What Equipment Do You Need to Start a Dog Grooming Business? (Solved!)

The main equipment you’ll need for starting your own dog grooming business includes scissors, hair related products such as shampoos, conditioners, blow dryers, sprays, brushes, towels, clippers, shears, and vanity related products such as bows and bandanas. Most dog salons also have ear cleaning equipment, exclusive bathtubs, hair and fur dryers, and grooming tables.

This articles takes you on a step by step journey of how to start your own dog grooming business, how to care for it so that it flourishes, and the kind of equipment you’ll need for it.

How do I start a dog grooming business?

If you’re someone looking to start a business in the animal servicing industry, first obtain skills by attending a specialized program for dog grooming that gives you certification at completion. Then, decide the nature of your business (remote, situated or mobile) and set up a budget for purchasing the necessary equipment needed for the dog grooming salon.

What are the things I’ll need for starting a dog grooming venture?

According to the Balance Careers, depending on your budget and the quality of equipment you want, you’ll need:

  • Scissors, nail clippers, and shears
  • Shampoos, conditioners, and sprays
  • Blow dryers, towels, and brushes/combs
  • Bathtubs, grooming tables, and fur dryers
  • Accessories such as bows, collars, ties, and bandanas

What are the right kind of scissors to buy for the salon?

While purchasing scissors, you’ll need various types of scissors for different purposes in grooming the client’s dog. Thinning scissors are used for marginalizing down the fur coat before you begin the real cutting, straight-edged small scissors for detailed areas such as ears and eyes, medium straight for legs and face, and a longer pair of scissors for easier trimming.

Should I use different scissors depending on the size of the dog?

Yes, one size does not fit all where scissors and dog sizes are of concern, so using the right pair of scissors is imperative while grooming large and small dogs. For example, for smaller dogs you need straight and small 4-5” scissors, and for larger ones you’ll need a larger, 8” pair of scissors to ensure safety.

Which is better for dog grooming; nail clippers or nail grinders?

While nail clippers for dogs come in various sizes depending on the dog, nail grinders are a different story; only the best quality ones are worth buying not mindful of the dog sizes. Nail clippers are a better option as you can purchase large ones for big dog breeds such as Doberman, and smaller ones for breeds such as Chihuahuas and Pomeranians.

What kind of grooming brushes or combs should I use?

As Office Chai suggests, using the right brush will make your job as a groomer easier than it would’ve been had you chosen the wrong brush/comb. A beginner will need:

  • Two soft brushes – one for removing dirt and other for removing loose fur
  • Thicker comb – for untangling the hidden lumps of fur
  • Thinner combs – to be used for straightening the fur while cutting

Which grooming clipper is better; cordless, or corded?

Cordless clippers may be more convenient to use if your grooming business is mobile and you move around a lot, but corded grooming clippers are more reliable, and easier to use if you’re stationed in one place, as you’ll never run out of battery while using them.

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Why is cleaning important when working with grooming clippers?

As your main grooming tool, the hygiene of a grooming clipper is very important and you should be mindful of it after every use. Yes, having various types of blades for the grooming clipper is important, but you should invest in a cleaning spray to spritz on your clipper in between usage.

Can I use any table as a grooming table for my salon?

Yes, you can use any tables lying around your house as a grooming table, but for easier use, we suggest a specialized table such as a folding one with straps to keep the dog in place while you groom them. A better table would be an electronic one that moves up and down, so that larger dogs don’t have to climb up themselves.

Which kind of grooming table is better for a mobile dog grooming business?

According to Groomer Development, a leading guide for any new groomers; if your grooming business is mobile in nature, then it’s better for you to have either a hydraulic or an electric folding table that can be raised up or down depending on which sized dog you’re grooming.

What kind of dog bath should I purchase for the salon?

If you’re mobile, buy a portable dog bathtub, if you’re situated in one location, buy a stainless steel bath with splash-back (this will prevent water from getting on your other equipment in between usage). Along with a bathtub, also invest in a high-velocity dryer, and keep a lot of towels nearby so you don’t run out.

Should I buy more than one type of shampoo for dog grooming?

Along with a standard all-purpose shampoo (buy a bigger bottle to save up on money along with making sure you don’t run out of product), you’ll need to stock up on shampoos with specific purposes such as shampoos for sensitive skin (for dogs with skin conditions or allergies), and anti-flea shampoos (to ensure smooth and clean fur).

What dog accessories do I need to fulfil my client’s needs?

Along with all the basic necessities, you’ll need some vanity related things to finish up the dog’s look, for example:

  • Fancy collars and leashes: stock up on fancy, bright, textured but comfortable collars/leashes for dogs just in case the client asks for one.
  • Coats: dog coats are in fashion and are the demand of every dog owner who brings their dogs to a grooming salon.
  • Bows, ties, and bandanas: these extra handful of accessories will not only make the groomed dog look even more adorable, but raise your profits as well, making it a worthwhile purchase.

Is there any other essential equipment I should invest in for my salon?

Other necessary equipment to have around your dog grooming salon are:

  • Emergency first-aid kids
  • Hair resistant grooming uniform
  • Cleaning products for your equipment
  • Playpens and toys
  • Waterproof aprons