuously due to extreme stress is a behavior that prevents socialization with other dogs in the kennel.

Another is aggression due to restlessness. Dogs that show aggression are not in harmony with their environment. These dogs try to fight with other dogs because they suffer from adaptation problems.

Depression and anxiety are among the most common psychological complaints for some dogs in kennels. Continuous anxiety can lead to depression and vice versa like we humans can suffer. 

Kennels can trigger these negative cycles which are often short-lived but sometimes not.

Do Dogs Act Weird After Being Boarded?

Dogs boarded for the first time usually exhibit some common behaviors due to stress. They may pace back and forth, become restless, avoid eye contact and pin their ears back.

Tunnel and hole digging can be a sign that your dog does not like the place he is in and wants to get out of there. In some cases, this behavior can continue once they get home. 

Howling and constant barking is another behavior associated with post-kennel boarding. Barking is one way of attracting your attention, your dogs’ way of telling you they are present and do not want to be forgotten. It could also be from the constant barking of other dogs in the kennels.

All these behaviors are not common but are not rare either. They usually manifest in dogs who have a history of nervousness and anxiety, have not been correctly socialized, or have been boarded for the first time. 

Symptoms usually disappear shortly after your dog arrives home.

Is Boarding Cruel?

While most research suggests that boarding is not cruel, others say that it is cruel because of the psychological effect it can have on dogs. 

If you don’t have to, do not board your dog. Boarding can be stressful and have a negative impact on their emotions.

However, some dogs love boarding kennels! It depends on your dog and the particular kennel you take them to. It is advised always to visit a kennel first and only board your dog for a few hours, to begin with.

Is It OK to Board a Dog For a Week?

If you are planning a short vacation with your family and you are thinking of leaving your dog in a boarding center, don’t worry, most dogs are resilient enough to stay in a kennel for 1 week.

In fact, some dogs love kennels so much that owners are happy to leave them in there for 2 weeks.

Whatever you choose to do, so long as it is in your dogs’ best interests, they are relaxed in the environment and there are no other alternatives, you can board your dog for as long as you need – however experts suggest leaving them there for no longer than 1 month.

How Long Can I Leave My Dog in Boarding?

If you have a well-socialized dog, you can board your dog for up to 30 days. If your dog has behavioral issues and is dependent on you, we do not recommend boarding for any period of time.

Some dogs approach situations and events with more confidence and resilience than other dogs. The most important point to consider is what kind of character your dog has.

What Happens When a Dog Comes Home From Boarding?

For the most part, nothing unusual happens. 

Depending on how long your dog has been boarded, they are still going to remember the household, the house layout, and your routine.

You may notice they are a little out of sorts or restless at first. This is normal, they are happy and excited to be home, and they want to run around the house to make sure all their favorite toys and sleeping spots are still there!

If your dog really loved the kennels, then they may be exhausted from all the running around with other dogs they have been doing and may sleep more for a few days.

If your dog did not have a good time at the kennels and missed you too much, they may be sulky and a little less interactive, but this usually passes after a short while after they have forgiven your absence.

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